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Vampire Daeva Kiss of the Succubus*OP (Vampire: The Requiem (White Wolf)) [ Russell Bailey, Benjamin Baugh] on *FREE* shipping on. Daeva: Kiss of the Succubus Published by White Wolf Publishing Written by Russell Bailey and Benjamin Baugh. More than any other vampire. Death has never looked so good. Love them or hate them, the Daeva are the ones you die for. Tempters and priests, madonnas and horrors.

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Also I liked these little educational comic-strips for vampires the book showed and when they truly played into the Succubus aspect of this vampire clan.

Elliott rated it liked it Jan 19, Regardless, it was still very well written and the art was marvelous, so I enjoyed it immensely. Divyesh rated it it was amazing Jul 31, Thomas Ramsli rated it it was amazing Feb 18, Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Also some of the Devotions combination of powers of the Daeva are very interesting. The Requiem Trace the history of the Daeva – from their first chilling nights in Sumeria to the sticky heat of modern cities. I don’t think this book is bad but it’s also not very memorable, I am pretty sure in a few months I will have forgotten most of it. The Daeva Clan Book for Vampire: Beyond helping out fellow Flames Rising readers by letting them know what you think of these products, we’re giving away some pretty cool stuff.

From the back cover: Chris De Lasombra rated it it was amazing Mar 30, Use the Contact Page to submit reviews or let us know if you have any questions.


Daeva: Kiss of the Succubus

Lists with This Book. A useful discussion of in-game sexual situations is included; GMs are encouraged to choose their own path regarding whether sexual situations will be emphasized, glossed over, or something in-between.

Open Preview See a Problem? In game terms, Gangrel may be the most overtly kick-ass clan due to their mastery of the Protean powers of shape-changing — able to sink into any patch of earth at sunrise, or to instantly grow thf and throw down.

You can edit this page to create it. However when these aspects powers or social are missing from the text… well there is still the element of devotion that these vampires can inspire in humans but the book falls short nonetheless.

Daeva may not be quite the combat powerhouse that a Gangrel can be, but they excel at manipulating others, inspiring desire, devotion and need. From their beginnings in ancient Sumeria, the Daeva have specialized at blending in with human society. Return to Book Page. Progression Tree Skills, professions, magic abilities, etc. Tune into the Cacophony, the underground journalism of the Kindred.

For the Succubi, a good-looking corpse is only the first step in the Danse Macabre. In game terms, Gangrel may be the most overtly kick-ass clan due to their mastery of the Protean powers of shape-changing — able to sink into any patch of earth at sunrise, or to instantly grow claws and throw down.

Find out what it takes to stay on the cutting edge of the Masquerade He hungers still for the lady who both victimized him and drove him to heights of ecstasy, after which she abandoned him and left town. Nov 23, Bill rated it liked it. Preview — Daeva by Russell Bailey. Kiss of the Succubus White Wolf Publishing gives the kiss of life to the most outwardly self-centered of the vampire clans.


Daeva: Kiss of the Succubus on Behance

Jason rated it liked it Jun 18, And apart from Carmilla yes the Carmilla there is really no “mystical” member of this clan presented in the book, unlike the Gangrel and Nosferatu who each had at least three I think. Kiss of the Succubus What do you get out of it? A very clever touch consists of two Jack Chick-style tracts on life as a vampire, found by the author and included in the packet of materials sent to a collector of information regarding the clan.

It is interesting how the Daeva refer to themselves as family using words like son, cousin and the like and how different they are from the savage Gangrel and the terrifying Nosferatu. Regular Reviewers can earn free products to review, which is their to keep after the review is submitted to the site. Tags Reviewsvampireswhite-wolfworld-of-darkness. The first challenges Daeva to find their prey in less auspicious locales supermarkets or all-night copy shops, for instance rather than the local club scene, decrying the ease and certainty of club hunting as worthy mainly of last resort.