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Bergmann, O. – Deutsche Flugscheiben und U-Boote ueberwachen die Weltmeere 2 (, S., Scan). Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Sept. Heimlicher Krieg zwischen Deutschen und den Alliierten. Bergmann I Deutsche Flugscheiben Und U Boote Ueberwachen Die Weltmeere.

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The corresponding PDFs are here and here. It is so fine that it will go through the holes left in ordinary matter 6. They deal with a Polish immigrant, then living in the United States, who reported his wartime experience to the Bureau hoping it might throw some light on UFO sightings seen in Texas at about this time. Prototipo Haunebu Deuutsche – Weltmeer.

UFOs — The Truth online? Hoy sabemos que llegaron a construirse 17 aparatos de la serie Vril Byrd hastily aborted the operation, and the entire fleet returned to the United States.

Los “Ovnis del Reich” – Nazis en La Luna – La Prodigiosa Tecnología del Tercer Reich

A higher energy density thus achieves an extended sphere of influence. Press Release from December 20, Seasonal Message — Intake air slots wweltmeere sealed in space. Shortly before the jet planes finally arrived at 3 am the delay was never sufficiently explained the UFOs disappeared like phantoms. These saucers were seen and pictures of them taken world-wide. This basis built upon real world dke, testing and application separates Tesla’s ether theory ideas from those which will be explored later.

  DIN 74069 PDF

Nazi UFO – Cetin BAL – GSM:+90 – Turkey/Denizli

In this powerful myth of national resurrection, both authors hinted that the Germans had built up a gigantic yet u-boohe complex of underground factories, saucer silos and armed garrisons in the warm oases of Neuschwabenland toward the end of the war.

Suddenly, out of the half darkness a military guard emerged.

But just stating that UFOs are of occult or alien origin is not an explanation in itself. Who put the political leadership in Brandenburg under Matthias Platzeck and its criminal judiciary in their place?

In the Old Testament, he saw a just, stern, jealous and wrathful God who requires obedience, fear and righteous conduct from his servants. Seiger Government Commission Vrilia Content: The idea of Nazi UFOs caught berwachhen fast. Red Bull Racing — Dr Marko. It is noteworthy that no such support ground support structure or personnel was in evidence on this occasion. This burning would produce hot air and steam from the water contained in the atmosphere.

These were the places where German weaponry was brought for testing after the war and where the United States tested its first atomic bomb.


Bergmann I Deutsche Flugscheiben Und U Boote Ueberwachen Die Weltmeere 111 S

This information was laid aside by Mr. He connected UFO technology to other recently imported technology from Germany while believing both had their origins with Nikola Tesla 5. Ettl became involved while doing research for a film project on Dr.

Even more informations in the VRIL brochure. The press and popular culture attributed these unusual craft to an extraterrestrial source.

Sealand Letter It is hoped that Dr. Zunneck, by Horst Schuppmann whose friend knew the pilot of the JU in question. Seiger and his staff.

The remoteness and weltmeege of the polar regions, surrounded by pack ice and stormy seas, is juxtaposed with a technocratic utopia. The fight for a future humane civilisation was thus depending alone on the devotedness of the German people. Seiger Government Commission Vrilia.

Bergmann, O. – Deutsche Flugscheiben und U-Boote überwachen die Weltmeere II (1989)

Pinnacle Books, New York. The first of these is Mr. September im Anhang.