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I had to blackmail her to do it, but I’m here, a diva wannabe and not so sure I can cut it. “Flinn turns a fine eye on the seemingly never-ending mother-daughter. Breathing Underwater was Flinn’s first novel. It was originally published in and was chosen a Top 10 ALA. Breathing Underwater by Alex Flinn. Flashback; Ex: “Me. Sixth grade. Looking like I might explode out of y jeans any second at middle-school.

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He’s a ticking time bomb that explodes once, and I wouldn’t want to be there when it happens. I stare at her. He sings through her, inside her, making his voice come through hers. But even at a aldx of talented teens, she feels outcast at first, although friendships grow. Breathing Underwater 2 books. Alex Crusan, a year-old HIV positive high school junior, is attacked in his car early one morning and sent to the hospital.

Unattached The question ur all wondering about even tho probably no 1 is reading this: I closed my eyes, opened my mouth, and started to sing.

Until he started to palsed with Caithlin. He finishes singing, and the applause is wild.

Opera is the best and I wish more people went. I enjoyed reading Caitlin’s side of things even though her annoying way of writing her blog entries “OMG she wanted 2 go 2 the mall” was distracting.

May 26, Fatima rated it it was amazing.

Alex Flinn

Alex Flinn did amazing at capturing the side of the young man’s point of view, but failed to capture the hurt that Caitlin was still going through. I write my first drafts longhand, then I type them. This book is written as a diary showing the events of Beastly from Lindy’s perspective, along with a few extra things.


But for this oblivious-to-opera Deadhead, I was entranced, above all, by the aspects of the story involving a complex teen with a passion for a relatively unusual flavor of performing arts, who pays attention to priorities and is faced with overcoming a fear of failure while simultaneously dealing with the rest of her life. This is what I love. Thank God for Caitlin. And if someone reads her diary, he had to commit a suicide.

I pop a cough drop into my mouth and make myself sit still for two whole minutes, until the girl up front finishes singing. High C was last March It was published on September 15, Minus the weight issues not saying I don’t have them, but it’s not something I fret upon every second of every dayI can very much relate with Caitlin McCourt, the main character, in her ambitions to be an opera singer, for I love singing!

She wakes to the kiss of an American boy named Jack, on a tour of Europe. Caitlin wants to be a diva—the kind who sings opera while being showered with roses. That’s right, Lofinka won’t give up! I wonder if it could be all in my head.


You were rocked today! Preview flknn Diva by Alex Flinn. Maybe not for most of the people, but I adore him! I enjoyed A Kiss in Timeand was feeling like I was in the mood for something light, so I went to the library and looted the shelves of Alex Flinn books.


On the last day of the second year, Adrian looks for Linda aleex the mirror and sees her being dragged into a building by a man.

Alex Flinn – Wikipedia

Kyle Kingsbury, rich, handsome and popular, plays a mean practical joke on an outcast girl in his class, who is really a witch named Kendra in disguise.

Diva Alex Flinn No preview available – The only thing that tied the two stories together was the occasional pop up of Nick. This is a worthwhile read and I appreciate that Alex Flinn goes into the nitty-gritty and truly tackles emotional issues instead of just glossing over them like a lot of YA novelists do. Diva is a very readable book written firmly to its target teen audience.

I was with Mom Big mistake. This book is about a girl who’s an amazing opera singer and gets into a performing arts school in Miami. Caitlin develops stronger relationships with her mom after talking through their own relationships.

So Caitlin and her mom are having problems. The third viewpoint character is Goose, a little person who falls in love with Celine and tries to help her. If I could still close my eyes, I would.

idva Right now, I live half a mile away from my old middle school, in Palmetto Bay, a suburb of Miami, with my husband, daughters, dogs, and cats.