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Satyal’s lovely coming-of-age debut charts an Indian-American boy’s transformation from mere mortal to Krishnaji, the blue-skinned Hindu deity. Rakesh Satyal is an American novelist, best known for his Lambda Literary Award-winning debut novel Blue Boy. Blue Boy won the Prose/Poetry Award. Read Blue Boy by Rakesh Satyal by Rakesh Satyal by Rakesh Satyal for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android.

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Aug 29, Thomas Marzella rated it really liked it. The narrator of this book is Kiran, a 12 year old Indian boy, growing up in Ohio who just doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere.

Mar 24, Katie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. As for the title, Kiran himself is the “blue boy,” wanting to dress up as the blue Hindu god, Vishnu, for the school talent show.

Nov 05, Amira Soltani added it. Kiran is a sixth-grade student who knows he’s different from his fellow classmates, but in his mind, different is better.

Maybe I’m just swept away by all the references to Strawberry Shortcake and The Babysitters’ Clubbut I felt like Satyal really knew something about my childhood and the way I grew up, even though my story and Kiran’s are so drastically different. I love how the author creates a character who is not afraid to express himself regardless of people’s opinions. There is very little showing of action, too much telling, and a lot of 80’s references. The story is set in Suburban Ohio in the s.


Blue Boy « Rakesh Satyal :: No One Can Pronounce My Name

The posturing of a tit can vary so greatly, and yet the allure of it never dissipates. He so identifies with Krishna that Kiran starts molding his life on the deity—eating butter and practicing the flute.

I read a physical copy of this book many years ago, and loved it so much that I kept lending it to people so they could read it. Many gay coming of age stories, in fiction and in real life, share some common elements: The book is also interesting in the way it stands as a document in the evolution of coming out stories through the years.

It can be rxkesh and wild when it wants to be, and yet there are those “Live to Tell” moments when it’s calm and collected. Jan 13, Jim rated it it was amazing.

Feb 27, Eric Klee rated it liked it. If only Kiran had anything in common with the other Gakesh kids besides the color of his skin. There are heartbreaking parts and funny parts and frustrating parts.

In the not-so-gender fluid days of the s, this is difficult enough to make Kiran a bit of an outcast. This is a story about a gay boy who is thrown into the fire of adolescence with few resources to help him through it all but his own wit, style, and gorgeous flamboyance.


The family and community painted around our protagonist are every bit as integral to the story as he is, particularly the quietly complicit mother. This was really enjoyable to read.

Rakesh Satyal

Open Preview See a Problem? Boys his age have always caused him to feel uptight. He is drawn to pink, dressing up, makeup, Strawberry Shortcake, and the finer things in life.

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Blue Boy by Rakesh Satyal

The book chronicles the life of twelve-year-old Kirtan as he struggles with his Indian-American identity, gender expression, and burgeoning sexuality. This book has received many much-deserved acclaim as gay literature, Boh literature, Indian-American literature, but the piece that kept resonating with me was the broader coming-of-age story. Clearly Kiran’s gender and ethnic identities heavily influence how his narrative unfolds, but there’s something in his story that any creative misfit child of the 90s can grab onto.

Jul 11, Stephanie rated it it was ok. Boys his age have always caused him to I’ve signed up to receive an email alert for Kindle Freebies from Advanced Kindle Alert website.