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ECE R80 describes two alternative test procedures to validate occupant safety of bus seats. Static loads are applied or the seats have to fulfill dynamic. ECE R80 – 关于客车座椅以及客车针对座椅结构的UNECE法规,此为法规的原始 版本以及对该版本的一些列修订和勘误。 对本法规的第2次修订已经. R Strength of seats and their anchorages for M2 and/or M3 http://www.

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Vehicle submitted for approval on: As authorized regional dealer we can get the items directly from ecw factory, also we have the ability to design, manufacture and supply the solutions. Two seats representative of the type to be approved, in the case of approval of a seat, 2.

The general procedure indicated in paragraph 4. The co-ordinates of the “H” point are measured with respect to the three-dimensional reference system; The actual torso angle is read at the back angle quadrant of the 3 DH machine with the probe in its fully rearward position; If a re-run of the installation of the 3 DH machine is desired, the seat assembly should remain eec for a minimum period of 30 ecce prior to the re-run. Test procedure 1, A test force to H1 conforming to paragraph 3.

If the results of two of these three operations satisfy the requirements, the conditions of paragraph 3. The holder of the approval shall in particular: If the seat back is equipped with a head restraint adjustable for height, it shall be in its lowest position. Upon receiving the relevant communication that authority shall inform thereof the other Parties to the Agreement applying this Regulation by means of a communication form conforming to the model in annex 1 and or annex 2 to this Regulation.

All fittings forming part of the back of the cee or accessories thereto shall rr80 such as to be unlikely to cause any bodily injury to a passenger during impact.

Measurements in the thorax of the manikin The resultant acceleration at the centre of gravity shall be measured with ede CFC of Body element weights are placed at the corresponding centres of gravity to provide seat penetration equivalent to a 76 kg male.

If the seat to be checked has never been sat upon, a 70 to 80 kg person or device shall sit on the seat twice for one minute to flex the cushion and back. The area of the seating position contacted by the 3 DH machine shall be ee by a muslin cotton, of sufficient size and appropriate texture, described as a plain cotton fabric having When there is more than one type of anchorage on a vehicle, each variant shall be tested in order to obtain approval for the vehicle.


The maximum displacement of the central point of application of each of the forces prescribed in paragraph 3.

If the seat is eece with a table, it shall be in the stowed position. This operation shall be performed twice, without the torso moving, the head shall be placed in a position such that the platform supporting the measuring instruments contained in the head is horizontal and that the median sagittal plane of the head is parallel to that of the vehicle. If the feet then rest on parts of the floor which are at different levels, the foot which first comes into contact with the front seat shall serve as a reference and the other foot shall be so arranged that the spirit level giving the transverse orientation of the seat of the device indicates the horizontal; 4.

ECE R80 Certified plastic bus seat, city bus seat, plastic seat for bus

Date of report issued by that service: Annex 2 – Communication concerning the approval or refusal or extension or withdrawal of approval or production definitely discontinued of a type of vehicle with regard to the strength of the seat anchorages pursuant to Regulation No.

Seat submitted for approval on: Technical service, responsible for the approval test: For suspension seats, the vertical position shall be rigidly fixed corresponding to a normal driving position as specified by the manufacturer; 4.

China baby plastic seat China plastic seat shell China wheelchair plastic seat. A detailed description of the seat, its attachment fittings and its adjustment, displacement and locking systems; Drawings, on an appropriate scale and in sufficient detail, of the seat, its attachment fittings and adjustment, displacement and locking systems; For approval of a vehicle: You accept customized products or not?

ECE regulations: ECE R upgrade

The approval mark shall be clearly legible and shall be indelible. Technical service, responsable for the approval test: Location of approval mark on the vehicle: The anchorage on the testing platform provided for the test seat s shall be identical to or have the same characteristics as that used in vehicle s in which the seat is intended to be used.

Structure, shape, dimensions and materials of the load bearing parts; Types and dimensions of the seat back adjustment and locking system; Dimensions, structure and materials of the attachments and supports e. Except for intervals totalling less than 3 ms, the deceleration time history of the trolley shall remain between the limit curves shown in figure 1.

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If another level adjustment of the 3 DH machine is necessary, exe the back pan forward, re-level, and repeat the procedure from 4.

Arrangement in the approval mark for a seat “D” The above approval mark affixed to a seat shows that the rce type concerned has, with regard to the strength of the seats, the test being carried out in accordance with paragraph 2 of annex 4, been approved in the Netherlands E4 under number This device is described in appendix 1 to this annex; “‘H’ point” means the pivot centre of the torso and thigh of the 3 DH machine installed in the vehicle seat in accordance with paragraph 4 below.

Two spirit levels orient the device in space.

Seat, Belt & Anchorage Test System | ECE-R14, ECE-R80 & FMVSS

The application for approval of the vehicle shall be submitted by the vehicle manufacturer or by his duly accredited representative. Another suitable test may be used provided that its cee with one of the prescribed tests is demonstrated.

The initial eec of each seating position of each of the forms shall be determined by bringing the test devices into contact with the seat with a force equal to at least 20 N. Requirements for a vehicle type A line through the “H” point sight buttons shall be parallel to the ground and perpendicular to the longitudinal centreplane of the seat; Adjust the feet and leg positions of the 3 DH machine as follows: Thank you for purchasing our products, if you are in the course of the product have any quality or technical questions, please feel free to contact our customer service, we are happy to provide you spare parts supply and technical support.

ECE R80 – R17 Test Platformları

In order to verify that the requirements of paragraph 7. Measurements to be made on manikins The readings of the measuring devices shall be recorded through independent data channels of the following CFC: F is given in N and i represents the number of seating positions of the seat for which the anchorages to be tested are to be approved.

Requirements efe a seat type If necessary, reposition the lower leg; If the 3 DH machine does not tend to f80 rearward, use the following procedure.