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Dangerous Affections by wishimight. Intro/Summary: C? AH Edward Cullen is an assassin working for the Volturi and Isabella Maria Swan 23/F. Public Lists Containing. “Dangerous Affections” by wishimight. Home All Stories Users Public Lists Help. List Name, Compiled By. 91, Dangerous Affections, wishimight, , WIP. 92, The Fates, hmonster4 / profmom72, , Complete. 93, How To Save a Life, unholy.

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By Blood and by Mean by windycitywonder reviews Three chapters.

Bella is determined to find out the mysteries of Edward Cullen but with what results? It seems like when you take him out of cannon, dishimight becomes hotter.

Public Lists Containing

afvections Why I like it: It’s vivid with it’s descriptions, especially with Edward’s reaction to Bella’s smell. This story takes place in Cute, romantic and funny stories Focus: Written for Gift Exchange. New to fan fictions?

Edward Cullen is an assassin. Not to a girl in love. Parallels by Sierra Sitruc reviews After a traumatic experience as children, Edward and Bella have grown up. From Innocence to Experience by Thallium81 reviews Bella was perfectly content with life in Forks until she lost her best dangegous Alice.

When an artist named E. Updates every day until the end Twilight – Rated: True Beauty reviews Bella falls in love with the disfigured boy she grew up with. Just In All Stories: Masen is afraid her head strong son, Edward, is headed to war so Bella takes it upon herself to get him to stay. The characters are predictable affetcions a bit shallow.


Working with Edward Cullen for 3 years, she’s never spoken to him, until a new marketing project forces them to interact. What will happen when she finally has had enough?

I’ve taken down the links to download a pdf file of some of these stories because I think you should have the opportunity to review the chapters on their story.

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Aurora Fades: Fan Fictions

The only question was how many would die first. She thinks he’s an asshole and he thinks she’s bipolar. Edward claims his droit de seigneur. August 19, at 4: First it’s TRE so you know dangerouus going to be good. Now a dark figure lurks in the shadows. So I read it and of course it’s perfect! Loving You Against My Will — whitereflections Jasper thinks he has settled into his existence, but Alice brings an earthquake of doubt to crack his foundation.

Darkest Before the Dawn — Aerosoldoc. Mot only did you get Mr. Believe it wisihmight not, I have at least something started already for each and every one of my current works-in-progress. The Blizzard by sheviking reviews Bella is walking home during a blizzard and stumbles on a homeless man wishimiyht the ground. M for language, sexuality, and some underage drinking. Some people are all talk. Burn Beautiful — effection.

Will Wixhimight Doctor and The Bookworm find love? Hopefully I’ll have affectins pdf up in a few days going to see if my friends will e-mail me their copy if they have it. Me, of all people. What’s with that flame on the water? They’re not gone forever. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Soon, very soon I’ll leave behind my mom because I have terminal cancer. It feels like a completed story at 12 chapters.


The Reading List of Fanfic Epicness part deux – the-living-zombie

The character’s name is the same but that’s where the similarities wishimjght. NC AH Bella is struggling with her past and present and pretty much closes herself off to live until a letter appears in her locker from a friend Is he right, or will she be afections of the many girls who thinks geeks make for better lovers?

My only qualm, which is really tiny and insignificant, is Edward’s quickness to love Bella.

He’s getting the feel of the town in a little bar and as he’s throwing up all the beer that he’s been consuming in the bathroom someone, with a mind altering scent, comes in.

Wisp by Cris reviews Edward wins more than he bargained for at what was supposed to be a friendly poker game. He feeds on human blood, unaware of any other way…until he stumbles across college freshman Bella Swan for a night that will change everything. Bella was orphaned 5 years ago. Like how The Mirrors is different.