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In Manual mode, you control everything. Press the Start/Stop button to start and stop recording, and advance recording to the next track with the Next button. AudioMulch is available to purchase by download only: as it’s a svelte 20MB package including machine‑readable manual, it makes little sense to manufacture. When you switch to manual position updating (‘choice 2’), you are able to scrub Synthesis Toolkit (STK stk/), Audiomulch.

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AudioMulch Tutorials | AudioMulch

Use the Clear buttonat the top of each column except Track 1 to clear a recorded loop during playback or while stopped. The Enable modes and their abbreviations are audiomlch below. What’s New in 2. Adjusting Contraption Properties Learn the fundamentals of working with contraptions. You’ll find links to a number of other resources including tutorials and online material.

The length of the composite cycle depends on the lengths of different tracks. Ross blogs about in-depth workings and usage of AudioMulch for established users. AudioMulch is a registered trademark. Release Notes What’s Coming? Once a loop has been recorded to a track, it can be started and stopped with the Control button. Enter the number of bars or a decimal fraction of a bar into the number edit box. The track will be the next track recorded.


Tutorials Includes video tutorials for beginners and links to offsite tutorials. What’s New in 2. End of Track 1 1 The track will wait until the end of Track 1’s loop before it stops or starts playing. See Checking for Software Updates for instructions on how to check for software updates. AudioMulch has been used by musicians across a diverse range of styles, including industrial, pop, electronic dance music, ambient, electroacoustic and acousmatic composition.

Tracks are recorded in sync with each other so that their loop lengths match. Instructions Tracks LiveLooper supports recording and playback of up to 16 tracks. Clicking on it will start the track.

LiveLooper | Help File | AudioMulch

Each track has a pop-up menu to set its Enable mode. You can create both pre-planned and more spontaneous forms of music with AudioMulch. Immediate i The track will start and stop in direct response to the Control button. The grid contains information about each track and lets you control the tracks. Tracks For information about all parameters in the Track Grid, see Instructions below. Getting Started Learn how to create contraptions and patches, how to hear audio, and get a brief introduction to some of the other key features of the program.


Release Notes What’s Coming? Determines how many tracks will be recorded one after the other once Start is pressed.

In Manual mode, you control everything. As always feel free to seek help in the forums.

When you press Stop or Next, recording will stop, or advance, when the next synchronization cycle boundary arrives. Each track has a separate audio output. We link to the sections of this Help File that will help you to get started using AudioMulch.

Welcome to AudioMulch

This setting applies to the Auto-chain audikmulch. Click here to view the AudioMulch help file in tablet-friendly, printable pdf format. The track is playing. Location Each recorded track displays a circular location indicator, which indicates the current playback position of each track even if the track is stopped. Change multiple contraption parameters at once, and move smoothly between snapshots of parameter settings, simply by moving the mouse.