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FIDIC – Conditions of Contract for EPC-Turnkey NY 01/03/09 PM. GENERAL CONDITIONS. GUIDANCE. Appendix 3. FIDIC (Silver Book) Conditions of. Contract for EPC Turnkey Projects *. Subclause 20 – Claims, Dispute and Arbitration. Contractor’s Claims. FIDIC Contracts are widely used in the international construction Silver Book which refers to Conditions of Contract for EPC/Turnkey Projects.

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Under the usual arrangements for this type of contract, the Contractor carries out the Engineering, Procurement and Construction, and provides a fully-equipped facility, ready for operation at the “turn of the key”.

The forms are recommended for general use where tenders are invited on an international basis. Notes on the Preparation of Special Provisions Clearly one point to be also considered is that any Variation may have an impact on the liabilities of the Contractor and this should be carefully considered especially in the case the Contractor simply execute an Employer’s Instruction.

Apart from the more recent and rapid development of privately financed projects demanding contract terms ensuring increased certainty of price and performance, it has long been apparent that many employers, particularly in the public sector, in a wide range of countries have demanded similar contract terms, at least for turnkey contracts. Conditions of Contract for EPC Turnkey Projects, which are recommended where one entity takes total responsibility for the design and execution of an engineering project.

Silver Book aims at providing the Employer certainty in terms of costs and time for completion. The charts are illustrative, however, and must not be taken into consideration in the interpretation of the Conditions of Contract.

Engineering, procurement, and construction

Compilation of all Tunkey English printed version. More from this Author. Compilation of all Collections English electronic version. This Sub-Clause becomes inapplicable even if it is not deleted if it is disregarded by not specifying the amount of the eilver.


Depending on the type of work and the circumstances, this form may also be suitable for contracts of greater value, particularly for relatively simple or repetitive work or work of short duration. If the Contractor is turney carry such risks, the Employer obviously must give him the time and opportunity to obtain and consider all relevant information before the Contractor is asked to sign on a fixed contract price.

The rationale of the clause stays in that in almost all the construction contracts the need to vary the works may arise during the construction phase and after the contract has already been awarded. Various drafts were reviewed by the following persons or organisations: Again particular attention should be given to the Employer’s Requirements to avoid dontract liability actually unknown to the Contractor.

That means that particular attention should be given first of all to what it is stated in the Contract and in the technical specifications.

EPC/Turnkey Contract 2nd Ed ( Silver Book) | International Federation of Consulting Engineers

Since the publishing of the Hackitt Interim Report in December and the Final Report in Maythe Government has been under increasing pressure to revise building regulations Contraft Contracts and Agreements Collection English only electronic version. Food, Drugs, Healthcare, Life Sciences. Watermarked Compilation of all Collections English electronic version. It’s turnmey good at this time of year to reflect on what has changed in the Scottish real estate market over the last 12 months.

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As far as possible, example wording is included, in italics. The Employer’s representative, if there is one, is not required to act impartially. The Contractor shall in addition satisfy himself turnksy to the “correctness and sufficiency of the Eoc Price” Sub-Clause 4. It is to be noted that this aim can be construed as applying largely to the changes made to the Red and Yellow Books, given that the Silver Book does not use a number of the same concepts and the risk allocation under the Silver Book has always intentionally passed more risk to the contractor given the context in which it is used.


Use of EPC is common e.

The FIDIC Silver Book – Impact for Project Financed EPC contracts – summary

October Learn how and when to remove this template message. Another relevant FIDIC publication is “Tendering Procedure”, which presents a systematic approach to the selection of tenderers and the obtaining and evaluation of tenders.

The Employer must also realize that asking serious contractors to price such risks will increase the construction cost and result siilver some projects not being commercially viable. Articles with self-published sources from October All articles with self-published sources Articles needing cleanup from June All pages needing cleanup Cleanup tagged articles with a reason field from June Wikipedia pages needing cleanup from June CS1 errors: Modifications may be required in some jurisdictions, particularly if the Conditions are to be used on domestic contracts.

In the preparation of the Conditions of Contract to be included in the tender documents for a contract, the following text can be used:. However, the changes do provide some welcome clarity on certain provisions and they also represent some procedural and administrative modifications which the contracting parties will sllver to be aware of if they choose to use the new editions.

Cosa Negoziare Prima di Firmare. Do you have a Question or Comment? The Silver Book deals with turn-key projects ie those projects for which the Contractor takes care and is responsible for the engineering, the procurement and the construction.