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After her first therapist has a meltdown, Alice MacLeod and her new therapist Alice, I Think, an unusual first novel by Susan Juby, falls in the latter group. Alice, I Think is the first in a trilogy of comic novels written by Susan Juby. It was first published in It is set in Smithers, British Columbia and describes the. Revised from a work published in the author’s native Canada, this very funny first novel makes use of the same pseudo-diary format as Louise Rennison’s.

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Or maybe she was just clueless. Dec 06, Julie rated it did not like it. She’s there, and there’s a year-old boy who comes from a messed-up Canadian family that has some money — fhink father runs a used RV dealership and the mother does her nails and runs away to Florida with another man.

Alice’s therapist ends up having a mental breakdown and is taken away.

Alice, I Think

Only this time when Alice’s mom comes to the rescue, Linda beats her up. Tell me about the dressage novel. Fortunately for the reader, she is as self-absorbed, selfish and out-of-touch with reality as could be hoped.

I highly doubt that first graders, not including child prodigies which Alice was definitely NOTwould be able to read The Hobbit. Now that’s the sign of a good YA novel.

Read entire Lord of the Rings series. Published May 11th by HarperTeen first published January 1st Getting a new look, making friends outside of her family, deciding on what she wants to do for a career, meet people of the opposite sex, and learn to drive.

She turned out to be this bizarre and antagonizing girl until the end of the story — wait, what story? Later, she views with glee that she the “not the most messed up” at her therapy sessions for troubled teens hide spoiler ] There are also all those very edgy, sexual-content YA books like The Lipstick Partywhich got a lot of shocked-and-appalled attention.


Alice, I Think | Susan Juby

In a TV show, thinl are quite a bit better looking, and it’s just got tbink different feeling. And of course I don’t remember any of them.

Views Read Edit View history. And I just adore those books. She has a therapist, a government-sponsored one this is no tale about a spoiled rich brat who has a breakdown which Alice really doesn’t think could be blamed on her, and her new therapist, Bob, just wouldn’t be able to cope without her. I am a member of the church of The Wireyes. That guy is a hero of mine, just because of his ability to disappear into an insane project.

The only reason I kept reading was because I wanted to know how this train wreck ends. What’s the next project? Chapter 6 Prince George, population 70, or so; malls: Hhink had a brief and unsuccessful career as a fashion design student and, after I worked at a series of low paying jobs, such as server, record store employee, etc. This is a childhood favourite of mine so it gets 5 stars for nostalgia and 3 stars for still being somewhat influential on my life more than a decade later.

I watched some of the editing process. And they’re the ones that are getting banned and all those cool things.

Alice, I Think Summary & Study Guide

She quickly became my favourite self-involved outcast in literature, and Susan Juby my favourite local rhink. Having read Susan’s Juby’s two adult novels, I have to say that her writing is better now and suits adult novels.


I really enjoyed reading it because the author has a way to make someone, who is the allice opposite of this girl, feel just like her. Sep 07, Book rated it it was amazing Shelves: View a FREE sample. I was waiting for the opinionated, outspoken Alice of her diary to push through to the real world and she never did.

Increase contact with people outside of immediate family. Well, for the first book I was extremely uncritical, because I never thought it would get finished or published or any of those things, and I was writing to entertain myself. Like Sue Townsend’s doing with Adrian Mole. laice

As she is in the parking lot of the mall with her hideous hair, her childhood bully, Linda, finds her and picks up where she left off with the bulling. This page was last edited on 11 Octoberat Well, I’ll say this. All the horse books. Her parents support her. I have these other two books and then I have another idea for another project. Somone this week reminded of this book when she picked this book for her grade 9 English assignment.

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Chapter 8 Summary The Problem with Aubrey. Maybe YA has become an option because people have to go somewhere. The reader of the playaway version does a terrific job with pacing and inflection and Alice is never boring.

Well, there’s so much frickin’ boring literary fiction.