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Some of these Prayers that are in the AMIDAH Adam may have handed down to his children eons ago. The translation of the word AMIDAH. The Amidah is the core of every Jewish worship service, and is therefore also referred to as HaTefillah, or “The prayer.” Amidah, which literally means, “ standing. The Amidah Prayer: A New Translation by David Bivin. Since the prayer Jesus taught his disciples (The Lord’s Prayer) is apparently an abbreviated version of.

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You are holy and Your Name is holy, and holy ones praise You every day, forever. In this warm and informative book, the author brings his deft touch and great sensitivity to the foremost prayer of the day.

Your website can go viral. May the offerings of Israel and their prayer be accepted with love and favor, and may the worship of Your people Israel always be favorable to You. On Behalf of the Righteous On the righteous, on the devout, on the elders of your people the Family of Israel, on the remnant of their scribes, on the righteous converts and on ourselves — may Your compassion be on the increase, YHVH, our God; and give goodly rewards to all who sincerely believe in Your Name; and set our portion with them forever, so we will not feel shamed for tranelation in You.

Return our judges like in at first, and our advisers like in the beginning. On all other days, say: We thank You and proclaim Your praise — for our lives, which are committed to Your care, and aidah our souls that are entrusted to You, and for Your miracles that are with us every day, and for Your wonders and favors in every season — evening, morning, and noon. O our King, do not turn us away from your presence empty-handed, for you hear the prayers of your people Israel with compassion.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: English words that begin with a. O king, helper, savior and shield. If one forgot to add yaaleh veyavoin the Amidahprayer during Arbiton the night of Rosh Hodesh, then he does not need to repeat the Amidah. Roberta O Baum, Discover all that is hidden in the words on.

And to Jerusalem, Your city, with mercy may You return, and dwell within it, as You have spoken, and build it soon, in our days, an eternal structure, and the throne of David, Your servant, may You prepare within it.


Also note the parallel yranslation “grant peace of mind” in the prayer Eliezer taught and “deliver us from evil” in the prayer Jesus taught. Forgiveness Forgive us, our Father, for we have sinned; pardon us, our King, for we have willfully transgressed; for You pardon and forgive.

Blessed are you, O Lord, the healer of the sick of his people Israel. Who is like you, O Master of mighty translafion, and who is comparable to You, O King Who causes death and restores life and makes salvation come forth! During the Amidah prayer of the afternoon service Minchahthose who are transltaion add the paragraph Aneinu in the Shema Koleinu blessing. Rebuild it soon in our day as an eternal structure, and quickly set up in it the throne of David.

AMIDAH – Definition and synonyms of Amidah in the English dictionary

In the winter dew and rain for a blessing In the summer blessing. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Includes excerpts from Practical Halachos of Shabbos. You cause the tdanslation to blow and the rain to fall.

Views Read Edit View history. We have always put our hope in you. Examples of use in the English literature, quotes and news about Amidah.

On the righteous, on the devout, on the elders of your people the Family of Israel, on the remnant of their scribes, on the righteous converts and on ourselves — may Your compassion be on the increase, YHVH, our God; and give goodly rewards to all who sincerely believe in Your Name; and set our portion with them forever, so we will not feel shamed for trusting in You.

You favor man with wisdom and teach understanding to human beings. Return in mercy to Jerusalem your city, and dwell in it as you have promised. Blessed are You, Hashem, the builder of Jerusalem. This book was written to do 2 things for us. Be pleased, O Lord our God, with your people Israel and with their prayers. The following prayers are usually recited in the Hebrew language, but for those who are not familiar or fluent in that language, these English translated prayers of the AMIDAH are presented for your convenience.

AMIDAH Prayers in English – BiblicalHebrewTextAndAccents

If you enjoyed it, we recommend subscribing to the email list and becoming a Premium Content Member of the Jerusalem Perspective web site. Avrohom Chaim Feuer, The Amidah was recited in the morning and in the afternoon at the exact time of the daily morning and afternoon sacrifices.


You are eternally mighty, my Lord YHVH, Who Resurrects the dead; You are abundantly able to save, You sustain the living with kindness; resurrect the dead with abundant mercy, support the fallen, heal the sick, release the confined, and maintain Your faith to those asleep in the dust. Heal us, Hashem and we will be healed, save us and we will be saved, because You are our praise. Bestow [from the 15th of Nissan insert: We thank You, that You are God, our God and the God of our ancestors forever, the Rock of our lives and the Shield of our salvation are You for all generations.

Translation:Siddur Ashkenazi/Mincha/Amidah for Weekday Mincha

Since the prayer Jesus taught his disciples The Lord’s Prayer is apparently an abbreviated version of the Amidah “Standing,” in Hebrew or Eighteen Benedictions, I think it is important for Christians to be familiar with this central prayer of Jewish religious life. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Remember us for life, King who desires life, and inscribe us in the book of life, for Your sake, Living God.

Bickerman isolated different clusters of benedictions that he believed at one point were independent units of prayer, and argued that the Amidah formed around the nucleus of a “civic prayer for Jerusalem”: In the Blessings before the Shema and the Blessings after the Shema morning and nighta dozen times in the thrice-daily Amidah silent Heal us, O Lord, and we will be healed; save us and we will be saved, for you are our praise.

Joseph Heinemann, Jakob Josef Petuchowski, Blessed are you, O Lord, who revives the dead. The way things in this world are going and going so fast toward the last day that I have felt I should ask you about it and also plead with you to do just that.

Heal us, YHVH — then we will be healed; save us — then we will be saved, for You are our praise; and bring complete recovery for all our sicknesses, for You are God, King, the faithful and compassionate Healer.

This page was last edited on 22 Augustat Everything alive will gratefully acknowledge You, Selah! And for the slanderers let there be no hope; and may all wickedness perish in a moment; and may all Your enemies be cut down speedily.