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As the end of the year is fast approaching, the IFF wishes to remind all floorball players that the List of Prohibited Substances and. gada Vašingtonas konvencija par starptautisko tirdzniecību ar .. medību trofejas) un gadā, un gadā CITES Sekretariāta un . Hylina predavanja: “HLADNOKRVNA EKSPLOATACIJA – prekogranični promet i trgovina gmazovima i CITES konvencija”. Public. · Hosted by Udruga Hyla.

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This Convention shall be open for accession by regional economic integration organizations constituted by sovereign States which have competence in respect of the negotiation, conclusion and implementation of international agreements in matters transferred to them by their Member States and covered by this Convention.

Includes generic monvencija Cuniculus. For these purposes “Parties present and voting” means Parties present and casting and affirmative or negative vote.

Skip to main content. Teiidae Chemidophorus hyperythrus Crocodilurus lacertinus Dracaena spp.

The provisions of Articles III, IV and V shall not apply to the non-commercial loan, donation or exchange between scientists or scientific institutions registered by a Management Authority of their State, of herbarium specimens, other preserved, dried or embedded museum specimens, and live plant material which carry a label issued or approved by cifes Management Authority.

Also referenced as Nesoenas mayeri.

2019 List of Prohibited substances and methods

Retrieved 13 March Formerly included in species Saguinus oedipus. The list shall take effect as part of Appendix III 90 days after the date of such communication. Includes generic synonym Viverra.

The provisions of Articles III, IV and V shall not apply to the transit or transhipment of specimens through or in the territory of konvenciua Party while the specimens remain in Customs control. If a “positive list” approach were taken, only species evaluated and approved for the positive list would be permitted in trade, thus lightening ciyes review burden for member states and the Secretariat, and also preventing inadvertent legal trade threats to poorly known species.


A certificate shall only be granted when the following conditions have been met: The symbol – followed by a number placed against the name of a species or higher taxon denotes that designated geographically separate populations, species, groups of konvencij or families of that species or taxon are excluded form the appendix concerned, as follows: Also referenced as Sarracenia rubra alabamensis.

Article VI Permits and Certificates 1.

CITES – Wikipedia

Conference of the Parties. A rescue centre as referred to in paragraph 4 of this Article means an institution designated by a Management Authority to look after the welfare of living specimens, particularly those that have been confiscated. Essential information for applying, implementing and enforcing the Convention.

These activities, and all those outside Secretariat activities training, species specific programmes such as Monitoring the Illegal Killing of Elephants – MIKE must find external funding, mostly from donor countries and regional organizations such as the European Union.

Includes synonym Bos grunniens. CITES is an international agreement between governments, aimed to ensure that international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not threaten their survival.

Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora

There has been increasing willingness within the Parties to allow for trade in products from well-managed populations. As far as possible, the Parties shall ensure that specimens shall pass through any formalities required for trade with a minimum of delay. Also referenced as Ninox novaeseelandiae royana. In witness whereof the undersigned Plenipotentiaries, being duly authorized to that effect, have signed the present Convention.


Includes synonym Bos frontalis.

List of Prohibited substances and methods – IFF Main Site

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikisource. Enforcement Introduction Enforcement focal points Wildlife crime linked to the Internet Wildlife forensics. Reservations Article XXIII can be made by any Party with respect to any species, which considerably weakens the treaty see [1] for current reservations.

It does not explicitly address market demand. An extraordinary meeting of the Conference of the Parties shall be convened by the Secretariat on the written request of at east one-third of the Parties to consider and adopt amendments to the present Convention. Also referenced in genus Neolloydia or in genus Echinomastus. The present Convention shall be subject to ratification, acceptance or approval. The Parties shall ensure further that all living specimens, during any period of transit, holding or shipment, are properly cared for so as to minimize the risk of injury, damage to health or cruel treatment.

Includes generic synonym Novibos. Formerly included in genus Lutra. For the purpose of the present Convention, unless the context otherwise requires:.