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Sometimes, however, verbs rely on the nouns that accompany them for their meaning. When this happens, we call such verbs ‘delexical’ (or ‘light’) verbs. Verbs with little meaning: delexical verbs. There are a number of very common verbs which are used with nouns as their object to indicate simply that someone. Bath and chance are not verbs. “*Take a choose” is grammatically incorrect since choose is a verb. To make it grammatically correct you can.

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Here is a list of these nouns:. Delexical structures contribute to the impression of fluency in English given by a foreign user.

My dad always gives me good advice. Sign up using Email and Password. She gave him a long kiss.

When vebs word is a verb, as in ‘I looked round the room’, you are focusing on the action of locking. They photographed the pigeons in Trafalgar Square.

I haven’t made a full confessionsir.

Verbs with little meaning: delexical verbs

I want to ask her to the dance. Here is a list of verbs which are used as delexical verbs. Both have and take are delexical verbs, and their combinations with “bath” are collocations which are almost synonyms in this case there may be a regional preference.


Can you take care of my dogs while I am on vacation? delexial

He gave him a good kick. The Prime Minister decided she had heard enough.

For example, we have a coffee; do exercise; make a cake; take a photograph. For example, ‘had’ in ‘She had a shower’ has very little meaning in itself.

“Delexical Verbs”

Even Lally had a little sip of wine. I might take a stroll. We have made progress in both science and art. Henry Delezical commented that the ground was too firm.

Verbs with little meaning: delexical verbs

Take a breakyou look exhausted. In other cases, there is no corresponding verb with a similar meaning at all and so there is no other structure that verba be used.

Although the total number of delexical verbs is small, they include some of the very commonest words in the language. I need to take a longhot bath. One group of these nouns refer to physical activities.

Lección de inglés: Delexical Verbs

He gave a shrill gasp of shock. Can you take care of my dogs while I am on vacation? Free level test Come to our school and make a free english test.


She gave an amused laugh. They had an argument last night.

Here is a list of nouns which refer to delexlcal actions: Sometimes there is such a verb, but the form is slightly different.

Cerrar I don’t what kind of word of to describe it, structure? In these delexical structures most of the meaning is found in the noun, not in the verb. A couple were having a drink at a table by the window. The Americans had a nonchalant belief in their technological superiority. En estas estructuras la mayor parte del significado se encuentra en el sustantivo, no en el verbo.