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Constantin Schifirneţ . Sociologie Românească 2(3): – . Schifirneţ, C ( a) The mass media and tendentious modernity in the. La Corresponding author: Constantin Schifirnet¸, Faculty of Communication Sciences and Public Relations, Vlăsceanu L () Sociologie si modernitate. Constantin Schifirnet . The European countries are regarded as transition Schifirneţ / The Europeanization of the .. Sociologie românească, Vol. VII, 4, pp .

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It is important to show the difference between the favourable public opinion for the EU accession and the real attitude towards the Constantim integration. In conclusion, then, during the modern period Romania did not benefit from exploita- tion of the historic chance offered by the reiteration of global economic growth.

American Sociological Review As a result, the accession to the EU has as main effects the Romanian society conformity to the institutional structures of the EU on the basis of a dominant logic of conformity. Moreover, some of the reformers acted bureaucratically when they gained the power, some of them going so far as to neglect or even to reject the criticism of their actions.

The agreement on the industrial products stands is a conclusive proof. Romanian political elites have constantly been challenged to develop models. The tendential modernity is also a result of the fact that the Romanian society more or less adopts towards the EU the same visions and attitude as before the accession, dominated by the mentality of the national etatism. Europeanization schifirnef be achieved probably with this critical mass. London and New York: For a long time, Romanians had been living in the separate states of Moldavia, Walachia and Transylvania.

Constantin Schifirneț

Therefore it has been admitted that as regards the development level and implicitly of modernization, in Romania was at a level of 1: If this new modernization will be achieved only by the strict application of the rules of the European Community, it risks leading to shapes without content, as those generated by the indigenous modernization.

The difference with Western Europe lies in the fact that, in Western Europe, the state acted with the direct support of the new class, the bourgeoisie, which possessed the tools of the capitalist economy. An image of the contrasts in Romanian society can be encountered on the Romanian roads.


Another example of modernization in this sense is the increase in educational levels during the communist period.

Constantin Schifirneţ

General Dictionary of Romanian Literature, vol. The changes produced after created the framework for Romania to continue relations with the European Economic Community, but in a different political and geopolitical context.

Even this inheritance was strangely thrown overboard out of ideological rationalities, especially by interest groups inside ofthe country. Even though the elites have a high level of competencies, their social and intellectual performances do not have a significant effect on the deeper levels of Romanian society.

In fact, this position of Romania is not singular. The school system has proved to be a promoter and sustainer of modernity values. Some social Downloaded from ssi. The question arises whether Europeanization in Romania in this historical context seems to be rather an experiment than a process of changing ways of thinking, individual conduct of a great mass of the Romanians? Economic-sociological study of our agrarian problem]. Johnston M Syndromes of Corruption: In Western countries, feudal relations were dismantled in all sectors of society, and industrialism, an economic factor of their intrinsic modern evolution, was installed.

Another characteristic schifirent the tendential modernity is given by the low visibility of the reformers in the public space and in the act of the political or governmental decision. A summary of the cconstantin of this research was published in the volume ‘Student and Society’ coordinators F. The tendential modernity is best illustrated by the attitude of the leading groups towards the way the benefits resulted from the status of member should be highlighted. The second modernization is in fact the Europeanization of the Romanian society in the long term economic, social and institutional process which will socio,ogie Romania an organic integrated state in the European space.

Economic underdevelopment has deep historical roots, the most important of which is economic isolation because of dependency on the geopolitical context soxiologie the Romanian space, as situated in Eastern Europe: Pridham G Between rhetoric and action: The Romanian State had in a professional body qualified in European Community issues, diplomats and specialists in varied sectors connected to the European organization.


Under the principle of sociologue and the right of peoples to self-determination, Transylvania, Bukovina and Bessarabia were integrated into the Romanian Kingdom in From the foundation of the modern Romanian state to the present day, all ideologies highlighted modernity as a dimension of development. Modernity is the framework and the element which supports the Schitirnet nation, but not by means of economical way, as a basis of a national state.

Undoubtedly, the agents of modernization and of modernity have scchifirnet looked for a modern institutional construction identical with the institutional wchifirnet of the West. Conetantin return to private property in agriculture did not produce progress in this area, which was largely left behind — there were scuifirnet peasants and a few farmers existing in a predominantly subsistence economy.

The communist inheritance contributed to the particularity of Europeanization process. European Journal of Social Theory 8 4: Romanian culture is oriented mainly towards the past and only to a small degree is it focused on creating scenarios of future evolution.

East European Politics and Societies, Vol. The modernity of a new electoral system thus remains an inclination towards a desideratum that has not yet been achieved. Unlike societies with a well-structured modernity due to a solid, efficient and schifrnet economic base, it seems that the society characterized by ten- dential modernity will never settle.

Constantin Schifirneţ

Being a space of multiple sociolovie, EU is heterogeneous according to the criterion of democratic tradition. This is the ethic of demonstrative complicity Stanciulescu, But a lot of traditional elements had outlived the new capitalist political-juridical organism from Romanian society. His conception was a reaction to the idea — well known in Romanian culture — that Romanian modern development relied on the importa- tion of forms. Romania modernizes and europeanizes at a different pace, according to the social environment.