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Alternate Qualification Courses FM CHAPTER 7. M a -k s m ai IS ;h if) (;c n 3 sar ic)S (car A FM CO O Z Ui o to HI or. TC is focused on rifle and carbine employment. Every marksman and prepared civilian needs to be familiar with its contents. Let’s dig. Training Circular (TC) provides Soldiers with the critical information for their rifle or carbine and how it How to Build an AR A Beginner’s Guide.

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Soldiers can handle and identify 5. To assume this position, the soldier faces his target, spreads his feet a comfortable distance apart, and drops to his knees. A greater aiming error can result if the front sight post is blurry due to focusing on the target or other objects. Table shows training devices a commander may use to sustain weapons proficiency. Additional skills trained in the unit include semiautomatic and automatic area fires, night fire, MOPP firing, firing using aiming devices, and moving target training techniques.

The BIS provides a backup capability effective out to at least meters and can be installed on the M 16A4 and M4-series weapons.

When the recoil of the bolt carrier cocks the hammer, the disconnector engages the lower hook of the hammer and holds it until the trigger is released.

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Two types of breath control techniques are practiced during dry fire. Only apply immediate action once for a stoppage. This xr on understanding the rifle and applying marksmanship fundamentals. The proponent of this publication is the U. Have you clearly stated the priority of rifle small-arms proficiency in your unit?

The firer is asked to detect his errors and to explain his firing procedure to include position, aiming, breath control, and trigger squeeze. Retightening of the thumbscrew is recommended after a few rounds have been fired to ensure zero retention. During Phase II, the trainer must demonstrate his ability to 3-229 the fundamentals of marksmanship. Conduct PRI; review four fundamentals.


322.9 the projectile has passed the gas port located on the upper surface of the barrel under the front sight, Figure and before it leaves the barrel, some gas enters the gas port and moves into the gas tube. This section proposes a rifle marksmanship training strategy as guidance in establishing and conducting an effective training program. Remediate all soldiers who fail to hit six out of nine shots at wr meter Weaponeer target.

The three- round shot group allows the firer’s performance to be evaluated.

Ensure the rail grabber fully rests on the bracket when mounting the TWS or the sight will not retain zero. Rail Adapter System Settings 4 through 10 will project 3-222.9 noticeable signature detectable by opposing forces using night vision devices.

Do your soldiers demonstrate proficiency in moving target engagements? He places the rifle hand guard in a V formed by the thumb and fingers of his nonfiring hand, and rests the nonfiring hand on the material sandbags or berm to the front of the position.

Its main uses are for observation of fire, incendiary effect, and signaling. Do your soldiers demonstrate proficiency during night- fire, target detection and acquisition, and night fire engagement techniques?

Each rail grabber has proven its ability to retain zero when installed and tightened properly. A damaged magazine could cause repeated feeding failures and should be turned in to the armorer or exchanged. Since this is not a zeroing exercise, few sight changes are made.

As the bolt carrier group moves forward, the bolt is kept in its most forward position by the bolt cam pin riding in the guide channel in the upper receiver. The instructor-trainer then analyzes the shot group to confirm problem areas. The extender is installed by using the thumbscrew 1 to hand tighten the extender into the mounting hole closest to the muzzle on the Insight rail grabber.

The mounting procedures are identical for the M16A4 and M4-series modular weapon systems. Both rail grabbers attach accessories on the upper receiver and on all four sides of the RAS. M15A1 aiming card 6 consecutive alignments. He must watch to determine if the soldier identifies targets in his sector and successfully engages them. The trigger finger must squeeze the trigger to the rear so the hammer falls without disturbing the lay of the rifle. It also contains the instructional intent, special instructions, and subject areas that should be observed to ensure quality training.

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The instructor-trainer can encourage his soldiers by convincing them to achieve good firing performance through practice. Following a successful grouping exercise, zeroing is quick and simple using only a few rounds. Alignment of the rifle with the target is critical.

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Conduct marksmanship diagnostic test. Since all soldiers in units have completed BRM, peer coaching should yield better results. Any of these three shot groups could have been a change in position, sight picture, breathing; or trigger squeeze, or the firer may be anticipating the shot.

A refresher training program can prevent frustration and loss of confidence in the soldier, and also prevent wasting ammunition and training time. Reinforce BRM 1, 2 and the fourfundamentals while demonstrating the integrated act of shooting on the Weaponeer. Marking Targets Effects of Wind and Gravity He must establish a steady position allowing observation of the target. Some problems exist with peer coaching. This manual and other training publications provide the unit instructor with the required information for developing a good train-the-trainer program.

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The instructor-trainer can enhance success and understanding by emphasizing close observance of rules and instructions. Ensure that the ra is locked into place by quickly pulling down on the magazine. Firing Figurepage