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Atlit Yam is one of the best preserved submerged prehistoric settlements in the world. It was discovered and studied during the s and. The Atlit Yam site is clearly one of archaeology’s most precious gems, at the same level of importance as the Rosetta stone, Tutankhamen’s tomb, Lascaux’s. Thousands of years ago, Atlit Yam was once a thriving society. Now a sunken civilization, it was just rediscovered off the coast of modern-day Israel.

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30 Years Ago, A Diver Discovered Something That Changed The Course Of Human History

Some scientists point to the apparent abandonment of Atlit Yam around the same time as further evidence that such a tsunami did indeed occur. The Secrets of the Kabbalists Garden. Barley, wheat, flax, and lentil seeds were all found around the area. And it was truly lost for millennia, 10 meters under the surface of the sea – a dream come true!

Climate change is inevitable, and we must establish what might happen and how much financial damage that would cause. Historic fishing villages and communities. Galili returns to the spot every year, albeit only in the winter when atlti silt has been dislodged by storms.

Traces of long-forgotten human settlements claimed by the sea thousands of years ago are being uncovered by archaeologists along the coastline of Israel. In the 21st century, it lies between m ft beneath sea level in the Mediterranean Sea, in the Bay of Atlit, at the mouth of the Oren river on the Carmel coast. Atlit Yam is an ancient submerged Neolithic village off the coast of AtlitIsrael.

Studies indicate that many coastal settlements around the world will be partially submerged by if nothing is done. Jacob Tyler wrote on 13 December, – Animal bones and plant remains have also been preserved.

Leave this field blank. The skeletons of a woman and child, found inhave revealed the earliest known cases of tuberculosis in the world.


Use the HTML below. After all, the megalithic stone circle still remained standing in the place in which it had constructed. In fact, festivals and celebrations marking the Reed Business Information Ltd.

The revolutionary invention of the wheel. Ya one had apparently fallen, the rest were still upright, as they probably had been for several thousands of years. Start your free trial.

Possibly this well- balanced diet contributed to a relatively good health and longevity of the inhabitants. Almost 65 skeletons were found in the ruins, each one in remarkably good condition — as if their tombs were never touched.

The mysterious sunken society of Atlit Yam

Retrieved from ” https: It was discovered and studied during the s and s, while excavations and surveys were carried out in the years Atlit Yam is one of the oldest and largest sunken settlements ever found and sheds new light on the daily lives of its ancient inhabitants.

Replies to my comment. The site was at first a mystery, but as underwater excavations progressed, the veil was lifted. This suggests that in its final stage, it ceased to function as a water-well and was used instead as a disposal pit. Webarchive template wayback links All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from October Articles with permanently dead external links Coordinates on Wikidata Commons category link is on Wikidata.

The inhabitants lived on what we now call a traditional Mediterranean diet. A wealth of material culture has been uncovered attlit gives us insight in how people had to cope with a radically changing world and where new technologies were introduced. Rediscovering a Centuries-Old Paradise.

Atlit Yam, a journey into Israel’s sunken past

Not far off the coast of the village of Atlit in the Mediterranean Sea, near Haifa in Israel, lies the submerged ruins of the ancient Neolithic site of Atlit Yam. Combined with other clues, such as an ear condition found in some of the human remains caused by regular exposure to cold water, it seems that fishing also played a big role in their society.


Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. For the first time, the film The Mystery of Atlit Yam reveals to a wider audience the result of 25 years of stlit excavations, and unveils the story of the oldest known submerged stone age settlement.

Uncovering these stories could offer some clues about what our own future holds too.

The Mystery of Atlit-Yam – Television – Distribution – ZED

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The rising sea not only floods the coastal regions but also cause underground water salinization, flooded sewages, accelerated coastal destruction, and other damage.

Her research is at the interface where archaeology, religious studies, history, cultural heritage, and living culture meet. Materialien zur Denkmlapflege im Rheinland 11, Bonn Habelt. However, other researchers have suggested that there is no atllit evidence to suggest a tsunami wiped out the settlement.

Location off the coast of Haifa DistrictIsrael. One alternative is that climate change caused glaciers to melt and sea levels to rise and the settlement became flooded by a slow rise in the level of the Mediterranean that led to a gradual abandonment of the village. The Lost Gardens of Heligan: By continuing to use this site, you agree with our Terms and Conditionsnotably that cookies are used to provide statistics ya, visits.

Ina marine archaeologist was diving in the Levantine Sea off of the coast atoit Israel when he found something shocking. The ancient artifacts unearthed at Atlit Yam offer clues into how the prehistoric inhabitants once lived.