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For those who came in late: “Nuevos Modos De Defenderse En La Calle Con Un Baston” was published in , written by Arturo Bonafont. Author Arturo Bonafont was clearly an experienced instructor and, like Vigny and Cunningham before him, his idiosyncratic method represented a departure. Edición ilustrada con 72 fotografías. by BONAFONT, Arturo and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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The first three ninety-minute episodes of what seems certain to become a long-running series screened in the UK over the past three weeks and are available online in various formats. That very minor quibble aside, Mr. We then worked on the defense from a one zrturo lapel grasp, since this is pretty much the same defense as the face strike but we did the grasp with the left had so everyone could learn that these techniques can be done on both sides.

A Game of Shadows.

Arturo Bonafont’s “Nuevos Modos De Defenderse En La Calle Con Un Baston”

Log in Forgotten Your Password? Two of the participants had experience with falling before but the other three had not. All are expertly choreographed by a team led by fight director Richard Ryan see our exclusive interview with Richard here.

Bonafont Cane Fighting System. IMS, he wanted to repub himself, which is cool. This then moved into doing jujutsu from the Canon. I tried PMing again mid-last year. Now, if only I could read Spanish I switched this to a neo-Bartitsu grab on the wrist since none of us wear swords or carry pocket watches very often.

I would love to have a copy of it in my library! We all know why. There was a digression at one point into a specific newaza ground grappling submission lock as an example of maintaining control should the thrown opponent pull the defender down with them. The grand finale of the day was everyone put on some head protection and we did individual drills with everyone rotating through being attacker and defender one at a time so they had the mat space all to themselves.


This site uses cookies. Author Arturo Bonafont was clearly an experienced instructor and, arguro Vigny and Cunningham before him, his idiosyncratic method represented a departure from the orthodoxy of sabre-based stick fighting.

On Saturday, February 11th, five new Bartitsuka gathered at Gallowglass Academy to find out more about the art of Bartitsu.

Everyone said they enjoyed themselves bonavont learned new things. Log in Remember Me? Bowen was obviously a devoted and very careful scholar, with long-term access to rare archives, diaries etc.

Baston Defensa Cane Street fighting by Arturo Bonafont | #

Grasso’s, Craig Gemiener in Australia has a copy, a third was auctioned off a few years ago on a spanish language site, and now yours. During the lunch break I discussed the modern legal ramifications of using force in a self defense situation. The only problem is that there are less than a half dozen resources on the internet, one of them written by Ralph Grasso, who also owns one of the few books in existence. I then had each student use the kicks with full force against a kick shield.

The Bonafont method relies on a simple and flexible strategy based on two primary grips of the cane. We then did a series of failure drills where the defender with the cane has the cane grabbed or taken away by the offender. I then started work on the back heel throw from pugilism which is close to the throws that Barton-Wright uses in many of the jujutsu techniques.


After four months of regular weekly training sessions, the stitching and padding are holding up well. We must observe instantly the position, attitude, gesture or aggressive movement of the adversary, to apply our attack, arresting or counterattacking his own in the act of its very initiation. Disclosure — the Weapon Store forwarded samples of this product for review purposes. Kershaw Shuffle 2 knife.

Fortunately I speak Spanish, blnafont I’m in the process of translating it. I started with the standard precis of the history of Bartitsu and how it got to where we are today.

Rupert Graves plays Inspector Lestrade. In addition to cane fighting, fencing and boxing, the French Savate also entered, but the latter discipline was unsuccessful and ceased to be practiced among high society groups.

Bonaffont as hen’s teeth, as my aunt used to say. The Lost Martial Art of Sherlock Holmes go on sale via the Freelance Academy Presscoinciding with the long-awaited release of Game of Shadowswhich does indeed include plenty of baritsu action.

Baston Defensa Cane Street fighting by Arturo Bonafont

I’ve updated my profile to include my current email address so you should be able to email me using the link that DdlR provided. It is worth noting that E. After the first series I stood by as coach and second attacker who came with a baseball bat in case any defender got too tied up with their offender.

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