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purposes; its challenges and contribution of enset production for sustainable livelihood According to Stanely (), the cultivation of Enset in Ethiopia was . However, the spatial distribution of Enset production and its yield are not . Enset plant yield and assessing kocho production in Ethiopia. Annual national food production in Ethiopia for the years Table 3. Hectarage and production of Enset products in the Southern Ethhiopia Peoples.

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In terms of ritual significance, planting this clone in their backyard deters away the devil or evil spirits by Kaffa farmers.

Enset has high carrying capacity and supports dense population and its cultivation is not labor-intensive and is not commercial fertilizer demanding in relative terms. The starch yield varies greatly with variety, management practices, and lroduction stage.

Agriculture and Human Values.

The plant stores carbohydrate in its pseudostem during the vegetative stage in the leaf sheaths and the corm, which is used up at the flowering and fruiting stages, hence harvesting has to be ahead of flowering [ 6 ]. Yeshitla, “Assessment of phenotypic variability in enset Ensete Ventricosum Welw Cheesman accessions using multivariate analysis,” International Journal of Natural Sciences Research, vol.

Inthe celebrated Scottish traveller James Bruce first sent a description and quite accurate drawings of a plant common in the marshes around Gondar in Abyssinia, confidently pronounced it to be “no species of Musa” and wrote that its local name was “ensete”. ethkopia


It has several environmental, nutritional, and socio-cultural importance however its cultivation is under disease challenges. Fresh enset leaves are used for wrapping foods, serving plates, and pit linings to store kocho for fermentation.

Therefore, etuiopia is supposed to compose less of the analyzed nutrients than bulla and obviously than the corm.

This contributes to the high number of varieties. The air dried bulla of Gena and ground corm of Naqaqa were brought to Japan for their detail nutritional composition analysis. Pankhurst uses the taxononym Musa ensete. Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection. The boiled corm and starchy powder bulla of this variety fnset eaten with milk to cure ailments such as joint displacement and swelling, broken bone fractures, and used to cure similar disorders in domestic animals, especifically it is fed with salt to dairy cows.

1. Introduction

Some varieties are needed for certain ritual activities in big ceremonies and funerals. At such times, enset becomes the only resource available. Sandford, Enset in North Omo Region. This shows that foods from enset should necessarily be supplemented with protein rich foods as recommended also by many others. Any queries should be directed to the produftion author of the article. However, the starch yield and nutrient compositions vary among enset clones or varieties.

The social aspects, agronomic, and pertinent issues related to enset were studied. David Robert Third, flooding events can transport the mealybug over longer distances and reach enset plants.

Ensete ventricosum – Wikipedia

The corm type contains significantly higher compositions of minerals than the bulla type. Argen and Gibson [27 ] described the nutritional composition of several enset dishes and indicated the necessity of additional protein source for an enset to be a staple food. In addition, nutritious varieties need to be selected and promoted.


It also has many non-food values as mentioned in the previous sections. Enset is a large banana like plant [ 3 ] and its all botanical parts are shown in Fig. The leaves and pseudostems are utilized for wrapping, sheeting to sit, thatching, making containers, shading from sunshine and protecting from rain [ 6 ].

However, the scientific clinical studies of these enset medical uses were not reported. In this study, the corm was better in lysine content than bulla but much lower than that of potato and teff Table 3.

In order to precisely evaluate the nutrient qualities of the botanical parts of enset, the samples ought to have been taken from the same plant. Musa rubronervata De Wild.

They improve water in the soil and aquifers through increasing water infiltration and reducing surface runoff. Significant Ethiopian population relay on enset for their major daily diet.

However, the corms of the kocho type varieties are also etniopia in most cases. Musa fecunda Stapf Musa holstii K.