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E/ECE/ E/ECE/TRANS/ } Rev.1/Add/Rev Regulation No. 48 page 3. Regulation No. UNIFORM PROVISIONS CONCERNING. Regulation No 48 of the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations (UN/ECE) — Uniform provisions concerning the approval of vehicles with. Regulation No 48 of the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations (UNECE) — Uniform provisions concerning the approval of.

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If the optional lamps are installed, they shall be placed at a height compatible with the applicable requirements of paragraph 6. The aggregate maximum intensity of the main beam headlamps shall be checked by the procedure described in paragraph 6.

Headlamp levelling device 6. If the vehicle has a front and a rear boot, the additional load shall be appropriately distributed in order to obtain the permissible axle loads. Direction-indicator lamps, the vehicle-hazard warning signal, amber side-marker lamps complying with Paragraph 6. The connection shall allow the parking fce s on the same side of the vehicle to be lit independently of any other lamps.

Lamps may be grouped, combined or reciprocally incorporated with one another provided that all requirements regarding colour, position, orientation, geometric visibility, electrical connections and other requirements, if any, are fulfilled. Conspicuity markings Regulation No Types of direction-indicator lamps fall into Categories 1, 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b, 5 and 6 the assembly of which on one vehicle constitutes an arrangement ‘A’ and ‘B’.

One person in the driver’s seat: No special requirement, however the ecd of Paragraph 6. In the case of a failure of the levelling device, the front fog beam shall not assume a position in which the cut off is less inclined than it was at the time when the failure of the device occurred. Side retro-reflector, non-triangular Regulation No 3. The SM1 type of side-marker lamp shall be used on all categories of vehicles; however the SM2 type of side-marker lamps may be used on the M 1 category of vehicles.

Up to January 11, 18 months after the official date of entry into force of Supplement 4 to the 03 series of amendments shall continue to grant approvals to new vehicle types which do not meet the requirements on vertical orientation of front fog lamps Paragraph 6.

At the maximum height compatible with the requirements relating to the width, design e48 operational requirements of the vehicle and to rce symmetry of the lamps. If it is entirely auditory it shall be clearly audible and shall ecs a marked change of frequency, at least in the event of the malfunction of any of these direction-indicator lamps. The AFS shall, prior to the subsequent test procedures, be set to the neutral state; 6.


Two distinctly different levels of instrument panel illumination intensity are provided during night and day, indicating to the driver that the dipped beam headlamps shall be switched ON; or.

Vehicles in Category N without load surfaces: Position No special requirement, however the cee of Paragraph 6. Stop lamp Regulation No 7 6.

Regulation 49 – 06 series (click to expand)

The related AFS control signals and their technical characteristics as defined according to Annex 10 to Regulation No ; 3. The levelling device may also be used to automatically adapt the inclination of the front fog beam in relation to the prevailing ambient conditions, provided that the limits for the downward inclination specified in Paragraph 6. Example 4 Including the outer lens Excluding the non textured outer lens Example of a light guide optic or a reflector optic behind an outer lens: Historically, one of the ecs conspicuous differences between UN and US regulations was the design and performance of headlamps.

The lighting units for the main-beam may be activated either simultaneously or in pairs. Other Requirements Dce the rearmost side-marker lamp is combined with the rear position lamp reciprocally incorporated with the rear fog lamp or stop lamp, the photometric characteristics of the side-marker lamp may be ecf during the illumination of the d48 fog lamp or stop lamp.

It is tasked with creating a uniform system of regulations, called UN Regulationsfor vehicle design to facilitate international trade. If the main-beam is adaptive, a visual tell-tale shall be provided to indicate to the driver that the adaptation of the main beam is activated.

This implies a reduction of undue glare from vehicles headlamps in opposing traffic. The means according to the provisions of Paragraph 5. Apparent surface based on the light-emitting surface according to Paragraph 2.

World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations

The conspicuity marking shall be as close as practicable to the ends of the vehicle and reach to within mm of each end of the vehicle.

Rear fog lamp Regulation No Rear ec lamps, rear direction-indicators and rear retro-reflectors, triangular as well as non-triangular, may be installed on movable components only:. Of any anti-skid devices mounted on the wheels; 2. For vehicles of M and N categories the applicant shall demonstrate to the technical service responsible for type approval testing that the electric power supply conditions for the devices indicated in 2. If the reflector and lens are adjustable relative to one another, the mean adjustment should be used.


The rear fog lamp s cannot be switched on unless the main beams, dipped beams or front sce lamps are lit. In the case where a headlamp levelling device is necessary to satisfy the requirements of paragraphs 6. In case of doubt, this requirement shall be verified as follows: The necessary justification for wce of conspicuity material higher than 1,mm shall be indicated in the communication form. The position of an end-outline marker lamp in relation to corresponding position r488 shall be such that the distance between the projections on a transverse vertical plane of the points nearest to one another on the apparent surfaces in the direction of the respective reference axes of the two lamps considered is not less than mm.

As low as practicable within the range: However, where a retro-reflector is mounted below mm measured according to the provisions of Paragraph 5. For the purpose of this Regulation, light-emitting rear registration ede and the service-door-lighting system g48 to the provisions of Regulation No on vehicles of categories M 2 and M 3 are not considered as lamps.

– Transport – UNECE

Where the front position lamp and another ede are reciprocally incorporated, the apparent surface in the direction of the reference axis of the other lamp shall be used to verify compliance with the positioning requirements paragraphs 6. If the lighting device has no reflector, the definition of paragraph 2. The size of the symbol and r8 is left to the discretion of the manufacturer.

Existing approvals under this Regulation before these dates will remain valid indefinitely and extension of the approvals shall be granted after.

The Contracting Parties use their nationally established rulemaking processes when transposing UN GTRs into their national legislation.

Most countries, even if not formally participating in the agreement, recognise the UN Regulations and either mirror the UN Regulations’ content in their own national requirements, or permit the import, registration, and use of UN type-approved vehicles, or both. As close as practicable to being parallel to the median longitudinal plane of the vehicle, compatible with the shape, structure, design and operation requirements of the vehicle; if this is not possible, it shall follow as close as practicable the contour of the outer shape of the vehicle.