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This page was last edited on 27 February , at (UTC). Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms. The ‘Aseret haDibrot (“Ten Commandments”, as they are [inaccurately] called [ see below]), have always been a source of tension and conflict in Judaism. On the. Learn about the Jewish understanding of the Ten Commandments, known in Judaism as Aseret ha-Dibrot. Provides a Jewish perspective on the controversy.

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There are many ways to answer this question. The Sinai covenant was made by God with the hdaibrot people. Additional shiurim from this category can be found in: Rob Schmitz, “The Ten Commandments: The following chart is from Dr.

These may seem asrret trivial differences to some, but they are serious issues to those of us who take these words seriously. However, if one must choose between fulfilling an obligation to G-d and fulfilling an obligation to a person, or if one must prioritize them, Judaism teaches that the obligation to a person should be fulfilled first. What are the implications for the Aseret HaDibrot?

Bible scholar Moshe Weinfeld argues that the Ten Commandments had a more elevated purpose than merely designating the permitted, the forbidden, and the obligatory:. That is because in Judaism, law is not intended for judges alone. Rabbi Joseph Telushkin, Biblical Literacy: Religious or Historical Symbol? Disrespect to our biological creators is not merely an affront to hadirbot it is also an insult to the Creator of the Universe.

True, God promises to personally punish violators of Commandments 2 and 3, but this itself is distinctive from most biblical legislation, the violation of which hadbrot followed by a judicial punishment for example, murderers are to be executed, and thieves ordered to pay a hundred percent fine.


Other religions divide this passage differently.

To sum up, the Aseret HaDibrot stand out and make everyone pay attention. The Talmud gives another example, disapproving of a man who, engrossed in prayer, would ignore the cries of a drowning man. Please remember that these are categories of the mitzvotwhich according to Jewish tradition haeibrot binding only upon Jews.

The Torah’s laws are similar in some ways to Ancient Near Eastern law codes, and different in other ways. According to Judaism, the Aseret ha-Dibrot identify the following ten categories of mitzvot. Each of the mitzvot can be subsumed under one of these ten categories, some in more obvious ways than others.

Hoffman, And God Said: No two religions agree on a single list. Often in the Chumash, a prohibition appears along with the punishment for violating it. But there is an additional aspect of this controversy that is of concern from aaseret Jewish perspective.

When forced to choose between our duties to a person and our duties to G-d, we must pursue our duties to the person, because the person needs our help, but G-d does not need our help.

These words changed the world when they were first presented at Mt. See The “Ten Commandments” Controversy below. What makes them special is that they are simple and easy to memorise.

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Dennis Prager, The Ten Commandments: The mitzvah to fast on Yom Kippur fits into that category somewhat less obviously: Rabbi Joseph Telushkin explains in his impressive summary book Biblical Literacy:. Should Judaism’s sixth declaration be rendered as “Thou shalt not kill” as in the popular KJV translation, or as “Thou shalt not murder,” which is a bit closer to the connotations of the original Hebrew though still not entirely accurate?


The answer is hadibeot Leviticus 5 is a legal system, while the Ten Commandments are a moral framework. There are commandments, not 10 The “Ten Commandments” are categories The 10 are divided into duties to G-d and duties to people Different religions divide the 10 in different ways.

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It is not particularly obvious, however, that the mitzvah not to embarrass a person fits within the category against murder: The Aseret ha-Dibrot are not understood as individual mitzvot; rather, they are categories or classifications of mitzvot.

Nowhere else in all of Tanakh is there a pasuk verse with only two words. So even though the Ten Commandments at asere seem like modern laws, they are in fact completely different. This is the heart of the controversy. By posting these words prominently and referring to them as ” The Ten Commandments,” as if there weren’t any others, which is what many people aseeet schools and public buildings may be teaching a message that Judaism specifically and consciously rejected.

What Makes the Aseret HaDibrot Stand Out?, Rav Uri Cohen – Midreshet Harova

During the s, hundreds of granite monuments of the Aseret HaDibrot were installed across America in parks, city halls, and courthouses. Interestingly, except for the Torah, neither ancient nor modern law codes present law in unconditional form. Every law in the Code of Hammurabi is conditional. In the Torahthese words are never hadiibrot to as the Ten Commandments.