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drives MV drives cover the medium and high power range up to 33MW with motor voltages from 3. Using proven technology from Converteam’s extensive. MV MEDIUM VOLTAGE DRIVE RANGEUSER MANUAL SECTION 5: This document is the exclusive property of CONVERTEAM and cannot be. Converteam – an engineering company with more than. years CONVERTEAM AT A GLANCE Converteam MV Systems.

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Since then we have designed and manufactured high performance More information. Please contact GE sales for constant torque applications. Independent acceleration and deceleration ramps The MV can be be programmed into the drive controls as needed for controlled starting and This standard building block with integrated technology allows modular arrangements of the MV range such as: Marine Propulsion Power Plant Unit The MV drives are designed to meet your expectations in terms of: All major international standards Cooling: Converteam’s capacity to act as a system designer allows innovation and engineered solutions to be applied to overcome such challenges.

Higher power density with MV Medium Voltage Drives Lower number of transformers Simplified transformers Optimized noise protection concept Optimized cooling system. Clean and compact drive for energy savings ltivar Medium-voltage variable speed drive 0.


Gas station solutions CONVERTEAM World Leader in Power Conversion

Static Frequency Converters Get Price. Global use due to a wide-range input. Sourcing of electronic and mechanical components worldwide Close relationships with component manufacturers and distributors Ship-to-stock in place with most suppliers Evaluation of suppliers’ performance on a quarterly basis Consolidated purchasing capability. This leading position results mainly. MV Entering a new dimension for reliability and performance in medium-voltage AC drives.

GE 9E Gas Turbine, GE 9A5 Generator Success Story | GE Energy

They are particularly well adapted for Offshore Wind Turbines. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Easy to configure – The More information. Critical speed avoidance The MV can be programmed for up to three critical frequency bands and ride-through these without any resonance issues.

Converteam offers a ful range of horizontal and vertical synchronous motors, ranging from direct-drive high-torque density motors at speed as low as 20 rpm to turbo-type motors for compressor applications.

Converteam signed a contract for the development engineering, manufacturing and testing of the pilot electrical package for the Ormen Lange subsea compression station at great depth. Powerful PC based data logging system supplied in s, developed to log complex and fast speed control systems. Raw water inlet temp.


The efficiency amounts to approx. Kirk key interlock system and grounding switch are provided as standard. Temperature control and cooling systems. Personnel safety MV converters are test proven against jv7000 ignition effect for high short-circuit current level. Our scope covers consulting, design, manufacturing, system integration, installation, commissioning and a broad range of services.

Converteam repair workshops can repair all associated T RTU equipment. It gives an effective answer to the increasing demand for outstanding performance, excellent reliability and improved compactness. A B B Mittelspannungsantriebe s i nd die perfekte [ Closing of main circuit breaker is completed without incoming bus disturbance.

Open the catalog to page 3. Learners will also gain. Excitation Systems Get Price. Converteam is the leader and the pioneer in High-Speed Direct-Drive solutions. Plant interface is provided through T RTUs. Patterson Massy Cedex – France Tel: