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CMOS inverter– link1 — link2 – Determination of pull up / pull down ratios – Stick diagram – lamda based rules – Super buffers – BiCMOS & steering logic. , Current steering switch and hybrid BiCMOS multiplexer with CMOS A BiCMOS logic circuit operating as a gate comprising. A current steering switch circuit responsive to a cmos signal. Pdf a new bicmos circuit for driving large capacitive load. Bicmos technology seminar ppt and pdf.

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Other such logic families, such as domino logicuse clocked dynamic techniques to minimize size, power consumption zteering delay.

A condition for an input logic signal to pass at high speed with no swing voltage attenuation through each BiCMOS logic gate is that each logic gate of the embodiment has input and output signals of ad same voltage swing and is designed to operate with a small logic voltage swing. When two ECL gates are cascade-connected, input signal level for the lower pair of NPN transistors should be lower by a forward base-emitter bias Vf than that for the upper pair of NPN transistors.

Logic family

When the gate switches states, current is drawn from the power supply to charge the capacitance at the output of the gate. Static Dynamic Domino logic Four-phase logic.

In the xteering circuit of FIG. The BiCMOS logic circuit recited in one of claim abd and claim 9, wherein each of said respective load capacitance discharging means connected to said emitter of said NPN transistor of one of said pair of emitter followers comprises: The bicmos bicmis university of california, berkeley. Each of first complementary logic signals input to the third and the fourth input terminals 23 and 24 is denoted by A and A, respectively, and each of second complementary signals input to the first and the second input terminals is denoted by B and B, respectively.

High level of the logic signal input to an ECL gate is determined by the forward base-emitter bias Vf of NPN transistors 75, 76 constituting preceding emitter followers, as mV for example. So, a minimum necessary power supply voltage is given by a following equation 11 assuming tseering necessary voltage for the constant current source as 0. With a wider gate width of the nMOS transistors 6, 7, a higher voltage gain is obtained to an input signal swing, but the response of the nMOS transistors 6, 7 becomes slower and, in addition, operating speed falls down because of increase in the incidental capacitances C1′, C2′ and C3′ of lpgic nMOS transistors 6, 7.


In other words, no ECL gate predominant in its speed to sub-micron-processed CMOS gates is materialized by simple and low-cost processes as a bipolar process. In addition, power supply voltage can be still diminished to smaller than 1.

By lowering the power supply from 5V to 3. The technique uses the bipolar devices present in a bicmos technology as both a sensitive current detector, and a low impedance driver.

BiCMOS logic gate – NEC Corporation

Because of the incompatibility of the CD series of chips with the previous TTL family, a new standard emerged which combined the best of the TTL family with the advantages of the CD family. Presentday building block logic gate ics are based on the ecl, ttl, cmos, and bicmos families. Before the widespread use of integrated circuits, various solid-state and vacuum-tube logic systems were used but these were never ad standardized and interoperable as the integrated-circuit devices.

CMOS gates can also tolerate much wider voltage ranges than TTL gates because the logic thresholds are approximately proportional to power loic voltage, and bimos the fixed levels required by bipolar circuits. By enlarging the gate width, the basic gate-source voltage Vgs can be diminished until the threshold voltage Vth. Bicmos is an evolved semiconductor technology that integrates two formerly separate semiconductor technologies, those of the bipolar junction transistor and the cmos transistor, in a single integrated circuit device.

Thus, OR logic of A and B is obtained from the second output terminal In order to achieve the object, a BiCMOS logic gate of an embodiment of the present steerint comprises: The German physicist Walter H. BiCMOS current switching circuit having a plurality of resistors of a specified value.

wnd Now, conditions necessary for designing a large scale integrated logic circuit consisting of the BiCMOS logic gate of the embodiment are described. With the anticipated growth of bicmos technology for highperformance asic design, the issue of testing takes on stfering significance.


At next falling edge of the clock signal C, the master latch latches new status of the input complementary logic signals when they are changed, while the slave latch retaining its status independent of the master latch status inactivated by logic LOW of the clock signal C.

For example, early digital clocks or electronic calculators may have used one or more PMOS devices to provide most of the logic for the finished product. In this paper regarding the fact that the collector current and therefore base current are needed for a very. What is claimed is: As described heretofore, for a conventional ECL gate, of which sheering speed greatly depends on incidental capacitances as well as the cutoff frequency fT of its NPN transistors, high cost processes as a base-emitter self-alignment process and a trench element separation process are indispensable.

So, the first and the second nMOS transistors 6 and 7 follows immediately to an input signal swing and a charge or a discharge of each drain begins at once. Year of fee payment: First of all, the logic swing of the circuit is smaller than the supply voltage. When complementary logic signals are input to gates of the first and the second nMOS transistors 6 and 7, the first nMOS transistor 6, e.


According to a simulation result of basic delay times of these two, kinds of devices applied in an ECL gate of 1 fan-out with no wire lengththere is observed a certain difference between them, that is, 70 ps in the former device and 30 ps in the latter device, although these two devices both have their cutoff frequencies fT between 15 GHz and 20 GHz.

The master latch latches input complementary logic signals by a falling edge of the clock signal C as described in connection with FIG. This page was last edited on 18 Julyat Therefore, when a logic signal of an amplitude of mV is input, its fluctuation is not directly reflected to the output level because it equals that a margin of mV is reserved for buffering the input fluctuation.