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Complete information on the towns and settlements of the burgeoning Silver Marches alliance and the many hazards that threaten it highlight this detailed. Come tour one of the most popular regions of the Forgotten Realms world! The just-released Silver Marches accessory by Ed Greenwood and. Silver Marches (Dungeons & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying, Forgotten Champions of Ruin (Dungeon & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying.

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Eaerlraun is secretly sympathetic to Khelben Blackstaff’s “Moonstars” but on the surface maintains his allegiance to the Harpers of Twilight Hall. Shieldsar leaders are always wary of being outflanked or ambushed, setting scouts on all sides as they patrol. In the past, there have been times when dwarf-human relations were strained in Sundabar, but the dwarves trust Helm implicitly. Marauding orcs and monsters plundered the surface portions of the city time and time again during the centuries between DR, the year in which Hlondath fell, and DR, the year in which Ascalhorn, Ammarindar, and Eaerlann succumbed to an army of demons.

Sundabar’s temple to Tyr and Torm is a fortresslike building facing on the Circle, across from the Master’s Hall. To either side of the hall, two long, rambling wings of the building house the various officials and civil servants who comprise Everlund’s government. Most don’t bother to go through the routine if they arrive at Everlund after sunset, preferring instead to avail themselves of the hospitality to be found in any of a number of inns and taverns that have established a thriving trade outside the city walls for just such occasions.

Bell Market The economic and social center of Everlund is the Bell Market, so named for the enormous warning bell that hangs in a frame in the open space between the Hall of Elders and the Barracks.

Spells in Silver Marches – D&D Tools

Fendelben has no real friends on the council, since the Keeper of the Bridge is his natural opponent — the Keeper’s agents collect taxes grudgingly paid by the Master’s fellow merchants. This double-walled, circular fortress city is famous for its miners, master smiths, and woodcarvers. Everlund is one of Silverymoon’s traditional allies and has historically sided with that city and its High Lady on nearly every important issue.


Citadel Sundbarr, the insular dwarfhold, became the city of Sundabar, a bulwark of military strength and trade in the North. Though ready to withstand an attack at any given moment, it is nonetheless a beautiful community that does not look like a city of war.

Orcs are vermin, to be obliterated so the natural balance can be restored.

His valiant fighting to defend the city brought him the same popularity with Sundabarians. The trade and commerce they attracted gave the dwarves markets for their handiwork and enriched all.

Some hold the post for many years, others no more than a few days. The Hall of Vigilance: As more people have returned to the Rauvin Vale and Old Delzoun, both cities have grown. Those who seem too inquisitive or travel about the city too energetically are questioned by the Stone Shields, the city watch. Dwarf and human joined together to drive off sulver demons. For nearly five hundred years, Everlund has been ruled by the Council of Six Elders.

A thick stone wall rings the city, pierced d&c five places by the city’s gates. The market is open from one hour after dawn to one hour before dusk, to ensure that the evenings and nights of the residents are not disturbed by the noise created by such a thronged mercantile area.

Extremely intelligent, he wields troops of cavalry and columns of infantry as deftly as a veteran duellist wields a rapier. Helm seems to be the man wilver can raise sword to make it happen, so he must and shall.

Ale, armor, cheese, clothing, fruit, grain, sugar, weapons, wine. As one might expect, islver worship of militant deities and those deities who stand for law, strength, and duty is popular in Sundabar.

Like Silverymoon fifty miles to the north, Everlund was in its beginning a simple crossing-place over the Rauvin. The fall of Ascalhorn in DR, and the subsequent collapse of Eaerlann, marche the small settlement at Everlund without a country.

Moongleam Tower consists of four narrow, cylindrical towers joined together, surrounded by a dry moat that can be quickly flooded by a cunning system of cisterns and pumps. Come tour mxrches of the most popular regions of the Forgotten Realms world! Morlund is known as “Lady Stone” locally for her cold, bitter manner. Fendelben is a very successful merchant who has his eyes firmly fastened on marchss pursuit of wealth.


Steep, winding passages lead down and down to the Everfire, a volcanic rift beneath the city.

Silver Marches

They get to know their patrol areas very well, scouring every cave and hill-hollow. The same looks to hold true today, as the confederation attempts to deal with issues of mutual importance marcues its signatories.

The city has five gates, each giving entrance to the city from a different direction and leading to broad, straight, and well-maintained caravan routes. The Five Gates The city has five gates, each giving entrance to the city from a different direction and leading to broad, straight, and well-maintained caravan routes. Moongleam Tower Built by a master dwarf engineer almost two hundred years ago, this keep of black, hard stone is one of the foremost Harper holds of the North.

Haunted by malicious dragons, hordes of orcs, and other ferocious creatures, the relentless cold and unforgiving terrain of the Silver Marches promise undiscovered riches and unspeakable danger to those bold enough to venture there. He won the leadership of the company by the acclaim of his fellow “Bloody Blades” after many reckless 35 died in battle or tavern brawls.

Soldiers patrol the courtyard inside the new wall, prohibiting entry to anyone who d&dd not a soldier or is not on on official government business. Hard by the armory are six large wood-frame buildings surrounded by another low wall. Like many of the communities in the Ssilver Marches, Everlund traces its origins karches a time before the ruin of previous civilizations. Most house cellars hold mushroom crops and are crammed with rodent-proof food casks; older Sundabarians remember hungry winters all too well.

Visitors will find over a dozen superb woodcarvers and carpentry shops around the Circle. Once surrounded by mighty foundries, the Everfire burns unchained now — many of the great forges that harnessed the rift’s might were destroyed more than a hundred years ago by a sudden surge of the buried fires, and most of these have not been rebuilt. The First holds his or her position until another Elder challenges it.