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The assembly of a number of individual gas pipettes of the. Hempel type for a special purpose, as in the ordinary Orsat apparatus for flue gas analysis, is familiar. 3 INTRODUCTION To have proper control on combustion process, an idea about complete or complete combustion of fuel is made by the analysis of flue gas. Determination of calorific value of a fuel by Bomb calorimeter. ➢ Flue gas analysis by ORSAT apparatus. ➢ Study of valve timing diagram of Diesel Engine.

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Of this method 2 and 3 required that three should be sufficient proportion of hydrogen in the fuel and hence they are not applicable for boiler fuel as coal. Thus, i if the gases contain considerable amount of carbon monoxide, it indicates that incomplete combustion is occurring i. The three-way stop-cock is now connected to the flue gas supply and the reservoir is lowered to draw in the gas, to be analysed, in the burette.

Orphaned articles from June All orphaned articles. The unabsorbed gas is finally taken back to the burette, till the level of solution in the CO2 absorption bulb stands at the constant mark and then, its stop-cock is closed.

Hence, it is necessary that the flue gas is passed first through potassium hydroxide bulb, where CO2 is absorbed, then through alkaline pyrogallic acid bulb, when only O2 will be absorbed because CO2 has already been removed and finally through ammonical cuprous chloride bulb, where only CO will be absorbed.

If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Therefore, weight or gravimetric analysis can be converted into volumetric analysis by dividing the weight of the gas by its molecule weight to get the volume of the gas.


The study of quantitative measurements in chemical formulas and reactions Chemistry — Mrs.

The apparatus consists essentially of a calibrated water-jacketed gas burette connected by glass capillary tubing to two or three absorption pipettes containing chemical solutions that absorb the gasses it is required to measure. N 2 will depend on this total oxygen required. Generally, the composition of solid or liquid fuels is expressed by weight, whereas that of the gaseous fuels is expressed by volume.

This is because the absorbent used for O2 i.

Orsat gas analyser – Wikipedia

With the exclusion of the H 2 O vapours, the table will be slightly modified accordingly. Now the three way cock is kept in the closed position.

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Chemical Absorption Reaction in orsat apparatus. The absorption bulbs are filled with their respective solutions to level just below their rubber connections. CO2 first, O2 second and CO last. Now consider the percentage analysis of the wet products. Views Read Edit View history.

OK Air Quality Revision. The burette contains slightly acidulated water with a trace of chemical indicator typically methyl orange for colouration. For balancing purpose, we have to consider the moles of H 2 O produced: Retrieved from ” https: Outcomes Convert from moles to volume of a gas and vice versa at standard temperature and pressure Use the conversion.

Typically, ml is withdrawn for ease of calculation. The main constituents of the flue gases are carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, oxygen and nitrogen. For converting the gravimetric analysis of the products of combustion into volumetric analysis and vice-versa, two tables are given below: This process of sucking and exhausting of gas is repeated times, so as to expel the air from the capillary connecting tubes, etc.

The decrease in volume-gives the volume of CO2 in mL of the flue gas sample. Front row of pipette is connected to the front flue gas tube and rear row of pipette are connected to another tube which runs parallel to flue gas sample tube. When the volumetric analysis of dry gas is given, then the amount of air supplied per kg of fuel can be obtained by any one of the following methods Carbon content of the fuel is not given directly: Acid solvent cabinet Biosafety cabinet Fire blanket Fire extinguisher Fume hood.


The Orsat analysis of the flue gas shows The graduated burette is surrounded by a water-jacket to keep the temperature of the gas constant during the experiment. Quantity of sulphur dioxide is negligibly small and the water vapours are condensed and do not enter the flue gas. The gas is again sent to the burette. Using the stopcocks that isolate the absorption burettes, the level.

Orsat gas analyser

The other end is provided with a three-way stop-cock, the free end of which is further connected to a U-tube packed with glass wool for avoiding the incoming of any smoke particles, appraatus. Eudiometer is connected to aspirating bottle by means of rubber tube. Registration Forgot your password?

The jacket and levelling reservoir are filled with water. The absorption bulbs are usually filled with glass tubes, so that the surface area analysus contact between the gas and the solution is increased.

The three cocks a, b, c and a three way cock are closed.

FLUE GAS ANALYSIS ORSAT APPARATUS. – ppt video online download

And the percentage volumetric analysis of the dry products of combustion is given as. The three-way stop-cock is then closed.

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