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A very important source for the history of Arabic and Arabic literature. It also contains a great deal of information about Syriac and Syriac. bibliography of its time, the Fihrist al-Ulum–“The Index (or catalog) of the Sciences. full name, Abu al-Faraj Muhammad ibn Abi Ya’qub Ishaq al-Nadim. The Fihrist of al-Nadīm. A Tenth-century survey of Muslim culture. Bayard Dodge Mālik ibn Anas — 2. Abū Ḥanīfah — 3. Al-Shāfi’ī — 4. Dā’ūd ibn ‘Alī — 5.

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Of basic value for modern research because of their detail and and singularity are still the story of Adam, Eve, and their children tr. On the other hand, one can prove that he followed at least one Arabic source extensively. Submitted tags will be reviewed by site administrator before it is posted fiurist. The first principle is apparent in the sequence of the five portions of the text: Privacy Policy Add Comment.

FEHREST – Encyclopaedia Iranica

Others among his wide circle of elites were Ali ibn Harun ibn al-Munajjim d. The first appears only here in the Manichean tradition. Of unique value, at least as long as the Coptic corpus remains unpublished, is the information on the letters of Mani and his students tr.


The second version is the usual one. Elchasaios Sundermann,pp.

Then we have books of wisdom and admonition by the Persians and others, including many examples of Persian andarz literature, e. The proposal of Maricq, pp. The Fihrist indexes authors, together with biographical details and literary criticism.

Ibn al-Nadim – Wikipedia

Retrieved fihrisr ” https: He mentions meeting someone in Dar al-Rum inabout the period of the book’s compilation. Text editions and translations.

The claim that al-Nadim was Isma’ilion the grounds that he met an Isma’ili leader and attended a meeting, is not borne out. An understanding of these four chronological principles helps to interpret the work and the ideas behind it. By using fihrizt site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Zieme in Sundermann,p. The Fihrist’s preface sets out its purpose as an index of all books written in Arabicwhether by Arabs or others. Perhaps it was the first draft and the longer edition which is nadiim one that is generally printed was an extension.

The account is comparable to some non-Manichean descriptions of Manicheism: A detailed account of the contents has also been given by E. Middle Persian to Arabic Translations. Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der AlchemieBerlin,pp. January 24, This article is available in print.


Encyclopædia Iranica

Editions of the Fehrest: The Fihrist was published in ; it exists in two manuscript traditions, or “editions”: He was Arab perhaps of Persian origin.

In the Fehrest it is the other way round.

Both father and son were men of considerable distinction and social standing. Vasiliev, Byzance et les Arabes3 vols.

Kitâb Al-Fihrist

Most Muslim scholars and poets who dealt with Manicheism in their writings were more interested in the person Mani than in his teachings, especially if they were praising him as a skilled painter. An unfortunate consequence of the dwindling presence of the Fohrist in Baghdad was the decreasing knowledge of their teachings. Not only is it a valuable reference source for the culture of medieval Islam and the literary men who represented it, but it also gives precious information about the heritage of antiquity available to the Muslims.