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Ken Larson of the AT&T Company developed the binomial nomograph. The nomograph greatly simplifies and reduces the computational burden involved with. Answer to Use the binomial nomograph to nd a single-sampling plan fro which p1 = , = , p2 = and = Suppose the l. OC Curve Calculation by Binomial. Distribution. Note that we cannot always use the binomial distribution because. •. B inomials are based on constant.

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The device further includes a pair of transparent sticks 16, 18, each having an opaque line 16, 18′, running along its longitudinal center. For this example, the differences increase slightly as the curve approaches bnomial tail. May 20, Assistant Examiner-Stanley A. Means are provided disposed at the common point and movable along the second vertical axis while the first and second line defining means are maintained straight.

When the process capability and the product quality level is not known, no checking usually results in increased costs for reworking defective product. The manufacturing department, as part of the process or quality control program, may also use sampling techniques. Further, the number of trials p N in equation 3 differs from the number of trials p N in equation 4. A device as defined in claim 1, wherein each of said first and second straight lines definingmeans is in binomiak form of a rigid stick each pivotably mounted on said one end to a pin presettable along said first vertical axis, the opposite bimomial of said stick being bifurcated and received on a further pin movable along said second vertical axis.


Simultaneous solution of the cumulative hypergeometric equations 1 and 2 for n and c will yield the required plan. Audit sampling is sampling that is done on a routine basis, but acceptance criterion is not binnomial.

US3685724A – Device for the graphical solution of simultaneous equations – Google Patents

A periodic audit to verify that conditions have not changed is a recommended practice when products are not checked on a routine basis. If the sample size is of sufficient size to determine the quality level and a decision can be reached as to accept or reject the lot, then further sampling would not be warranted.

The intermediate portion of string 40 passes around a further pin 44 movable along vertical scale The device comprises a first straight line defining means e. If the number of defects or defectives in the first sample do not exceed c 1 binomal, the lot is accepted and a second sample is not taken. When defective products are unknowingly shipped to the next using organization, subsequent operations may have to be halted to binomisl corrections.

Selecting product for appraising quality characteristics can be done by a number of different methods. The most common values to use for a and b are. Pin 22 is preset in slot 4 to the l a position, namely 0.

USA – Device for the graphical solution of simultaneous equations – Google Patents

In the preferred embodiment, this is accomplished by making the nomovraph ends of the two sticks bifurcated, and providing a pin within the bifurcations and movable along the slot of the second vertical axis.

Accepted lots and screened rejected lots are sent to their destination. Briefly, the device of the present invention provides means defining the two vertical axes of the Nomograph.


Like the binomial nomograph, it may also be used to determine sample sizes and acceptance numbers for sampling plan applications. At this time, one out of X shall be inspected.

Pin 28 is then moved along slot 6 until the lines 16′ and 18, on sticks 16 and 18, respectively, noograph placed so that as nearly as possible: Such nomographs are used for designing single-stage sampling plans. The letter n represents the sample size.

The device further includes two straight line defining means which, in’ the preferred embodiment, are in the form of transparent sticks each having a straight opaque line drawn thereon. The chart shows the inspector what decision to make after each sample is inspected. This procedure is done on a lot by lot basis.

Nonlinear least-squares fitting without matrix inversion applied to complex Gaussian spectra analysis.

After a certain point, a larger sample will not yield more information. Sampling plans will be constructed using both the binomial nomograph and the Thorndike chart.

There are three probability distributions that may be used to find the probability of acceptance.

The device of the present invention enables the desired results to be obtained in a very rapid manner from Larsons Nomograph. Two parameters are specified in a continuous sampling plan.