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BD Transistor Datasheet pdf, BD Equivalent. Parameters and Characteristics. BD BD; NPN Power Transistor. FEATURES High current (max. 3 A) Low voltage (max. 45 V). APPLICATIONS General purpose power applications. BD datasheet, BD circuit, BD data sheet: PHILIPS – NPN power transistor,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for Electronic Components.

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List of Symbols for Light Current Semiconductor Devices This section gives the main symbols used in quoting ratings and characteristics of Semiconductor Devices. SB 7. Revisions to previous data are indicated by an arrow in the margin. The circuit configuration is shown in Fig.

The rating also includes the switch off current. Unless otherwise stated, the con- tinuous value is implied. This curve is divided into two areas: The reference terminal may then be designated by the third subscript. No attempt should be made to force lock ‘A’ through this type of board. Infinite heatsink case and leads Temperature Tstg T max.

The type nomenclature of a discrete device or, in certain cases, of a range of devices, consists of two letters followed by a serial number.

Thermal resistance between junction ‘ J m ‘ and ambient, the device mounted on a ceramic substrate of 7 x 5 x 0. Without further qualification, the dc value is implied. The datasheft total dissipation, P, max. The collector voltage is negative w. The thermal capacity of the heatsink will be such that the transient effect of the power datashet be averaged. This rating is bd31 dependent on circuit conditions and collector current and it is necessary to refer to the curve of Vce versus lc for the appropriate circuit condition in order to obtain the correct rating Vce max Cut-off The maximum permissible instantaneous voltage between collector and emitter terminals when the emitter current is reduced to zero by means of a reverse emitter base voltage, i.


The 30D and 40D are shown in outline in Fig.

NPN power transistor pair,BD131/BD132 3A. Part № BD131/BD132. Manufactured by STMicroelectronics

The case temperature during solderingmust not at any time exceed the maximum storage temperature. The nomogram is ‘operated as follows, with reference to the simplified curves in Fig. The selected total dissipation should be the maximum attained by any tran- sistor in the design being checked.

If point P is within this area then the con- ditions are acceptable and the heatsink thermal resistance can be calculated. Electrical -V CES max.

BD131 Datasheet PDF

The equation used is: Note 1 Mica washer B 1 Supplied 1 Plain washer 1 on request When mounted on a heatsink it is essential that a plain washer be used to damage to the devices while tightening the mounting screw. Emitter to base datashheet ratings V E b max The maximum permissible instantaneous reverse voltage between emitter and base terminal.

Collector knee voltage see Fig.

The list of these ratings and their definitions is given as follows: The BCY89 is for second stages, long tail pairs and more general purposes. Inductive Load Switching Drive Circuit. It is desirable to keep the stray capacities to a minimum by short lead lengths etc. Underthesecircumstancesthe leads should be returned using a suitable activated flux.

For transient suppressor diodes the figure indicates the maximum recommended standoff voltage V R. Burrs or thickening at the edges of the four holes must be removed and the transistor bolted down on a plane surface. Explanation of Handbook Data 1. For a few variations the thermal resistance may be derived as follows: At the tip is a spade-shaped lock ‘B’ ; partway up is a tapered cross-piece lock ‘A’ that projects further left and right than lock ‘B’; and nearest to the body of the assembly is another cross-piece lock ‘C’ that extends even further left and right than lock A’.

The transient thermal impedance curves are also included so that the operating mounting-base temperature can be calculated. No abstract text available Text: The BD with its p-n-p complement BD is specially suitable for use in output stages of car radios.


BD Selling Leads, Price trend, BD DataSheet download, circuit diagram from

Burrs or thickening at the edges of the holes must be removed and the transistor bolted down on a plane surface. Encapsulated in a TO -3 envelope. Base current ratings In max Ib av max liut AV max IllM The maximum permissible base current without further qualification, the dc value is implied.

The thermal impedance curves for the BD are shown in Fig. OLD SYSTEM Some earlier semiconductor diodes and transistors have type numbers consisting of two or three letters followed by a group of one, two or three figures The first letter is always ‘O’, indicating a semiconductor device.

If a discrete transistor is used, the collector will not be grounded, and should be linked to the base. Special care must be taken to ensure that thermal runaway due to excessive collector leakage current does not occur in this condition. A further dtasheet of the collector -emitter voltage results in a rapid increase of the distortion of the signal. V decreasesby approximately 2. The speach and music value is the output which will be obtained when peaks occur in low level passages.

Dafasheet BD Page 3 in 2 I!

Tentative Data Tentative data aims at providing information on new devices as early as possible to allow the customer to datawheet with circuit design. The data contained in these books are as accurate and up to date as it is reasonably possible to make them at the time of going to press. Current Collector current d. In many applications, however, the reverse-bias breakdown characteristics are also of importance.