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In the course of a few decades, I became separated from my copy of “Up the Down Staircase,” Bel Kaufman’s classic novel about a New York. Unit 5 Up The Down Staircase Солодокова Анастасия ИЯ АМБ The text under analysis is called “Up The Down Staircase” and written by an American. Bel Kaufman, a former New York City schoolteacher whose classic first novel, “ Up the Down Staircase” — shot through with despair and.

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The play is frequently performed in high school drama classes. There is even staidcase point where Barrett is being swamped by stairvase and we hear nothing back from her, and in this we can feel the degree to which she is overwhelmed.

September Learn how and when to remove this template message. Plus, Sylvia, the protagonist has her students just about entirely in love with her, and rarely makes any rookie mistakes, short of the ones that only happen because she had the “student’s best interest” at heart. This doesn’t happen in the book. THANK you to recent reviewers of this book!!

Up the Down Staircase by Bel Kaufman

There, she graduated magna cum laude from Hunter U and with high honors from Columbia University. Miss Barrett, fresh out of college, is hired to teach English to a variety of low performing students, and teaches a full schedule in addition to managing a homeroom period. The clerical work is par for the course.

I would highly recommend it for those interested in the challenges of secondary education or who can appreciate the [bittersweet] humor of it. In another – committee reports on slum clearance. Why I picked it up: It was still a very entertaining and enlightening novel, though no doubt some of the same battles are still being fought in the public schools to this day. Donate Help us elevate the voices of Jewish women.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. She almost gets fired for letting him go to the bathroom without a hall proctor. She quickly becomes discouraged during her first year of teaching, frustrated by bureaucracy, the indifference of her students, and the incompetence of many of her colleagues. I suggest just Good and Staifcase at the end of the term on report cards.


Log In Sign Up. She is currently and recently wrote a forward to the kindle version staiircase her book.

This humor is largely conveyed through memos — some school-wide and some kuafman to the protagonist, Sylvia Barrett. The book is now more than fifty years old, and it’s as relevant today as ever, despite changes made to it’s hoped alleviate some of the physical conditions children should never have to endure.

Sylvia also writes letters to a friend from college who chose to get married and start a family rather than pursuing a career. Marks depend on memorizing and not on real knowledge. Feb 10, Matthew Gallant rated it really liked it.

Help Center Find new research papers in: But despite it’s good sides, something in this book was lost to me. Bel Kaufman will receive a lifetime achievement award from the Jewish Women’s Archive at its annual luncheon on March 10, She changes her mind, though, when she realizes that she has, indeed, touched the lives of her students.

This is a well written book and I recommend it. Time and again the characters say how much they like her, but her actions cannot speak for themselves. She finds some of their aspects wrong. Sylvia Barrett resists the system of education as a whole. Up the Down Staircase was written by one of these teachers, a novel about a young teacher in a New York City high school trying to navigate between the needs of her students and the beaurocracy of the system. For me, and later for her, there were a few great teachers who stood out and made learning a desired thing for it’s own sake.

However, there is a narrative arc that revolves around the question of whether Barrett will stay on at the public high school or move on to teach at a liberal arts college. Sylvia Barrett, as a raw beginner, is given the classes referred to by kaufamn sorts of euphemisms for “dumb. Love- Gary” I don’t know who Beautiful or Gary are, but I will treasure this book as they did for a few more years until somebody donates it back to thf Evanston Public Library to be discovered by a reader of another generation.


My reactions This is written in a kind of epistolary style — notes in the suggestion box, memos from the school principal or nurse staircae clerk, letters written to a college friend, messages from fellow teachers, items posted on the bulletin board, etc.

The first one is that the pupils try to go up but fail due to teachers. Overall, I can say that American novels prior to the 21st century are very alien and unpleasant to me. Since this is an epistolary novel, one cannot staricase follow the way the events go, but through someone’s account for it.

Up the Down Staircase

It was both an alarm bell and a love letter told in staircaxe series of notes and memos that range between the ridiculous and the stirring.

Want to Read Currently Doqn Read. I asked if she thought it was weird that the book never talked about the race issues of the t I learned that white people back in the sixties don’t talk about racism much less the complexities of race. Later she commits suicide. Also, the problem is the incompetence of teaching. Kaufman’s characters are so very real, and so is the main character’s journey.

Please consider making a gift to JWA today! That was definitely fun to follow. Refresh and try again. Sep 18, Jan Priddy rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Lists with This Book. The letter can be divided kaufmaj The story is on the theme of education and its positive and negative points.