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Switches the band, or seek tuning or manual tuning while in the radio mode. [ISR] button I MODEL DBMP clarion~ 12V 8 GROUND AM kHz/FM. Owner’s manual Mode d’emploi Manual de instrucciones DBMP AM/FM CD/ MP3 PLAYER DBMP RADIO AM/FM-LECTEUR CD/MP3 RADIO DE AM/FM. User manual for the device Clarion DBMP. Online user manual database.

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This is to prevent short circuits during installation Figure 1.

If a fault arises, a warning is issued by various error displays. Using batteries improperly can cause them to explode.

Clarion DB345MP Owner’s Manual

Posted on Dec 02, Be the first to answer. Please assign your manual to a product: Cela evitera court-circuits pendant l’installation 1 3.

Follow the corrective measures and remove the fault. When the function is off, the indicator will not be displayed.

Error displays, Error 2, Error 3 error 6 | Clarion DBMP User Manual | Page 19 / 20

No abra la caja. Inserte y bloquee las placas de enganche Figura 9. User has to eject CD and re-insert it again as to play MP3 files. Selecting a mode 1.

If a fault arises, a warning is issued by various error displays.

Clarion DB345MP Service Manual

Take note of the following points: Turn the remote control unit over, then slide the rear cover in the direction of the arrow. Maximum number of files: No sound is produced. Every time the [BND] button is pressed, the display will change as: Esto es para evitar cortocircuitos durante la instalaci6n Figura 1. When the button is pressed and held, auto store is performed. Ie tordre et I’aplatir avec une pince ou un outil similaire. To remove fingermarks and dust, use a soft cloth, and wipe in a straight line from the center of the compact disc to the circumference.


No limitation Folder Support: Each time the button is pressed, random play turns on or off. The arrangement is shown below: Never use hard cloth, thinner, benzen, alcohol, etc. Answered on Nov 11, Turning the [ROTARY] knob clockwise emphasizes the sound from the front speakers; turning it counterclockwise emphasizes the sound from the rear speakers.

Even in the event that trouble arises, never open the case, disassemble the unit, or lubricate the rotating parts. Do not let the battery side terminal touch other metal parts. Replace with a fuse of the same amperage. Error Display Corrective Measure This error display indicates that a fault has arisen in the ERROR 2 mechanism of the source unit for example, the disc cannot be ejected.

Press and hold the [BND] button for 2 seconds or longer, then the “MANU” is lit in the display, which means that a manual selection function is on.

Clarion DBMP user manual – – Solve your problem

Z-Enhancer with 3 Mode Sound Selector. Take note of the following points: New discs may have some roughness around the edges. To start searching by pressing the [d] button, to erase the previous characters by pressing the [a] button.

Switchable frequency spacing This car stereo is initially set to tune in frequency intervals of 10kHz for AM and kHz for FM, the standard calibrations inside the U. When the “MANU” display is off, the seek tuning is now available. Turning the screen saver function on or off This unit is provided with the screen saver function.


However, if you do not want to take up too much of your disk space, you can always download it in the future from ManualsBase. Compact disc is heavily Re Summary of the content on the page No. When this button is pressed again, the CD will play from the previous track. To prevent damage to the DCP, always store it in its case after detaching it.

Attaching the DCP 1. When the inside of the car is very cold and the mqnual is used soon after switching on the heater, moisture may form on the disc or the optical parts of the player and proper playback may not be possible.

Antes de comenzar, prepare todos los elementos necesarios para instalar la unidad fuente.

Setting the Z-Enhancer This unit are provided with 3 types of sound tone ef- fects stored in memory. Replace with a compact disc with no scratches. Page of 20 Go.