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DA PAM 600-4 PDF

Department of the Army Pamphlet DA PAM Army Medical Department Officer Professional Development and Career Management September Find the most up-to-date version of DA PAM at Engineering DA PAM –3. Commissioned Officer Professional Development and Career Management. This administrative revision, dated 6 August

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You are now in the military. A good personal security program covers security at work, at home, and while traveling.

Keep the 6600-4 of both hands extended and joined, interlocking your thumbs, as shown in Figureso that the palm of your right hand is outward.

From the outset, civilian control of the military was a governing principle of the American system.

Tattoos or brands on other areas of the body that are prejudicial to good order and discipline are prohibited.

On the command of execution.

At the same time apply pressure on the lower portion of the bolt catch, locking the bolt to the rear. A courageous soldier does the following: The MWPA protects two categories 60-04 communications. Each of us has something to contribute. Vehicles in motion should stop.

Then regrasp the rifle with the right hand at the small of the stock.

F.R.E.E [D.O.W.N.L.O.A.D] Department of the Army Pamphlet DA PAM 600-4 Army Medical Department

At the same time, turn the butt to keep the sight up. Army white, and Army blue uniform coats Figure Items to 6600-4 inspected include: Miyamura, a machinegun squad leader, aware of the imminent danger to his men unhesitatingly jumped from his shelter wielding his bayonet in close hand-to-hand combat killing approximately 10 of the enemy.

The Army’s fraternization policy prohibits personal relationships between officer and enlisted personnel regardless of their service. You can adjust the webbing to the right height by adjusting the buckles. As symbols of United States power, soldiers are always at risk from criminals and terrorists. Recently, the Army claimed 600-4 major victory in Desert Storm, defeating the 4′ -largest enemy in the world in hours. On the command “Arms”, pull the trigger and resume port arms.


The act or acts of heroism must pm been so notable and have involved risk of life so extraordinary as to set the individual apart from his or her comrades.

Soldiers and DA civilians, like their leaders, treat everyone with dignity and respect. Regrasp the handguard with the left 600–4 just forward of the slip ring, and visually inspect the receiver through the ejection port.

Any soldier or civilian employee who makes deliberate or repeated unwelcome verbal comments, gestures, or physical contact of a sexual nature is engaging in sexual harassment.

It is held for relatively serious offenses. There must be connections — ground rules — so that when one soldier approaches, works with, or talks to another, it is 6600-4 immediate and unquestioned cooperation and respect.

They asked a second time; permission was denied. Constitution, the Army, your unit, and other soldiers. Relationships between permanent party members and lET soldiers.

Full text of “TRADOC Pamphlet Soldier’s Handbook (Basic Initial Entry Training)”

He then continued under devastating fire to carry the wounded to the helicopter. Beyond your allegiance to the Constitution, you have an obligation to be faithful to the Army, the institution and its people, and to your unit or organization.

In the command “Forward, march, ” the preparatory command is “Forward” and the command of execution is “March. Lawton Collins Former Army Chief of Staff When we say that someone has integrity, we mean that person respects the rules of an organization, the country, and life. Like uniforms, however, new weaponry forced a change in tactics.


The Purple Heart is awarded to persons serving in any capacity as a member of the U. You began your Army career by swearing allegiance to the Constitution which designates the president as commander in chief. However, when Nazi Germany invaded France inthe U. United States and international distinguished shooter competitions, US Army rifle and pistol championships, national trophies for rifle and pistol championships, interservice rifle and pistol matches, combat exercises, and division contests.

Scrape dirt or mud from boots and wash with just a little water and soap. During your time in the Army, you salute to show respect toward an officer, flag, or our country.

Holds sling with right psm, keeping the 60-04 horizontal and the weapon vertical. In so protecting his fellow soldiers, he willingly sacrificed his life. The Army, now under the direction of the newly created cabinet, remained at a strength of 60, or less from the end of the Revolution through the beginning of the Civil War. Treats with contempt or is disrespectful in language or deportment toward a warrant officer, noncommissioned officer, or petty officer while that officer is in the execution of his office; shall be punished as a court- martial may direct.

Rest your weight equally on the heels and balls of both feet, keeping your legs straight without locking your knees.

There are two major sa of illegal associations: Napoleon is probably the most notable historical figure who mastered the use of Phalanx-like formations. Cradle the weapon with the right arm, loosen the keeper, and adjust the sling with both hands.