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All of these are facets of the ubiquitous computing author Adam Greenfield calls ” everyware.” In a series of brief, thoughtful meditations. We’re proud to offer a taste of Adam Greenfield’s new book, Everyware. A List Apart is pleased to present the introduction of Everyware: The. As I seem to have acquired, in some quarters anyway, a reputation as an uncompromising and intractable Luddite where matters of networked.

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Other editions – View all Breenfield Most of that is probably the coffee addam, doing what it is that axam does, but better by far a networked product that is modest and humble in its aims, and succeeds in meeting them, than one which promises everything and does none of it particularly well.

At least, if the formulae at the heart of the Siemens scenario turn out to be anything at all like the ones used in the current generation of computational models, critical, life-altering decisions will hinge on the interaction of poorly-defined and surprisingly subjective values: In urban planning, the idea that certain kinds of challenges are susceptible to algorithmic resolution has a long pedigree.

Jan 02, Gina rated it really liked it. A further consequence of this — unlooked-for, perhaps, but no less significant for all of that — is that the community of developers winds up having undue influence over how users conceive of interactive devices, and the kinds of things they might be used for. I ordered a few “web design” books to inspire my fading interest in web design.

When do we need to begin preparing for everyware? Toward the next urban ecology. Archive Everyware RSS for this section. Of course, one might point out that this inconsistency is inevitably implied in the core logic of open-source development, or anything evertware it: In order to make good on eveeryware promise, a mediation apparatus would need to fuse all of the following elements: All it is, really, is a thermostat — but a thermostat in a surprising, and surprisingly welcome, place.

Might a less-biased model, or a greeenfield politically-skewed application of the extant findings, have produced a more favorable outcome? Locales overwhelmed by more recent waves of colonization, gentrification or redevelopment, too, offer us potent lenses through which to consider our moment in time. In the context of augmentation, as well, the truth value of representations made about the world acquires heightened significance. Ubiquitous computing–almost imperceptible, but everywhere around us–is rapidly becoming a reality.


Everyware: The Dawning Age of Ubiquitous Computing | Peachpit

Arthur McMahon rated it really liked it Dec 30, And then he proceeds to imagine a world in which this self-documenting, self-tracking, self-extending stuff he calls spime dominates utterly, or is allowed to become utterly dominant.

Nov 01, Sbisker added it Shelves: We should know by now that there are and can be no[ 7 ] Pareto-optimal solutions for any system as complex as a city. When signs, directions, notifications, alerts and all the other instructions necessary to the fullest use of the city appear only in an augmentive overlay, and as greenfielld inevitably the case, that overlay is available to some but not others[10]?

Gestural interfaces like those seen in Minority Report. Just in case folks here in town are feeling neglected, fear not: Part of the Voices That Matter series.

To replace this shared space with the million splintered and mutually inconsistent realities of individual augmentation is to give up on the whole pretense that we in any way occupy the same world, and therefore strikes me as being deeply inimical to the urban project as I understand it.

The claim of evreyware competence Siemens makes for its autonomous IT systems, though, is by far the more important part of the passage. Control also means design with compassion, which is something whose complexities I believe we are just beginning to get a handle on.

Adam Greenfield

Inconvenient results may be suppressed, arbitrarily overridden by more heavily-weighted decision factors, or simply ignored. At this point in technological evolution, then, more conventional interface styles will tend to furnish a user with relevant information more efficiently, with less of the latency, error and cruft that inevitably seem to everywar the attempt to superimpose it over the field of vision.

New RgeenfieldMar 10, – Computers – pages. Nice idea, new thoughts!

By superimposing information directly on its object, AR arrogates to itself a peculiar kind of claim to authority, a claim of a more aggressive sort than that implicit in other modes of representation, and therefore ought to be held fveryware a higher standard of completeness and accuracy[5].

The Siemens scenario amounts to a bizarre compound assertion that each of our acts has a single salient meaning, which is always and invariably straightforwardly self-evident — addam fact, so much so that this meaning can be recognized, made sense of and acted upon remotely, by a machinic system, without any possibility of mistaken appraisal.


If you’re into stuff like this, you greengield read the full review. How will it change us? He lives and works in Helsinki, Finland.

Everyware: The Dawning Age of Ubiquitous Computing – Adam Greenfield – Google Books

The phone, when used to provide such an overlay, cannot also and at the same time be used to send a message, look up an address, buy a cup of coffee, or do any of the other freenfield we now routinely expect of it. Inviting new urban actors to the stage.

We know from the Web and from various p2p applications that, in the wild, metadata is close to useless because it can be gamed so greenfueld as a result, no credible search engine relies on it nor has done so for years. Gestural interfaces like those seen in Minority Report.

The distributed nature of open-source creation seems to militate against the consistency required for a smooth, consumer-grade user experience. Nor are the qualities that make smartphone-based AR so catastrophically clumsy, in virtually every scenario of use, particularly likely to change over time. As a designer, the last section was the most relevant and interesting, about the ways everywar This book has a rveryware focus on the human side of new-fangled technology, which makes adaj refreshingly different than most books about the subject.

Enjoyed the concepts put forward. This is precisely the kind of networked device I might have written off as a near-meaningless frippery a few years ago. What about those human behaviors, and they are many, that we may for whatever reason wish to hide, dissemble, disguise, or otherwise prevent being disclosed to the surveillant systems all around us?

After all, there are many kinds of information that may be germane to our interpretation of a place, yet effectively invisible to us, and historical context is just one of them.

And at least as things stand today, neither in the Siemens material nor anywhere else in the smart-city literature is there any suggestion that either algorithms or their designers would be subject to the ordinary processes of democratic accountability. Jovany Agathe rated it liked it Nov 28, Ubiquitous computing–almost imperceptible, but everywhere around us–is rapidly becoming a reality.