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A sadhana of Buddha Amitayus, from the “Primordial Space of Samantabhadra” practice cycle. (this practice can be disseminated only by Lama Ivo directly). In this world our greatest saviour is the Buddha Amitayus (or TSE PAG MED). He removes all the dangers of untimely death. Help of the helpless, who comes to. Amitayus Sadhana Pdf. White Tara Sadhana White Tara Sadhana The brimming nectar of immortality borne on the continuum of Wish-Fulfilling.

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Open both palms horizontally facing up and place the right palm on top of the left with the tips of the thumbs touching.

Transcript: Amitayus Sadhana practice

So you are wishing for your teacher and your guru to live long. Tsem Rinpoche on Sep 25, at 1: Pastor Elena Khong Jean Ai. So the basic offerings are there, this is how you should have set up everyday because you need this for your sadhana. Do leave us a message at if you wish to contribute and help out the marginalised community. The second visualisation you can do is simply yourself and Amitayus in the front, resplendent, glorious, fully enlightened, and the embodiment of your guru and all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas and Deities, up to you.

We can die anytime because there are so many factors out there that can actually kill us. I didn’t even consider it.

You can see little Zopa baby who is a Kechara resident doggie looking for the snacks in this cute video.

Find out what happened to this baby- https: And he is in a form of a smitayus, sixteen years old, wearing the six ornaments of the body, such as, the crown, armlets, sadana, necklace, anklets, etc. Those of you who are in Kuala Lumpur and you are serious about the practice you may borrow the text from me. Recite the Rebirth Mantra 7 times. Today I have gone through the sadhana in a short easy form, because I have particular students in mind who would find extensive meditation, extensive explanation difficult for them for good reasons.


His Holiness Dodrupchen Rinpoche.

Longevity Empowerments of Amitayus & Hayagriva » Ari Bhöd

Have you planned your visit yet? That is the nature of samsara. I feel honour and happy to attend this teaching. This is exactly like what we did earlier okay?

So actually if you are going to do a full retreat, you have to do 1. And then we should have a simple savhana, set up for Amitabha — Amitayus, which I will show you at this time. So I repeat — from the letter PAM, it becomes a lotus. One of my favorite sci-fi movies when growing up as a kid. Powerful healing powers are granted by Buddha Loma Gyonma. Animals are made to suffer so much. Reply David Lai on Mar amiayus, at 7: You can visualise it leaving your anus into the ground, or you can simply visualise the white lights filling up your body.

Then when the lama is going to do the practice, he opens it himself and if your bottle is small, it is like that Rinpoche showing the lid slightly covered but actually if the opening is big and the cover is big, you never leave it fully exposed amihayus opened.

So today I have done a very short explanation with offerings, reciting the sadhana together with you. Door to door delivery to the needy families by our Melaka team. These fills the life-vase with nectar, as it overflows, the excess nectar spills over and enters through saxhana Brahma aperture at the crown of my head filling the whole body and purifying all stains. Banning is at the complete discretion of sdhana administrator of this blog.


True Buddha Dharmalaksana Canon On Amitayus Buddha Sadhana

Walpola Rahula Maha Thera: Reply lucy yap on Mar 21, at Maybe I don’t say it enough to them, but I am saying it now.

This dog play carpet is ordered online. Re-educating ourselves on our views. Actually not doing dharma work is the real prison. Without the guru, in Tantra, there is no enlightenment. This is a place where families and individuals will find peace, nourishment and inspiration in a natural forest environment. Picture courtesy Pee Bee Chong, shared by Pastor Just let my private office know.

From the HRIH, lights go out — makes offering to all the Buddhas which generates merits, brings back the blessings in the form of lights, and the lights goes out and touches all sentient beings and all of them are purified and become Amitayus Buddhas.

I find it funny and entertaining now. If we have a long life free of disease, with a sound, clear mind, we can do so much to benefit others and ourselves.

Dear Rinpoche Thank you for taking so much effort to make the Amitayus video above. I am not liked by everyone because I choose to not give up my practice of Dorje Shugden even when