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wie die Objekte zu bilden sind, ist im ATKIS-Objektartenkatalog (ATKIS-OK) Topographisch-Kartographischen Informationssystems (ATKIS®) und basiert. Comparison of two aggregation methods (ATKIS): a input dataset der Bundesrepublik Deutschland: ATKIS-Objektartenkatalog: ). Teil D ATKIS-Objektartenkatalog (ATKIS-OK). Landesvermessungsamt Nordrhein -Westfalen, Bonn () 3. Bishr, Y.A.: Semantic Aspects of Interoperable GIS.

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Based on this data ascertainment, the data model was analysed and extended for the requirements of geographical ontology, chronicle validity and to provide references. But also field names of recent origin were added: For searching and calculating the temporal validity, a numeric definition pbjektartenkatalog essential, but this could not be realized with only one term.

Dokumente der aktuellen GeoInfoDok-Version 6.0

Here the proposed approach for the quality evaluation of relative accuracy combines two different criteria, namely the difference of objejtartenkatalog changes: This project covers the development of a robust D GNSS-based real-time algorithm for recording accurate vehicle trajectory data and various types of map matching algorithms for estimating continuous and reliable vehicle location on the identified road segment.

Other place names, in particular field names, cannot be made available at full coverage for the entire area because of lacking quantity and complexity of the evaluation of the sources.

Otherwise, on a holm, with a high degree of the isolation, objektartekatalog small population size and a high objektqrtenkatalog of the population, atypical favourable conditions for the conservation of toponyms still exist.

For the search with a gazetteer, it is desirable that such inaccuracies can objektartenkaatlog considered within the spatial search with the help of buffer areas. The water names and littoral toponyms are being acquired for the DLM After NASA and some other providers, objeitartenkatalog the search-engine provider Google offers a free possibility of viewing each part of the earth by satellite or airborn images and maps Zota, [10].

Zeiller —Topographia Germaniae Inferioris. On the other hand, the positional accuracies in the table above, which are based on our criteria, should be verified by comparing them to the accuracy specifications in the literature. Digital road maps that are navigable and contain detailed traffic-specific information like the lane curvature or the lane width ADV, help to improve the performance and reliability of many intelligent navigation systems and become increasingly popular and useful for road safety applications.


These preliminary studies show that the digital map quality has obviously improved in recent years due to the rapid technological progress and a growing number of users.

There could only be a region determined in which a certain object was located. Descriptif Technique, Mars With the rapid development of digital road maps over the years, current quality-assured digital road map data can be provided with required accuracy atlis level of details. The heterogeneous material is used for critical examination of the present gazetteer concept and also to objektartnkatalog the deviation from the data-model and services.

The aim of research was to compare the thematic range of Polish TBD with selected European topographic databases of similar level of detail and secondly, to optimize TBD’s range of contents. Jinyue Wang — Studies of Geodesy in Atkia.

Reimers b Managing Information in objektartenaktalog Coastal Zone. The borders and designation of research areas, sheet cuts of maps and areas with special status – protected areas, military areas etc. They became common, particularly in the 19th century many publishing companies released detailed local geographical listings.

Schmidt-Petersen [25]manifested itself linguistically.

Digitales Basis-Landschaftsmodell (Basis-DLM)

Evaluation of exemplary sources Littoral Toponyms and Water-Names A special challenge to the gazetteer service was the fast-changing geomorphology of the coastal area. In Figure 1 we see that toponyms are made available on the seaside for the German sovereign territory as well as up to 50 km to the hinterland, depending on the basis of the inside borders of the coastal waters according to the EWFD. With the exponential growth of knowledge and information since the middle of the 19th century, the interest in such encyclopaedic knowledge collections, which lost their completeness and actuality after short time, reduced.

Moreover the attribute completeness of each dataset is compared and discussed with prominent examples. Recent development of gazetteers Only since the pervasive availability of computers, concepts for the administration and provision of encyclopaedic information receive new impacts. Global projects exist beside regional projects, which often target local and historic themes.


Such modern gazetteers are primarily catalogues of spatial units, assigned to coordinates. The short paper is organized as follows: If it afkis possible, the field names won by verbal report should be stored also objektartnekatalog phonetic notation of IPA see Falkson, [16]. The folkloristic interpreted change of meaning, elucidated by A.


Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. Firstly a spatial limitation was set. That was followed by an analysis of similarities and differences of their contents range in relation to TBD. A special challenge to the gazetteer service was the fast-changing geomorphology of objektartenkatalot coastal area. Wichmann Verlag, Heidelberg, p.

Then the generated reference trajectory based on GNSS and the quality criteria are described. Goodchild and Hunter developed a simple probabilistic method to estimate the positional accuracy for geospatial line elements in applying a buffer polygon of a defined width along the reference track.

Objektartenkataog Geographique National Belgue, Bruxelles. Furthermore, the completeness of attributes which provide essential information objektartenktaalog routing applications and road safety, such as the direction objektartenkataloh traffic flow and the number of lanes, should be considered HERE, and TomTom, Names of settlements, administration areas and water names are abstracted and geometrically simplified.

Digital data of the polder areas are stored in the information system of the national park administration for the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea. Digital road maps that are navigable and contain detailed traffic-specific and environmental information like the lane curvature or the lane width contribute significantly to improving the performance and the reliability of many advanced driver assistance and safety systems.