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12 Scaling Presentation Switcher. IN User Guide. Scalers and Scan .. The Extron IN is an eight-input video and stereo audio switcher that. The IN is an economical, eight input video and RGB presentation switcher that also provides high quality upscaling and downscaling for a wide variety of. This guide provides quick start instructions for an experienced installer to set up and operate the Extron IN Scaling Presentation Switcher. Installation and.

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Eight IN output resolutions are not available from the front panel.

Eight input stereo audio switching is also provided with independent gain and attenuation control. Page 16 Freeze mode — Provides a high quality still image for applications that requireclose examination of a specific video frame. When you firstactivate the selection box control, the selected option is marked with a. Except for the gain andattenuation settings, upper or lower case letters are acceptable in the commandfield.

Our focus was on assembling top-quality comp. The IN features an advanced extroj engine with high quality upscaling and downscaling of high resolution computer-video signals.

Cabling and Rear Panel ViewsAll connectors are on the rear panel figure This can save time and effort in setting up a newly connected source, particularly in presentation environments where different guest presenter laptops with various output resolutions will be connected.


Use the front panel or IR remote control and buttons to select On orOff. Page 66 ProblemPossible causeTotal pixels settingcannot be increased. This output can drive any line level compatibleaudio unit, or a local device such as powered speakers. Page ib1508 Horizontal Start and Vertical Start status indicator barsThe input start controls adjust where the electronic scaling process takes effect. Ratings and Reviews Write a review.

Page 60 default capture rate to the specified input frequency. The default setting is Page 36 Menu button — Extgon the front panel or IR remote control Menu button to activatethe menu system or to extrkn up one level from the currently selected submenuor selection.

Thisequipment is intended to be used with a main power system with a grounded neutral conductor. The output format isincompatible for thedisplay.

Freeze is deselected when a new input is selected. Show More Show Less. Gain or attenuation can be adjusted for each input. Command and response examples are shown throughout the table. Blanking AreaActiveAreaTotal PixelsFigure — Incorrect total pixels variableThese lines appear as fuzzy vertical bars when an alternating pixels pattern isapplied.

Menu buttonsPresses of the menu buttonsExample: Positive or negative switch-selectable AudioGain Ih1508 controls2Input buttons — The Input 1 through Input 8 buttons figure select theassociated video input to scale and output. Integrates DVI, analog video, and audio sources into presentation systems. Brightness status exfron barThe Brightness status indicator bar shows, and allows you to adjust, the brightnesssetting for the selected input.


If desired, mount the switcher in a rack.

Extron electronic IN : – Extron Electronics IN Scaling Presentation Switcher User’s Manual

ProblemPossible causeTotal pixels settingcannot be increased. Repeatedly press the Enter or button to togglebetween the main and PIP windows. Brightness adjusts the light intensity of the image onthe screen. Press the, or button to deselect Swap,or allow the menu timeout from the final button push to clear the on-screendisplays.

The adjustment range depends on the input rate applied andthe output resolution selected. Audio follow can be set for either the main or PIP jn1508.

Extron electronic IN1508 Switch User Manual

Pixel phase value is X See details for description of any imperfections. Increase the pixel phase setting. Horizontal Start and Vertical Start status indicator barsThe input start controls adjust where the electronic scaling process takes effect. Many controls areduplicated on the IR remote control figure on page Page 80 Max input voltage Racked three of these with a matrix switcher in one box and they make a great three screen ea. The switcherdefaults to a refresh rate of 60 Hz with each resolution selection using theOutput Rate button.

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