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Learn about the active and inactive ports, connection diagrams, and other specifications of the Cisco Explorer HDC high definition receiver. Cisco HDC Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Cisco HDC Installation Reference Manual. I can’t seem to get my harmony elite to control my DVR–time warner Cisco Ive placed HUB all over including right next to it and it does.

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Taking a Look Inside the Cisco 8742HDC Cable Box

Does anyone know what the h codes means. If I channel-up and back down, it will come in.

Any thoughts on how to resolve? This team said that Navigator was a complete mess. TWC sent it to replace my old Scientific Atlanta box that was visco a myriad of problems.

Cisco HDC Manuals

We have the box in our bedroom and it is too bright. A very difficult color to read. Found this and am amazed at wealth of information herein. I previously posted Cicso appreciate any help in this matter.


At one time, a savvy Time Warner rep told us how to do it by pressing a few buttons on the front. There are 3 screws on the back of 87422hdc box and 1 on each side that must be removed to remove the cover.

Cisco 8742HDC Manuals

Have had signal problems for years, picture digitalizes in same locations, worse on some channels. Of the 44 pages of the diagnostics, which page should I look on to determine the fault. The cidco sensor for the remote is located just to the right of the USB port on the front of the box. I tried your method: One of the cool features cicso the is the touch panel on the front of the unit.

It is very loud any very annoying.

TWC could develop games, or use it to accelerate the guide. This is the only Cisco box. This seems like a step backward in technology. Will check back with comments in a week or so. The plastic is actually semitransparent allowing the signal to pass through the front bezel to the receiver. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Be advised though that this will cause you to loose any saved shows, but it should get the box back up and running.


Just got this new Cisco from TWC. The volume control from the box is fixed no variable option like SA had.

Some of them take a second or two to appear once you flip to them. Would like to upgrade to a WD 1 TB but have had no luck. So annoying, this machine is worthless!!!

I reran my cable lines since I had a bad one going to the box. Thanks for all your research on this 8742jdc. Removing the cover provides access to the hard drive and mainboard of the box. Should all the outputs on the back of the unit work concurrently. TW tech support had no solutions.