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ANÁLISIS LITERARIO DE LA OBRA ” EL RELATO DE UN NAUFRAGO ” y “las virtudes de concisión y transparencia de estilo” de sus mejores libros, en los que . Silencio: Siente una absoluto, completo y terrible silencio al llegar a la orilla. Análisis de Relato de un náufrago. AH. Alexandra Herrera. Updated 3 November Transcript. Metáforas. Hipérboles. Anáfora. Personificación. Biografia Education Personajes autor. El final. Lengua castellana. Kaoutar Dob Makhloufi 3ºD.. Sobre el libro: Nombre completo: Gabriel José.

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The author drew international acclaim for the work, which ultimately sold tens of millions of copies worldwide. Great blog you have here.

El Náufrago | Tira Cómica del Náufrago

For me, it has been a great reference book for the writing of my own novel, Lights on the Sea. Its Pleasure to understand your blog. I wonder if u might be open for link exchange. It was visual, action-packed, however, I did feel a disconnection towards the survivor and was expecting more of naufrxgo adventurous tale. After drifting with sea currents for ten days, an emaciated Velasco arrives with his raft on a coast that he later discovers to be Colombia.

Not some thing I would probably normally read, however I enjoyed reading your ideas anyways. Wrong Year -Keeps going to I discovered your blog site on google and check a few of your early posts. I really like to appear back over a typical basis,post a lot more within the topic.

The work was partially cojpleto on naufgago parents’ courtship and was adapted into a film starring Javier Bardem. He is received first with affection and later ds military honors and much money from publicity agencies.

Enfermeras del hospital naval f. Discovering in the introduction that this was actually a true story that the author covered during his time at a Colombian newspaper, serialized in 14 parts, I was initially disappointed that this wasn’t a whole-cloth creation as I’d assumed; certainly this would prove less compelling librp the fiction novels he’s gained such acclaim for.


I have one, and only one: This revelation meant that conpleto serious offenses had been committed: His story had been told piecemeal many times, had been pawed over and perverted, and readers seemed fed up with a hero who had rented himself out to advertise watches because his watch hadn’t naufraho slowed down during the storm ; who appeared in shoe advertisements because his shoes were so sturdy that he hadn’t been able to tear them apart to eat them ; and who had performed many other publicity stunts.

I am impressed, I have to say. Padre de Luis Alejandro.

To ask libbro readers questions about The Story of a Shipwrecked Sailorplease sign up. And it is here, where he didn’t tell his own story, but the story of another, written in the first-person narrative but in GG Marquez’s naufrrago, sort of like “The Autobiography of Alice B. The full title is The Story of a Shipwrecked Sailor: A sailor and 7 colleagues are washed overboard from an overloaded destroyer.

Hey, I recently hopped over to your current blog via Stumbleupon.

Cabo primero, alegre, responsable y ahorrativo: Vive soledad, angustia, hambre y sed. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Me alegro de haberme equivocado. Refresh and try again. At El Espectador, those in charge of that estimable confectionary work were Guillermo Cano, director; Jose Salgar, editor-in-chief, and I, staff reporter. How wrong I was. On February 28,eight sailors from the Colombian destroyer A. Even though you know the guy is going to survive it is an exciting story of an event that no one would want to experience.

Think of a writer who can make you smile, happy and laugh with just the title of his work nauffrago with its prologue written in four short pages. Remember me on this computer.

El Náufrago | Tira Cómica del Náufrago – Cuando era Chamo – Recuerdos de Venezuela

The Story of a Shipwrecked Sailor who drifted on a life raft for ten days without food or water, was proclaimed a re hero, kissed by beauty queens, made rich through publicity, and then spurned by the government and forgotten for all time is evocative of the more familiar mature Marquez style, but his fans may appreciate this early journalistic piece as prelude to his later short stories and novels.


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Velasco, approdato miracolosamente sulle coste colombiane dopo indicibili stenti e sofferenze, lotte con gli squali, allucinazioni e pensieri di morte, fu presentato alla popolazione come un eroe. Tal vez por ello, la novela avanza lentamente Thank you for that data. I have trouble to image the life raft he was on. I have seen the photograph taken of him then: Not being able to withstand the weight of its cargo, the ship tossed in windy seas and dropped its ill-secured cargo and eight of its seamen into the sea.

Relato de un náufrago

Looking forward to reading more from you. Hope to hear from you, and have a great day! Unable to subscribe to it. Thanks for sharing…keep writing!!! He had been decorated, he had made patriotic speeches on radio, he had been displayed on television as an example to future generations, and he had toured the country amid bouquets and fanfares, signing autographs and being kissed by beauty queens.

After four days, the search was abandoned and the lost sailors were officially declared dead. The website was developed by you? After these days, Velasco arrives in a fishing village situated in the north of Colombia. His works have achieved significant critical acclaim and widespread commercial success, most notably for popularizing a literary style labeled as magical realism, which uses magical elements and events in order to explain real experiences.