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I’ve just finished reading anthropologist Boellstorff’s account of two years of fieldwork within Second Life ‘Coming of Age in Second Life. Coming of Age in Second Life: An Anthropologist Explores the Virtually Human [ Tom Boellstorff] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Millions. Coming of Age in Second Life has ratings and 25 reviews. Zhoel13 said: In his book Coming of Age in Second Life, Tom Boellstorff makes a statement th.

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Coming of Age in Second Life: An Anthropologist Explores the Virtually Human by Tom Boellstorff

It makes gestures at topics like gender, class, etc, but gives it a cursory treatment in a self-aware way with sentences like “I could devote a whole book on gender”. But the best way to explore Second Life is just to sign up and poke around, and I don’t regret doing so. I hope that future research efforts take a closer look at common social behaviors and how they manifest in online community.

This chance is the one to be or born to the right place, at the right time, and to have or receive sufficient physical or mental capacities. SL brought about new forms of online intimacy, not just reflection of actual world. This page was last edited on 21 Juneat Personally, I have no problem with such an approach — in my experience people learning to trust self-accounts in virtual worlds is no more or less tricky than learning to trust them in rela life.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Ella on What does anthropology have to…. To ask other readers questions about Coming of Age in Second Lifeplease sign up. University of Minne- sota Press. Feb 20, Laurel rated it it was amazing.

Coming of Age in Second Life: An Anthropologist Explores the Virtually Human

Participant observa- Through engaging with the ideas tion, a key variable of traditional off- presented, the reader can cultivate line ethnography, is mirrored in the an appreciation of how to apply the on-line world as contributing to the methods and theoretical practices processes of data collection. He asks, what can and interviews are cited as two main ethnography tell us about virtual methods of data collection.

Although the Second Life resident struggling with their gender orientation and the disabled person undergo very different struggles and have different goals, they both were able to gain the confidence to act on their desire in the actual world by experimenting with their identity in Second Life. Within the first sub-section, Boellstorff underlines the importance of the visual aspects of Second Life and how a sense of place, increased through landscape and home-ownership, is fundamental to residents.


No true ethnography here though A book cannot capture the beauty and joy of a virtual world, nor its anger and heartbreak What can I say, except that I pity TB that he has lived a life devoid of the pleasures that reading can ag Books by Tom Boellstorff. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. In section two, the author fo the culture of second life under the chapter headings of a place and time b personhood c intimacy and d community. Workshop in Media An… on Now online: I was really impressed by his discussion of the history of virtual worlds, which started long before computers.

I haven’t gone there, so I can’t say. He notes many times in his prose that an entire book could be written on this or that aspect of life online. Anthropology writing Ong but through en- and Queer Studies Princeton Uni- gaging creatively with a medium versity Press.

I know from my own experiences with early online community Lambda Moo that Boellstorff does not deeply delve into the social life of participants. I did not find any concluding analysis that at least hints on the issue of the gap between the virtual and the actual that he deems significant.

He uses traditional ethnographic tools as he explores this “thriving alternative universe” which is as meaningful to its natives as the “real world”.

Moreover, I feel that some of his analyses on the culture in Second Life a little bit pendent. European in contemporary circumstances. All this money is created by banks and states with use tools of speculation such as coefficients of cash and leverage loans. Boellstorff found that many residents of Second Life say that their Second Life persona is more outgoing and assertive than they are in their actual life.

Inquiry into both the historical continuities and changes of this virtual world. In informatics this stay reversible when a backup is done not like in the natural spaces. Just as Mead discovered Samoa for generations of Americans, so TB hopes to discover and validate SL, and just as Malinowksi demonstrated the importance of participant observation, so too does TB want to re validate its relevance in studying boellstorrf worlds.


But at the same time I am. Jun 28, Mills College Library added it. One of the things that is so appealing about CASL is the way that it gets so many things right about virtual worlds. Perhaps the strongest messages within this final chapter are, firstly, that SL, despite drawing on aspects of the actual world, is not a simulation, as the world does not seek to become a replicate of the comming world, and secondly, that SL is not a social network.

Place and Time, pp. This mode of agf also shows that we must pay more heed to the mundane in virtual worlds and less to the sensational. Notify me of new comments via email.

After all, if narratives tradict Open Preview See a Problem? It boellsorff written in a rather accessible way while still offering a fair amount of theorizing on the subject of virtual worlds and anthropology’s role in studying them. The effects of lag and afk boellstorff social interaction are discussed. He describes some interesting new themes llife are specific to virtual worlds.

Given that the man’s partner, Bill Maurer has presided over the death of language, this sort of almost positivist unreconstructed Boasianism is not a little surprising–maybe they have a Jack Spratt and spouse thing going on when it comes to high-flown This is a bizarre book, not for its subject matter but for the degree to which Boellsforff seems intent on reproducing Margaret Mead’s approach to Samoa–treating Second Life as a bounded cultural isolate, worthy of understanding in its own terms.

The author did all of his fieldwork inside of Second Life, a virtual reality MMO where players can create virtual versions of themselves. Yet, it is often by chance than a person became owner of property.

Bringing anthropology into territory never before studied, this book demonstrates that in some ways humans have always been virtual, and that virtual worlds in all their rich complexity build upon a human capacity for culture comibg is as old as humanity itself. This seems wrong to me. Sep 18, Giuseppe rated it it was amazing.