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For educational purposes, in this article, we will see how to crack WiFi password using a famous WiFi cracker, Backtrack 5 R3, which can help patient people to.

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If someone knows the person then they may be able to guess the password but otherwise this can take a long time and never find anything.

How to using Fern-WiFi-Cracker on Backtrack 5 R3

There is no point and click option. Open two terminal windows Run the command “airmon-ng” to see if your USB adapter shows up, if it doesn’t then some troubleshooting as to why it is not wfiu have to be done. At this point we could simply wait for someone to connect wirelessly to the router. If nothing comes up then no WPS enabled router is within reach. One thing to mention also is that a internal wireless network adapter will not work with Backtrack and wireless penetration testing.

How to using Fern-WiFi-Cracker on Backtrack 5 R3 | Backtrack Linux Tutorial

Hacking a Backtrackk network with Backtrack is quite simple all you have to do is enter certain commands and you are done. Here wlan0 is the name of wireless card ,it may be different for your case.

Most computers have a boot option button to press or will automatically boot the disk. VMware works very well and as long as you have a fairly recent computer it should run fine. The Backtrack 5 VMware Image file will have to be extracted and will create its own folder with a bunch of files in it.

If we wait then we stay in passive mode and no one can detect we are there. In my case channel is 6 and has bssid as Once the cracking is successful you will be given Key,just remove the inbetween colons from the key and use it.


First download and install a Torrent Client, the most popular is Utorrent but there are many. Backtrack 5 R3 is a notorious Digital Forensic and Intrusion Bacitrack software bundle with a whole lot of tools for Penetration Testing, It is based on Linux and includes plus tools. This is often the last resort because while it does baacktrack it depends on the dictionary used and the computing power. In the bactkrack WEP used to be the main encryption used on backtdack but WEP was notoriously easy to crack and is rarely seen any more.

Crack WiFi Password with Backtrack 5 ( WiFi password hacker)

If you are stuck using this method, thinking about how the password might be structured will be crucial along with computing power. If you are just starting out I would start by using a Boot Bacltrack then move on to virtualization later, but this is a personal option and depends on your own experience and knowledge of using Operating Systems.

I believe I have found a fix that has been working for me on both Backtrack 5 and Kali Linux. Getting a good dictionary can be hard there are some dictionaries within Backtrack 5 that I will use to explain the Brute Force method but there size is limited making them useless against all but the easiest passphrase.

Once the wireless USB adapter is working, we need enable it. The password is toor. Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.

The download can be found here http: The data capture could be copied between multiple computers to split the things up. Conclusion The information in this book is to give the reader a basic overview of the current hacks against wireless routers backtrck Backtrack 5, and hopefully it has done that. WPS makes it easy for wireless devices to find and connect to a router. Backtrack 5 will open and come up to a logon screen.


The first thing we need to do is enable the wireless USB adapter.

Only one file will come up because of the. There are other ways such as Rainbow Tables, or the video card attack, but the simplest or easiest way to crack WPA is to use Brute Force. Mainly because a familiar operating system such as Windows can be run at the same time and files transferred between the two easily.

Start Backtrack 5 and open two terminal windows. This does take up computing resources, and can add another layer of troubleshooting if a problem arises, such as Backtrack not recognizing a USB adapter. WPA or WPA2, which are really the same thing, are the way in which routers are now encrypted and much harder to crack. If you have never used Backtrack before all you really need to know it is the best software to use for Digital Forensics, Intrusion Detection and Penetration Testing.

There are different types of wireless attacks but in reality only two main types are used.

The way you witu about these attacks are as important as the attacks themselves. Also some routers can crash if too many pins get thrown at it to quickly much like a denial of service attack can crash a PC. Buying multiple routers to play with is also a good idea. Once it boots from the DVD it should come to the following menu.