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Featured Videos from Flex America Inc. Candy maker sweetens shrink-wrapping efficiencies. March 31, Candy maker sweetens shrink-wrapping. Flex America, Inc. manufactures and sells polyester bi-axially oriented poly propylene, metalized, and CPP films in the United States. It also offers polyester. Flex Office Photos on Glassdoor. Flex America Center HQ.

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Completing a controls upgrade. Education Packaging Playbooks Packaging Schools.

FlexFilms – Where your Happiness means the ‘World’. News from Flex America Inc. August 8, Automation initiative brings sweet August 8, Flex America Inc: Wine-box packaging line speeds sake Case studies and applications involving Flex America Inc.

Flex America Inc

August 1, Universal Labeling Systems, Inc: See 21 more case studies and applications. We offer sheet substrates plus we will manufacture the signs for you if you wish on a wholesale basis. No two substrates that we manufacture are likely to be the same. August 7, Flex America Inc: Highly attractive Acrylic Block Letters and wholesale manufactured channel letters or block letter signs. Flex America – all rights reserved site design and build ehm studios.


Drying up moisture difficulties.

Anne Marie Fflexamerica packagingtrends. Manufacturing in all major continents and enjoying a formidable market presence in over countries, FlexFilms possesses the perfect solution to keep the converting industry much ahead of its time!!! Flex America offers quality products flexamsrica a reasonable rate. Air cushion system helps Blind Center Retorted pouch-within-a-pouch protects sensitive FlexFilms – Where entire globe is the ‘Playground’.

Hidden Mirror Edge Lit Signage. Flex America offers digitally printable media in scrim reinforced fabric, frontlit, backlit, mesh, cloth and specialty fabrics. Universal Labeling Systems, Inc: Browse these leading suppliers:. February 28, George Gordon Assoc.

Flex America Inc: BOPET films | Packaging World

March 31, Flex America Inc: June 4, Air cushion system helps Blind Center Sponsored content from Flex America Inc. Advertisers can submit change requests. Soccer fans may get a kick out of new beer can. Toblerone anniversary flexamericca shimmer with foil. For more details click here.

October 31, Stretch Hood Packaging. Automation initiative brings sweet Fabrics, Banner Vinyl and Paper Card Stock Flex America offers digitally printable media in scrim reinforced fabric, frontlit, backlit, mesh, cloth and specialty fabrics Also, we flexaerica digitally printable card stock ranging from.


FlexFilms – Where Innovation is a ‘Cult’.

Flex America Inc: Flex America Inc: Conveying PVC cards

October 6, Kliklok-Woodman: Flex America is my vendor of choice. New Polymeric Films on the Block!!! Our engineers have a keen eye for detail to address issues such as packaging functionality, aesthetics, barrier properties, brand protection, sustainability among others. Water bottles deliver refreshing environmental Products from Flex America Inc. No matter what your end goal is, we have a film for you!!!

Frozen treat package mimics energy drink can. Despite the short notice, product arrived 2 days ahead of lfex. Martin’s makes ink and coding concerns disappear. Our materials flexakerica UL approved and our workmanship is first class quality.

The staff was polite, friendly and professional. Medium-speed, vertical case packing. In response to these pivotal issues, we have categorized our films in different zones. Unilever gets a boost from Robotics.