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The complete series list for – Deadworld J.N. Duncan. Series reading order, cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time. Deadworld (Deadworld, book 1) by J N Duncan – book cover, description, publication history. Duncan debuts in a crowded subgenre, employing the now-requisite urban fantasy trappings of kickbutt heroine, vampires evil and redeemed.

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Where dedworld family was killed by a vampire, Cornelius Drake. But by the end of the prologue, I was eating my words and scolding myself for judging the book by its cover, as this is most definitely an urban fantasy. Hope you like it. I just have to ducan this 4 stars! The characters didn’t feel authentic, the plot lacked depth and certain aspects of the story were revealed too slowly.

There is nothing normal about the crime scene or the deadword in which the victim was killed. I was surprised by the friendship that popped up between Shelby and Jackie.

All in all, I really enjoyed Deadworld, more so than I expected to. The latest case Jackie and Laurel are working on is bad. Nick Anderson was a sheriff in Wyoming.

Early Review: Deadworld by J.N. Duncan

Should writers just write to reader expectations? While human blood makes him powerful, he chooses to drink synthetic blood because of his morals. But rape is not deaeworld.

Smoothly written with some wonderfully action packed scenes and nicely developed characters. They meet a mysterious PI Nick Anderson while investigating and along with his friends a ghost, vampire and another medium they try to help the FBI as m as xeadworld yet withholding many facts. Forth, the story behind the past history that Nick and the villian share is told 4 times in the book to various characters but never to the reader, also a lot of the dialog felt rushed and forced On the other hand, the male protagonist, Nick,is NOT too freaking heroic to be two-dimensional.


It was a mediocre book with bad characters and the only thing that would make me go back for me is reading more about Nick. And that may be what makes it harder to welcome these two — mostly Jackie. Deadeorld 18, Michelle Greathouse rated it it was ok. Mar 25, Dark Faerie Tales rated it did not like it.

The supporting characters, like the plot, weren’t fleshed out that well and adding the unnecessary drama of Laurel view spoiler [ being in love with Jackie at one point because we just found out she’s gay hide spoiler ] gave me a weird feeling.

The plot is dark and bloody. When she drinks she loses respect for all boundaries. During this mental breakdown that she has, Laurel tries contacting her from the other side and sends her over the readworld. Jackie and her partner Laurel wanted to come across as the next Rizzoli and Isles. Before starting “Deadworld”, I was expecting the usual run of the mill paranormal romance, where the big brooding alpha male would end up saving and falling for the tou Full Review on bookchickcity.

What we do know is that, eventually Jackie and Laurel are going to have to meet Mr. Shelby is no better but they have a history so it’s easy to see that Shelby is the spur in his side. BUT then they find out some weird stuff about some peo It was kind of a neat idea in a lot of ways, but it kept shooting itself in m foot. While some readers claim the characters lack depth, I came to deadworkd the main characters, even Jackie.


Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. You never knew who he was going after next.

Book Review: J. N. Duncan’s Deadworld – KD Did It Edits

At times yes the story seemed a little long winded, but I don’t think it was unavoidable. She is not above believing in strange things since her best friend and partner is a medium and they have seen “different” several times in their line of work.

He deaadworld afraid to make Jackie, ‘Jack’, sometimes unlikable. Nick and Shelby are hunting for Drake before he kills again…hampered by Nick’s insistence on the two of them drinking synthetic blood when the real thing would make the hunt easier.

She is good at what she does but also has anger issues stemming fro I am so weary.

If Jackie and Laurel hadn’t arrived on the scene then what would he have done?