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Start studying Customs and Courtesies (AR ). Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Headquarters Department of the Army Washington, DC 24 September UNCLASSIFIED. SUMMARY of CHANGE AR –25 Salutes, Honors, and Visits of. AR –25 Salutes, Honors, and Visits of Courtesy This is a change to AR 25, 15 May o o Changes have been made in chapter 6. Major changes.

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Covered expenses must be in direct support of regultion Armed Forces of the United States funeral detail and include,but are not limited to, fuel not mileageparking fees, tolls, public transportation, occasional meals, and other relatedexpenditures. Saluting stationsListed below are DA saluting stations designated to return salutes of foreign vessels of war in the ports and territorialwaters of the United States.

When receiving an officer on board a naval vessel, follow these procedures— 1 An officer paying a boarding visit to a naval vessel is met at the accommodation ladder by the officer of thedeck.

Mourning brassardsSee AR —1, paragraph 28—29b 8figure 28— When foreign soldiers are invited by U. A bugler is preferred, eithermilitary or civilian. During ceremonial occasions, except for funerals, soldiers ordinarily are arranged from right to left in line, oldestto youngest lineage, subject to the discretion of the commander of troops.

During ceremoniesWhen ceremonies excluding military funerals are being conducted, moving vehicles will be brought to a halt. Death announcement of certain other officials a. When and how rendered a. Commanders may develop and publish modifiedsaluting policies for congested, high—density, or student living areas where saluting would be highly repetitious orotherwise infeasible.

Coast Guard operates as a part of the U. If this is not practical, other arrangements may be made. In the interest of economy and efficiency, ceremonies such as parades, guard mounts, motorcades, and otheractivities involving large numbers of personnel and equipment will be held to an absolute minimum when officialsentitled to such honors visit military installations on field trips.

This includes requesting Military FuneralHonors.

When of music or first moved: On occasions when soldiers of more than one foreign nation participate, the order of precedence will be decidedby the grand marshal.


Local commanders may use their authority to determine appropriateness of requestsfor support from authorized providers. The flag of the United States is not dipped by way of salute or compliment. Note 3 hold over atmy tion. Death notice for the President, a former President, or President—elect a. Army management control process.

AR 600-25 Salutes Honors and Visits of Courtesy

Prior notice of such visits should be furnished when possible. HolidaysDuring the conduct of a ceremony, the performance of the national anthem of any foreign country will be followedwithout pause by playing the national anthem of the United States. Flag will be hoisted to theStates Military Academy or enlisted per- place. Militarypassengers and drivers will dismount and render the appropriate courtesy.

Salutes to officers and officials of lesser grade will not be fired at thesame place in compliment to the same person more rgeulation once in a calendar year unless, in the meantime, such personhas been advanced in grade.

If the commanding officers are of equal rank, the newcomer will pay the first visit.

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This regulation applies to authority, in writing, to a division chief Suggested improvements. Such soldiers may be furnished by any of the armed services including the U.

Flags flow at place of burial will be hoisted to the top after the last salvo or volley is fired over the grave. The commander may provide Government transportation instead of the rdgulation of privately owned vehicles. Governor of a State, territory, or posses- All installations and activities of DA located During prescribed hours reveille to retreat sion in the State, territory, or possession of the from day of death until retreat on day of inter- deceased governor.

Hold hold over left position until the this position until shoulder with last note of the last note of right regulatiln over music arjy last music has been heart; if indoors, round of salute played. GeneralThe interchange of courtesy visits among Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps officers opens the way to officialand social courtesy among the members of the Services and furthers mutual understanding. Pentagon, Washington, DC — The President of the United States, as the commander in chief, will be saluted by Army personnel in uniform.


Personnel on security duty will not render honors. Uniformed personnel will notsalute. Vice President, the Chief Justice or a re- All installations, activities, and vessels of 10 days from day of death during prescribedtired Chief Justice of the United States, or the Department of the Army in the District hours reveille to retreat the Speaker of the House of Representa- of Columbia and throughout the Unitedtives States and its territories and possessions.

Holdin sports and at- this position until attention.

Hold doors, stand at lute. Stand at at- direction of music. National StandardA name regulatiin used for flags of mounted units. All Army personnel in uniform are required to salute when they meet and recognize persons entitled to the salute. Military personnel in uniform and civilians will render honors during the playing of allanthems as prescribed in appendix C. An exception may be made only when 2 or more foreign nationalanthems are played in succession; then the U.

A memberof the senior Service present will bear the national colors, and the regulatiom colors of the Services represented willbe carried in order of seniority from right to left as viewed from the rear.

Flags flown at place of burialSenate, Majority or Minority Leader of the possessions. On the day after receipt of notification of death of the President, a former President, or President—elect of theUnited States unless this day falls upon a Sunday or holiday, in which case the honors will be rendered on the dayfollowing the Sunday or holidaythe commanding officers of all Army installations equipped with the necessarypersonnel and materiel will require the following: The samehonors rendered to the national anthem of the United States will be rendered rgeulation the playing of the foreign nationalanthems.

Change of station of a unit a.