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We know that communism is the right hypothesis. All those who abandon this hypothesis immediately resign themselves to the market economy. The Communist Hypothesis has ratings and 42 reviews. Jonfaith said: The communist hypothesis is that a different collective organization is practicab. The Communist Hypothesis: ten lessons from Alain Badiou by Chris Norris We know that communism is the right hypothesis. All those who.

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Why is there this long series of proper names? The Moroccan worker will forcefully affirm that his traditions and customs are not those of the petty-bourgeois European; he will even reinforce the characteristics of his religious or customary identity.

The Communist Hypothesis

That world ended with the event of the fall of the Soviet states. For more information, see our privacy statement. Badou’s conception of May ’68 not as the beginning but as the end is interesting, if somewhat underdeveloped.

He analyses three specific categories of failure using Maythe Cultural Revolution in Badiuo, and the Paris Commune as examples. The sequence culminated in the striking novelty—and radical defeat—of the Paris Commune. In many respects we are closer today to the questions of commnuist 19th century than to the revolutionary history of the 20th.

Badiou’s example is the Paris Commune. Badiou breaks the Idea down to three essential elements. But does a single world of human subjects exist?

If this exercise is run with communism as the thesis, capitalism as its antithesis, democratic socialism is the result. Any point, so long as it is in formal opposition to such service, and offers the discipline of a universal truth.

Badiou is going to dominate the entire evening’s conversation, and he won’t say anything that has a damn bit of impact on anyone or anything in the world outside his own head. If the electoral mechanism is not a political but a state procedure, what does it achieve? Nonetheless, the effort is worthwhile.


This can be seen in the gulf between the massive formal imperative to vote and the free-floating, if not non-existent nature of political or ideological convictions. It isn’t worth it. But it is the only possible way forward.


The fact is that, according to the terms of Badiou’s own philosophy, that world no longer exists. History is the narrative of the totality of human experience.

We must focus on its conditions of existence, rather than just improving its methods. For Badiou Communism can and must continue to be the idea to strive for and uses his own philosophical ideas to determine the fidelity of each event to the some true idea of communism And it does and does not work in it’s own ways. View all 3 comments. This is exactly the kind of material that filters thinky, introspective kids with exciting ideas out of every philosophy department in the nation, and leaves only those career academicians who desire nothing more than to get their Masters of Incomprehensible Gobbledy-Gook and P ompous h abitual Diatribing so that they may someday become a department Head of Alienating People Through Verbosity and be alone with their books, their tenure, and their inflated egos.


Alain Badiou: The Communist Hypothesis. New Left Review 49, January-February

At any hypothessis, read the text and decide for yourself. A little disorganized as a whole, but communisf really interesting and insightful look at a variety of historical and philosophical topics through Badiou’s Maoist lens. At this point, during an interval dominated by the enemy, when new experiments are tightly circumscribed, it is not possible to uypothesis with certainty what the character of the third sequence will be.

This is the kind of book which, along with Philosophy for Militants, belongs in your go-bag. Without an understanding of the ideas as he perceives them indeed any ideas presented for consideration it is fruitless to argue for or against them. By continuing to browse this site you are agreeing to our use of badioy.

The communist hypothesis is that a different collective organization is practicable, one that will eliminate the inequality of wealth and even the division of labour. Faithful to this point, it is then a question of elucidating the consequences that follow from this simple declaration.


Strange how Badiou begins the book with pages of citation from his own play. Along the hypothesus he subtly equates Plato and one of Badiou’s own mentors, Jacques Lacan. It is that which, across all the characteristic properties of identity, remains more or less invariant.

The Adventure of French Philosophy French philosophy from the s to the s viewed as a third exceptional moment in the history of the discipline, after classical Greece and enlightenment Germany.

I have trouble understanding Badiou’s theory of the Event, or how he justifies his very specific truth procedures, so I’ll have to return to this after reading his Being and Event and trying to get a better grasp, but even without always having good footing this Loved it for what I could get from it.

It is often said that unexpected blows are the worst, but expected ones sometimes prove debilitating in a different way. We will still retain the theoretical and historical lessons that issued from the first sequence, and the centrality of victory that issued from the second. How should it be understood?

His argument that we are closer to the “first” stage of communism, a stage of intellectual re formation, rather than the “second” stage of parties and states ie. Instead, the party-state bsdiou into a new form of authoritarianism. The last lecture delivers what most would come here to see: It is also an optimistic book: His assertion that the Cultural Revolution is our Paris Commune disastrous defeat upon which we center our politics is rather far fetched, and although these “events” anyone exhausted of such tiresome analytical distinction?