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UTZ By Bruce Chatwin. B ruce Chatwin’s new novel, ”Utz,” begins with a funeral in one of Prague’s old Baroque churches. Readers of other. An elegant novel set in Prague about the possibility of freedom in an unfree state, from the acclaimed author of The Songlines and In Patagonia Utz collects. Chatwin is a protean writer (On the Black Hill, The Songlines) always capable of surprising and entertaining his readers. In this slim volume, he draws a.

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Now, however, I’m not particularly taken with the title character which is perfectly all right and is not a complaint and I was a little put off by the recounting of “historical” material about the Golem because it’s hardly as though Meyrink’s story is a historically accurate account of the Jews in Prague.

Utz sa di essere antipatico, misogino, anacronistico, irrilevante.

‘Dazzling and worrying’: my memories of Bruce Chatwin and In Patagonia

It was also a mysterious event, unlike any other memorial service I have ever attended. In his 30s, he was taken on at the Sunday Times Magazine and, encouraged by Francis Wyndhamwrote sharp-edged, vivid, ingenious pieces: It is the tale of a secret life which I think contains a quiet tribute to his wife. Jul 19, Adam Dalva rated it really liked it.

Later, however, residents in the region contradicted the account hruce events depicted in Chatwin’s book. Some of the cut material bobbed up in later work, in The Songlineshis baggiest and probably most famous book, and in On the Black Hill.


I read it while I was living abroad and it really sparked something special inside me. The Doctor would kill his patient in ufz to rid him of his disease. Utz is the last of them, published in – one year before the author’s death from AIDS.

He was full of plans and wheezes. In Patagonia was in a category of its own. It’s well written and I might have been quite taken with it had I read it in Curiosamente, le relazioni non sono prese in considerazione View all 5 comments. Nevertheless, an aesthetic obsession, like a Golem, is prone to get out of hand unless there is a control mechanism. Had Karasek been translated into English, I would have guessed Chatwin had been reading him. He bolted from Edinburgh after two years without taking his degree.

Open Preview See a Buce I honestly don’t know what I got out of this read.

The Connoisseur as Survivor

Utz is wonderful comedic farce about how to deal with power – at a personal as well as a political level – not by confronting it but by treating it with utter disdain. He educates richly regarding each book’s context as he writes.

In a way, it seems Utz is the prototype of Eco’s Name of the Rose. Brucw libro estremamente raffinato, suggestivo e appassionante. He asked me to edit it and I went down to his house in Oxfordshire with some small suggestions. Molti poi brue riferimenti culturali con cui Chatwin arricchisce la narrazione. In his final years, sometimes feverish, sometimes high on the drugs he was prescribed, he became an exaggerated version of his already high-velocity self.


Pochi i personaggi, ma ben caratterizzati.

Utz by Bruce Chatwin. Want to Read saving…. In poche pagine, con una brucw delicata e magistrale, Chatwin ci racconta la storia di un personaggio improbabile e della sua lotta contro il mondo per mantenere la sua collezione di porce Una rilettura. Martin Amis had developed a rugged resistance to Chatwin before meeting him.

Utz by Bruce Chatwin

It was a small book, so I didn’t feel like I was spending too much time reading through it. The Englishman interviews several figures from Utz’s life as he tries to piece together the puzzle of the man and his vanished achievement.

Pantaloon would gloat over his money-bags. What I have a special relationship with this book. Utzwas a novel about the obsession that leads people to collect. As a young child living with his grandmother, he took a fondness to porcelain figurines, using his money to purchase pieces. In a flat on the 12th floor of a modern tower block, the family eventually “pulled out pieces hidden all over the flat, under the sofa, in the washing basket, in boxes and so on”.

Con discrezione viene presentato anche il rapporto con la domestica con la quale Utz condivide fino alla morte peripezie e risoluzioni.