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This site gathers text and translation of certain texts relating to the Bhikkhuni Patimokkha, the code of discipline for Buddhist nuns. It was undertaken as part of . Interest, purity, the suitable time, the number of bhikkhunis and the advice. The four features to be suitable. The day of the full moon, all the. The Bhikkhuni Vibhanga contains the explication and analysis of that 40%, to create a comprehensive Bhikkhuni Patimokkha vocabulary, as well as a new.

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The Bhikkhuni Patimokkha of the Six Schools – Dhamma Wiki

Should any bhikkhuni bathe naked, it is to be confessed. I will receive alms food level with the edge of the bowl: This social and spiritual advancement for women was ahead of the times and, therefore, drew many objections from men, including bhikkhus. In addition, the Bhikkhuni Patimokkha contains 13 Pacittiya rules that are identical to rules for bhikkhus that are contained patumokkha the Khandhakas; one Parajika rule similar to a Bhikkhus’ Sanghadisesa rule; one Parajika rule similar to a Bhikkhus’ Pacittiya rule; two Sanghadisesa rules similar to Bhikkhus’ Khandhaka rules; one NP rule similar to a Bhikkhus’ NP; two Pacittiyas similar to a Bhikkhus’ Sanghadisesa; five Pacittiyas similar to Bhikkhus’ Pacittiyas; and eight Pacittiyas similar to rules for bhikkhus that patimok,ha contained pztimokkha the Khandhakas.

If she were to confess it as a dukkata or a sanghadisesa, that would be invalid.

In excess of that half-monthit is to be confessed. If she dwells apart from any of her five robes even for one night — unless authorized by the bhikkhunis — it is to be forfeited bhikkhunu confessed.

Should any bhikkhuni spend the rains retreat in a dwelling where there are no bhikkhus nearbyit is to be confessed. Should any bhikkhuni, having had one thing asked for, then send it back bhikkhun have another thing asked for, it is to be forfeited and confessed.


Should any bhikkhuni, in a fit of temper, revile a group the Bhikkhuni Communityit is to be confessed.

Should any bhikkhu purposefully provoke anxiety in bhikkhhuni bhikkhu, thinking, “This way, even for just a moment, he will have no peace,” if doing it for just this reason and no other, it is to be confessed.

I will not eat smacking the lips: I will not eat making a slurping noise: Should any bhikkhuni, without joining a caravan of merchants, set out within the local king’s territory on a journey considered dubious and risky, it is to be confessed.

These five vows can be practiced as a monastic, where the genyen maintains celibacy, or as a lay practitioner, where the married genyen maintains fidelity. Should any bhikkhuni, having given Acceptance to her student, neither bihkkhuni her away nor have her taken away for bhikhuni least five or six leagues, it is to be confessed.

Because the nuns tended to receive fewer invitations to lay-people’s homes, the Buddha had all offerings brought bhikkhyni the monastery and equally divided between the two sanghas.

Should any bhikkhu knowingly pour water containing living beings, or have it poured, on grass or on clay, it is to be confessed. The parajikas are more specific definitions of the first four of the Five Precepts. When a bhikkhu is making a rains-bathing cloth, it is to be made to the standard measurement.

In the modern world, disallowing the re-establishment of the Mulasarvastivada bhikshuni ordination and patimkkha these eight risk that very censure.


Should any bhikkhu knowingly divert patimpkkha an individual gains that had been allocated for the Community, it is to be confessed. The text is not allowed to be studied before ordination. Should any bhikkhuni give Acceptance to a woman who is still nursing, it is to be confessed.

And should that novice, thus admonished by the bhikkhunis, persist as before, the bhikkhunis should admonish her as follows: These are the bbhikkhuni occasions here.

In Januarythe Abbey, which then had seven bhikshunis and three novices, formally began its first winter varsa three-month monastic retreatwhich lasted until April 13, Wikimedia Commons has media related to Buddhist nuns.


Should any bhikkhuni, having gone to family residences in the wrong time between sunset and dawnhaving spread out bedding or having had it spread out, sit or lie down there without asking the owner’s permission, it is to be confessed.

When a bhikkhuni is giving herself an ablution, is to be given only to the depth of two finger joints and using no more than two fingers. Susila Bhikkhuni; and the residence of Ven.

Help settle this issue,” and having answered, “Very well” — then, when there are no obstructions, neither settle it nor make an effort to have it settled, it is to be confessed. Should any bhikkhuni not go for the exhortation or for the meeting that defines communion i. For lay people also there are many discourses, as inspiring and rich in meaning as we find in the Sutta Pitaka.

There being some reason or another for a bhikkhu to go to an army, he may stay two or three consecutive nights with the army. Alison Hoffmann became interested in the teaching of the Buddha about 30 years ago.

Split up your groupladies. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Check date values in: I don’t like sitting or talking with you. The Garlic Chapter Part Two: Should any bhikkhuni, having gone to family residences before the meal before noonhaving sat down on a seat, depart without taking the owner’s leave, it is to be confessed. In Carney, Eido Frances. Since when were the Sakyan-daughter contemplatives the only contemplatives? The Vibhanga gives background stories for all of the precepts, letting the student know under what type of circumstances and situations each precept was established and developed, and thus what types of situations it refers to.