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Along the highways of Burma there is placed, at regular distances away from the dust of the road, and under the cool shade of a group of trees. Byways to Blessedness. James ALLEN ( – ). James Allen instructs us on how to improve our life and spiritual well-being through the. Byways of Blessedness. This book was first published in James Allen described this as “A book for all. It aims to reveal the sublime principles which lie .

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Out from the Heart.

Not only great happiness but great power arises from doing little things unselfishly, wisely, and perfectly, for life in its totality is made up of little things. There is no way from childhood to manhood but by growth; nor blessednses there any other way from folly to wisdom, from ignorance to knowledge, from weakness to strength.

He has become wise and powerful by sacrificing ambition and pride in the doing of those necessary things which evoke no applause and promise no reward. So hail thy lot with lot with joy. The unforgiving and resentful spirit is a source of great suffering and sorrow, and he who harbours and encourages it, who does not overcome and abandon it, forfeits much byyways, and does not obtain any measure of true enlightenment.

When night settles down upon the world who is so foolish as to rail at the darkness?

The best crops gladden the soul of him who makes the best beginning. But not only mechanical and commercial enterprise – all undertakings, of whatsoever nature, come under this law. Emanuel Hritcu rated it really liked it Mar 04, Trivia About Byways of Blessed Animal indulgence is alien to the perception of Truth.

Sacrifice your cherished and coveted indulgence; fix your mind on something higher, nobler, and more enduring than ephemeral pleasure; live superior to the craving for sense-excitement, and you will live neither vainly nor uncertainly. It is now considered a classic self-help book. The calm beauty and perpetual sweetness of patience are unknown to him, and peace cannot draw near to soothe and comfort him. So convinced is he that he is right and others wrong that he bywxys persuades himself blesseeness to inflict cruelty on others is both good and necessary in order to coerce them into his way of thinking and acting, and so bring them to the right – his right – against their own reason and will.

Very far-reaching in its effect upon others, and rich with the revelations of Truth for him who makes it, is the sacrifice of self-assertion – the giving up of all interference with the lives, views, or religion of other people, substituting for it an understanding love and sympathy. This is so simple, so plain, so absolutely true!

Should any condemn, abuse, or slander him he throws aroundthem the kindly protection of his sympathy, seeing the ignorance which prompts them so blessednrss act, and knowing that they alone will suffer for their wrong acts.


Each time you give way to the animal within you, and feed and gratify him, he waxes stronger and more rebellious, and takes firmer possession of your mind, which should be in the keeping of Truth.

Byways of Blessedness by James Allen

Worry and anxiety only ot to heighten the gloom and exaggerate the magnitude of the difficulty. He also sees that though this growth can be encouraged, helped, and stimulated by the influence of a riper example, by seasonable words and well-timed instruction, it cannot be unnaturally forced; the flowers of love and wisdom must have time to grow, ot the barren branches of hatred and folly cannot be all cut bywahs at once.

Material bywayx are temporary, and in this sense we cannot truly call them our own – they are merely in our keeping for a blesseeness time – but spiritual possessions are eternal and must ever remain with us. The laws which must be observed in byaays building of a house also operate in the building up of a business. Nay, more, are you prepared to give in return for these dark follies kindness and loving protection? But it can only be developed by eradicating all hardness and unkindness, all accusation and resentment.

The gardener who most carefully studies how, when, and where to put in his seeds obtains the best results and gains the greater horticultural knowledge. The insignificance which he attaches to his small vices permeates his whole character and is the measure of his manhood: It is out of this delusion that all persecutions springs.

Why, then, do I grow angry? James Allen was a British philosophical writer known for his inspirational books and poetry and as a pioneer of self-help movement. Principles in the New Thought Tao provide powerful processes which serve as keys to deeper happiness and inner peace from the inside out. His work does not prosper, for who will lean upon a reed? Having arrived at right understanding of evil by purging it away from his own heart he sees that it is a thing that does not call for hatred and fear and resenment but for consideration, compassion, and love.

He became tractable and obedient to the uttermost. If the God in man is to rise strong and triumphant, the beast in man must perish. There is no way to strength and wisdom but by acting strongly and wisely in the present moment, and each blsesedness moment reveals its own task.

He who each day accomplishes ti victory over himself, who subdues and puts behind him some unkind thought, some impure desire, some tendency to sin, is everyday growing stronger, purer, and wiser, and every bywwys finds him nearer to bpessedness final glory of Truth which each self-sacrificing act reveals in part. New Thought Conferences Share. He had been taught to regard lying as wrong, and his conscience bore out that teaching, but he believed that it brought to him profit, proesperity and happiness, blessednesa that honesty would bring him loss, poverty, and misery – in a word, he regarded lying, deep in his heart, as the right thing to do, and honesty as the wrong practice.


Perhaps it is anger or unkindness. He who regards his molest delinquencies as of the gravest nature becomes a saint. Its underlying premise is that noble thoughts make a noble person, while lowly thoughts make a miserable person. He does not know that pleasure and pain are one, but thinks he can have the one without the other. It is a fatal delusion with men ybways think that blessednees is detached from the momentary hyways and act, and not to understand that the passing thought and deed is the foundation and substance of life.

In Tune with the Infinite. Then there is the sacrifice of greed and all greedy thoughts. True will-power consists in overcoming the irritabilities, follies, rash impulses and moral lapses which accompany the daily life of the individual, and which are apt to manifest themselves on every slight provocation; and in developing calmness, self-possession, and dispassionate action in the press and heat of worldly duties, and in the midst of the passionate and unbalanced throng.

See if you have enough points for this item. She performs all her domestic duties, down to the washing, finds time to attend on sick neighbours, and manages to keep entirely out of the two common quagmires – debt and despondency.

This attitude of mind is a source of deep peace and great spiritual strength.

Byways of Blessedness

How unbearably labourious her work would become! When a man comes to under38 stand that every sin, whether of thought or deed, receives its just quota of suffering he ceases to condemn and begins to sympathise, seeing the sufferings which sin entails; and he comes to such understanding by purifying himself.

One good effort is followed by another; and when a man begins the day by rising early, even though with no other purpose in view, he will find that the silent early hour is conducive to clearness of mind and calmness of thought, and that his early morning walk is enabling him to become a consecutive thinker, bywyas so to see life and b,essedness problems, as well as himself and his affairs, in a clearer light; and so in time he will rise early with the express purpose of preparing and harmonising his mind to meet any and every difficulty with wisdom and calm strength.

From Passion to Peace.

The sinner is the child; the saint is the grown man.