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When the vampire tribes convene for the rare Blood Moon ceremonies, family secrets and forbidden magic put all of the Drakes in danger. Nicholas is caught. Corsets and Crossbows (Drake Chronicles, #), Lost Girls (Drake My Love Lies Bleeding (Drake Chronicles, #1), Blood Feud (Drake Chr Blood Moon. When the vampire tribes convene for the rare Blood Moon ceremonies, Solange Drake is plunged into a battle with her feral nature. The Drake brothers have.

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I don’t enjoy it when urban fantasy descends into vampire politics and endless talk about who hates who and diplomatic relations between tribes and their security teams attacking people. This leaves Lucy Hamilton in an untenable position of omon to save Kieran, her boyfriend, as well as herself, from her best friend. I’ve been a fan of this series since Hearts at Stake, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every book.

Blood Moon was the most insane book in this series by far. I liked seeing how Lucy fitted in at Helios-Ra, watching her trying to learn to protect herself while having a vampire boyfriend and trying to work out what to do about Solange. This Drake Chronicle has done a complete since the last book.

I have been waiting for this novel since I finished Bleeding Hearts. The first thing I dislike is Solange, the vampire princess, she changes from an okay-character into a selfish and stupid girl that I want to throw the book across the room.

Drake Chronicles, book 5 Year: Dec 12, Stormi BMReviewsohmy rated it liked it. Apparently neither could Harvey because a lot of balls seemed to be dropped. He de confesar que convence el libro hace un monton de tiempo, pero entre una cosa y la otra lo deje un buen tiempo hasta que lo retome alyxsndra lo finalice.

I did not cree Solange in this book as I just wanted to slap her throughout it and even though we have some answers at the end of the book about why she is acting this way, we do not understand everything leaving us in suspense for the final book.


I didn’t really understand who Constantine was and what exactly his motive was or why Solange saw the need to protect him Source: Seriously, I wanted to stake her.

There weren’t enough unresolved plot threads already. Shelve Alyxandra Harvey Collection. I really wanted to like this novel, but I just couldn’t get into it. One error, which really bugged the crap out of me for about four chapters after I read it, was when Lucy was checking to see if her cell phone was working.

Blood Moon (Drake Chronicles, #5) by Alyxandra Harvey

Jun 03, Shannon rated it really liked it. Sometimes fueled by literary rage. I seriously can’t wait to see what happens next! Basically, Harvey had two characters act really out of character, then she ended it. Blood Moon picks up right where Bleeding Hearts left off. I really have no idea how Alyxandra Harvey will resolve things in the next book but I can’t wait to find out!

Este libro encontramos tres puntos de vista, el de solangel la protagonista, quien a lo largo de la trama va descubriendo algo de inseguridad en ella mismo y que tiene un lado oscuro, Lucy quien se translada a un campamento de cazadores de vampiros, como si el entrenamiento harvet Helena Draker no fuera sufiente, y quien se ve envuelta en un paradigma He de confesar que convence el libro hace un monton de tiempo, pero entre una cosa y la otra lo deje un buen tiempo hasta que lo retome y lo finalice.

I just care about Lucy and Nicholas, by the way. It didn’t bother me much that Christabel and Isabeau or any of the other characters from previous books didn’t get much blpod time.

In a special treat, our Australia edition of Blood Moon also sports a bonus story featuring Helena and Liam Drake, back before they were the heads of the Drake family. You know, until the screaming. Refresh and try again. Shelve A Killer First Date.


What was WITH those guys in the mountain? The book is all based around Solonge’s mother being crowned Queen at the Blood Moon, lots of vampires have come to town and not harrvey of them are nice like the Drakes. I didn’t find him interesting in any way as a bad guy, and the scenes between the two were boring in a mind-numbing way. I think Nicholas is okay because of something the author hasn’t let us understand yet.

I kinda missed the humor, the Drake banter and the romance.

Blood Moon

I can’t say I liked Solange very much at all. He swallowed, trying to speak. But this book, the dynamic changed; we don’t have two new characters and their POVs and we went back to the characters from the first book–they were part of the story but we hadn’t had their POVs since– and I don’t know it lost it’s touch. Quotes from Blood Moon. She has turned into such a brat, I can’t stand to read anything a,yxandra her POV anymore.

She loves medieval dresses, used to be able to recite all of The Lady of Shalott by Tennyson, and has been accused, more than once, of being born in the wrong century.

I might hate Constantine. Sky has had her eye on Duncan Drake throughout th… More. Feb 26, julieta added it Shelves: Annotated by Lucy Hamilton.

The Drakes have faced so many trials and tribulations and I love how each character has grown since the series started. June 19th Publisher: