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ANATE is a psychological technique. Imagine holding your wallet in full view and asking a spectator to name a card. The card is then instantly pulled from your. Anate Extended represents a milestone in the development of this technique. Since the original release, this has become an incredibly popular tool, much more. Also if the force does not hit Dee gives a few different outs, one is amazingly bold that will work and the other is a very clever piece that has its.

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I have never had to use an alternative but I have one set incase it happens. I have used this for some time now.

Magic Tricks

I’ve not seen Bryn’s ebook, only heard good things though! Sounds like real magic and phychological forcecan’t wait for more info.

The reviews speak anqte themselves. View our magic tricks index. Lloyd Barnes Elite user Posts.

Review of ANATE by Dee Christopher | Sexy Magic Reviews

All in all i love this and dont think anyone should be put off by the fact its not surefire. Its well produced and easy to read.

The Other Brothers The card is then instantly pulled from your wallet, without other cards in your wallet. Think “Smash and Grab” with the fear but without the real danger. Little Door by R.

I have found that with a bit of practice this will work almost every time. Dec 13, Messages: Like I say no chtistopher knows when you miss so there is no chance of getting caught, but you will have to try it to see the reactions this gets.

All you need is yourself and a single card! The card is then instantly pulled from your wallet. Its so sneaky which it makes it even more fun to perform. The more you perform ANATE the more you will get used to how christohper works and you will amaze yourself how well this plays. I’ve posted my full review Note from Mods: It’s a good product, though.


I also mention how to use the technique to set up several opaque cups on a table and have the spectator turn away, then you place an item of theirs in one of the cups and they can tell you which one it’s in! Pure magic at its best so id suggest that you keep your eyes pealed at http: Nico Zottos Elite user Posts. Chrisropher sort of thing is what I live for, thank you for making this! I must stress that this will only work in English as far as I know, I’ve yet to find another language that it does work in, so unless you perform in English, it christpoher be for you!

Similar in effect to an inverted Stigmata routine, but different, while just as organic in methodology! Hey Dee, I’m not trying to get in your face with all these responses to your releases. ANATE extended is a supplement to the original ebook which contains lots more outs, applications, strengthening techniques, practice techniques, and routines from Titanas, Lloyd Barnes, Chris Lafferty, Steven Dylan Palmer and of course Myself!

However the card effect is why most people will be purchasing this effect, in my opinion the real value is in the subtlety that makes the card force work.

ANATE: Dee Christopher | theory11 forums

Since the original release, this has become an incredibly popular tool, much more so than I ever imagined it would! Sep 1, Messages: I would love this idea if it could be done without having a card in plain view. Dee gives a few ideas of extra effects that you could perform using this devilish principal, it also got my brain working over christoopher since I learned it.


Also, I consider this as very simple to perform, anyone who has done a small amount of mentalism, which is probably every magician on here, could do this and nail it first christpher First time I did it the reaction was “I was determined to name a six but then for some reason I changed my mind at the last moment – and named chrietopher card on the table”.

Sep 20, Messages: One to steal the trick.

His approach in this work is one to which I not only relate, but applaud. Do yourself a favour, get this before everybody else does, and be truly amazing! For me, I don’t think it suits my style.

ANATE: Dee Christopher

I used to perform Bang-on! As I said to Dee, I really believe, if built up well, this could be a reputation maker.

Dee’s a nice guy It’s a psyche force,which is why it won’t be for everyone. It is very obvious that Mr. This in itself is a good value-added bonus to Anate. Let me know what you think. It’s sort of a rule Anate is a verbal psychological force technique. One to steal HIS cee. Imagine something that you can carry with you always, to create impossible, unbelievable prop-free demonstrations with boundaries as limitless as your imagination.

All you need is a single playing card, or a maximum of four cards in your wallet, or maybe a post-it note to write a prediction.