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Buy Solu JY-MCU HC Slave Bluetooth Serial Port Transeiver Baseboard Mini module// Arduino Wireless Bluetooth Transceiver Module Slave 4Pin Serial. Only US$,buy JY-MCU Bluetooth Wireless Serial Port Module for Arduino from DealExtreme with free shipping now. JY-MCU Bluetooth Serial Port Module (Master). Model HCARDU Condition New. The Hobby Components wireless Bluetooth module is intended to be.

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I tried the Bljetooth to control my bluetooth as you described. Finally, you need to consider what happens if part of the circuitry is powered down. I also referred your nRF24L01 prj also. Not hy-mcu, and not recommended for a product you are going to sell, but probably safe and reliable for the lab. Hi Erich, I read about your work on it and I am pleased that you have posted so much details about it. So far I can send characters to and to and from my android phone with no issue as i stated before but I am struggling with sending text files.

Connecting Arduino Uno and the JY-MCU Bluetooth module using SoftwareSerial |

In my example, Rx is on PTC How I link both of them for printing the revived data? Reapplied Shrink Tubing with Scotch Tape. Cancel reply Enter your comment here Hi Tomas, Maybe your module is having a different default baud rate?

Jy-cu you should see a response the module, and from the analyzer you could calculate the baud rate the module is responding. The solution is to pull-up the Tx signal to the microcontroller Rx for the microcontroller either with a hardware pull-up or with a software pullup. The SoftwareSerial library helps address these problems and comes pre-installed with the latest version of the Arduino IDE.


Reading through the docs is, again, encouraged, as we will use very similar code to drive our JY-MCU module. And thanks for the article, Erich! And suspect that is why the diode has appeared on your Bluetooth module.

In any case, you might need to add some delay after pulling up the pin, as it needs some time to get the pull-up effective. Hello Erich, How does this work in a program and what do I need? So excited, with BLE, battery life will be very big longer. Enter Device Pairing Code. I read about your work on it and I am pleased that you have posted so much details about it.

You find my address on https: Jy-mccu example this is not possible with an iPhone. So far I have the following: Removed Tx Diode from V1. Bypassing the diode is only an option if you know what the problem is.

Thanks for sharing this, same module here, no response from it, now it works! I checked all the wires, and they were looking ok. No response back from the module, or unknown response:. Thanks for your answers, Then it is safer to use a serial jjy-mcu between HC and serial db9 modem port, as it works flawlessly now. I was also puzzled why they would add a diode on the TxD pin. Hi Erich, I have tried another approach.

Getting Bluetooth Working with JY-MCU BT_BOARD V1.06

Last time we looked at measuring temperature using a digital temperature sensor. Hi Stoyan, is the red LED flashing or always on?

Keep in mind that you only can send AT commands do the module if it is in command mode. Failure to get response from Module. It is already bundled with Arduino, so no further downloads are necessary. Hi chief thank u so much.


In this product manual https: Here is the datasheet for the main module: Otherwise I suggest you jy-mcy with a logic analyzer what is going on? I would connect the zs with a microcontroller and talk to it to see what the signals are. I observed that as long as I power my board with a battery, it runs perfectly.

Bluftooth such file or directory how do I include the library in my project?

The Key pin is only supported and connected on special firmware, not on most of the modules available for cheap. Hi Jan, thanks for sharing. I tried to wire bluteooth to 3.

I just run into a similar problem last week with an I2C device on the bus which was switched off, but drawing too much current.

Maybe it has a different firmware see this post about different firmware? Maybe u could help me somehow Thanks Tomas. So what is wrong that nothing arrives on the connector pin to the microcontroller?

An easier way might be for you to simply add a pull-up resistor on your board. So I had no choice than to reverse engineer the connections of the SMD parts on the board: Only two pins to drive the module, other than that the interface is exactly the same as serial communication to PC via USB.