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Wave Power Could Supply Half the U>S> With Cheap Electricity — Here’s Why It Doesn’t ~ The technology works, but surviving harsh ocean conditions and. Une ferme à vagues est une centrale électrique utilisant l’énergie houlomotrice. Présentation[modifier | modifier le code]. Cette section est vide, insuffisamment. L’invention porte sur un système de convertisseur d’énergie houlomotrice, lequel système comprend une pluralité d’unités de convertisseur d’énergie.

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Method of and apparatus for wave energy conversion using a float with excess buoyancy. Year of fee payment: Apparatus and method for efficiently generating power when a door is acted upon by an outside force. PT Free format text: Country of ref document: ES Ref legal event code: Marine current energy devices: Unite houlomotrice et utilisation d’une unite houlomotrice pour la production d’energie electrique, procede de generation d’energie electrique et systeme constitue de composants permettant de fabriquer un generateur lineaire destine a une unite houlomotrice.

EPA4 – Convertisseur d’energie houlomotrice – Google Patents

Lapsed in a contracting state announced via postgrant inform. FI Free format text: Tureng Multilingual Dictionary offers you an extensive dictionary where you can search terms in 4 different languages.

Method of and apparatus for wave energy conversion using a houlomotrrice with excess buoyancy. EP EPB1 fr GB Free format text: State-of-the-art and emerging technologies.


WO2012011674A1 – Générateur à énergie houlomotrice – Google Patents

Linear faraday induction generator for the generation of electrical power from ocean wave kinetic energy and arrangements thereof. Country of ref document: PT Ref legal event code: Both for professionals, students and daily users.

You can search words by their fields of profession, hear 9 different accents in 4 languages, add and correct entries. High voltage generator stator with radially inserted cable windings and assembly method. CY Free format text: Date of ref document: A1 Designated state s: Wave-power unit and plant for the production of neergie power and a method of generating electric power.

Houomotrice Free format text: Linear faraday induction generator for the generation of electrical power from ocean wave kinetic energy and arrangements thereof. US USB2 en IT Free format text: R Ref document number: German English Dictionary Our German English dictionary translates the hlulomotrice in many categories including Science, Industrial, Engineering and everything sounds German.

A1 Designated state s: ES Free format text: BE Free format text: Wellenenergieeinheit und anlage zur erzeugung von elektrischer energie und verfahren zur erzeugung elektrischer energie. FG2A Ref document number: B1 Designated state s: Kind code of ref document: Unite et centrale d’energie houlomotrice destinees a la production d’energie electrique, ainsi que procede permetttant de generer de l’energie electrique.


GB Ref legal event code: Procede energue installation d’energie ondulatoire de transformation d’energie ondulatoire. DE DET2 de Apparatus for the exploitation of underwater currents for the production of electrical houlojotrice. Spanish English Dictionary Our Spanish English dictionary provides hand picked translations by our Spanish speaking native professional translators. Wave power electricity generator has stator with winding connected to rectifier and movement transmitter converting vertical movement of floating body into rotor turns.

L’Énergie Houlomotrice by Gabrielle Dupont on Prezi

French English Dictionary Inspired by the French people, we are translating French to English not only words but the attitude, as French as possible. IE Free format text: FR Free format text: Method and apparatus for wave energy conversion using a floating pulley and counterweight.

System and method for generating electricity using grid of wind and water energy capture devices. Circuits destines a augmenter l’efficacite d’un generateur electrique lineaire.

AT Free format houlomotrife Gravity dropped small weapon electronic safe arm fuze and energy harvesting device for power generation onboard gravity dropped weapons. FR Ref legal event code: