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energoinvest iris elektronika

Introduction With advances in technology, we can observe in the environment increasing number of electromagnetic disturbances, sometimes with new amplitude-frequency characteristics. In the paper the experimental results of the vector controlled induction motor drive system under different conditions are presented. The methods to design and choose the components of these above mention power tracks have been described in great detail in the literature [1,2].

Based on the obtained results the thesis is formulated, enabling to reduce radiation of the device when it is processing general digital signal. Small differences in the current waveshapes result mainly from the adopted mathematical approximation which does not perfectly match the current waveshape injected from the generator. As the modern electrical equipment increasingly use both wired and wireless transmission paths for communication with other devices and systems, there arises a problem to ensure the necessary data transfer during EMC testing in closed shielded chamber.

The paper describes such EMC testing chamber interfaces, which allow bidirectional wired and wireless data transfer between the tested device and auxiliary technical means placed outside the testing space.

By action of rotating magnetic field with magnetic flux density equal to 0,2 T these particles move along the magnetic field lines and interact with other particles and with rnergoelektronika substance. In many cases, lapses in power supply create a real threat for human life or health, e. We mean by these devices the radar level gauges. The paper is aimed to measurements of electric disturbances in low voltage installations inside rooms elektrnika the high voltage laboratory during its work.


Quadrature oscillator QO is one of oscillator which provides two sinusoidal signals with 90 degrees phase difference. The paper describes new digital signal processing algorithm for velocity control system which uses position encoder.

**-FOR ENERGO – 4. mezinárodní veletrh výroby a rozvodu elektrické energie, 21.3.-23.4.2015, Praha

From the results a minimum safety-distance from different trees species is derived. The measured resistance value was significantly higher than the value of the winding resistance because of “iron losses”.

Overvoltage surges in low-voltage power circuits.

This article presents new current-mode quadrature oscillator circuits using OTA which are designed from block diagram. View Ideas submitted by the community. Models of each current circuit of the threephase circuit breaker energoelektronia similar and were placed in each circuit considering the phase shift of currents and voltages The model of a single-phase vacuum circuit breaker consists of two parts: Properly designed and constructed earthing guarantees safety for both people and devices located in places where a flow of dangerous short circuit or surge current caused by a lightning discharge can occur.

It operates on high voltage of kV and middle voltage MV of 15 kV. This paper presents mathematical analysis of the first inrush current pulse for transformers with windings made of superconducting materials.

SIGMA-NOT – PORTAL INFORMACJI TECHNICZNEJ – Największa baza artykułów technicznych online

This information can be used to aid in decision-making regarding which energoelektroniika can be addressed to the UAV before the next recharge. However, distribution networks are created over a long period of time and the principles that govern these investments can change. Different lightning stroke components, as e.

In the measuring environment can occur also various steel installations, e.

Close and don’t show again Close. The paper presents a fan with DC brushless motor used to circulate air in the combustion chamber of a solid-fuel furnace.

Zastosowanie sterowania p-q w 1-fazowym energetycznym filtrze aktywnym do dynamicznej kompensacji mocy biernej.

At the end we compared results from measurement of the components of the electric field intensity with the results from simulation based on the numerical method.

Some applications for quadrature signals are employed in telecommunications for single-sideband modulators and energoelemtronika mixers [1].


Comparisons of results obtained with experiments known from enegroelektronika have shown usefulness of the developed mathematical models to simulate gliding arc discharges. If the measuring environment contains steel installations, the receiving of the electromagnetic waves can be influenced by high frequency phenomena on the construction.

They were compared to the results for dense mesh typical in using methods: The parameters of this model were determined experimentally. One of the main subjects of the project is filtration and protection of electronic systems against HPM.

The article presents a procedure of compliance according the requirements of Polish national security and defence standards. Simulations can be very useful to estimate overvoltages and arcing times during switching operations performed by means of electromechanical relays, which are commonly used in automation.

This approach determines the maximum admissible 0.

Presented paper also contains the calculation of the radiation interferences of the current loop fed with the both analysed signals. The rising and falling edge of the first signal has the same.

New applications and functions of ultra-wideband impulse radio communication also require new approach and latest techniques of analysis of ultra short UWB pulses elekyronika in radio systems.

It is shown that there is an infinite number of the scattering matrices for the given two-port complex load or the network of generators and all of these describe the same energoelektronikaa distribution in the given networks. The spectrum of this signal is well known from the various literatures. Thanks to the use of sensorless control, the control system of the motor is simple and allows for continuous speed control.

Review native language verification applications submitted by your peers. Calculation of the value of its cascade action zone is formulated. Introduction The rotating magnetic field can be used for processing of different liquids, solutions or suspensions.