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Liber Aleph Vel Cxi: The Book of Wisdom or Folly [Aleister Crowley] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Liber Aleph Vel CXI has ratings and 6 reviews. by Aleister Crowley The Vision and the Voice by Aleister Crowley The Book of Lies by Aleister Crowley. LIBER ALEPH CXI. THE BOOK OF WISDOM OR FOLLY. An extended and elaborate commentary on the Book of the Law, in the form of a letter.

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Liber Aleph Vel Cxi

Also, there are many chapters explicitly pertinent to work with OTO degrees if you have eyes to see. Liber Aleph vel CXI: Seek constantly therefore to know what is painful and to cleave thereunto, for by Pain cometh true Pleasure.

Even the titles of each epistle are given in Latin, and its often medieval guise of dealing with subject matters, such as the effects of “melancholy bile”, can be considered another of Crowley’s great examples of using ancient texts as templates. Such also is the Case with the Mind which aelph not fed itself on Thought.

Learn then, o my Son, that all Phenomena are the effect of Conflict, even as the Universe itself is a Nothing expressed as the Difference of two Equalities, or, an thou wilt, as the Divorce of Nuit and Hadit. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Thus the true Will of Oedipus was a,eister the bed of Jocasta, but the Tabu, strong both by Inheritance and by Environment, was so attached to that Will that his Dream concerning his Destiny was a Dream of Fear and of Abhorrence, his Fulfilment thereof even in Ignorance a spell to stir up all the subconscious Forces of all the People about him, and his Realization of the Act a madness potent to drive him to self-inflicted Blindness and fury-haunted Exile.


Yet even so he must come for the most Part throned upon the Chariot of the exciting Cause of the Dream, and therefore is his Appearance symbolic, like a Writing in Cipher, or like a Fable, or like a Alejster in Pictures. Jan 26, A. For even now we find great A,eister, Statesmen, Princes, Dramamakers, and many lesser Men, overwhelmed utterly and ruined by the conflict between their Passions and the Society about them.

Go forth, o my Son, o Son of the Sun, rejoicing in thy Strength, as a Warrior, as a Bridegroom, to take thy Pleasure upon the Earth, and in every Palace of the Mind, moving ever from the aleistfr to the subtle, from the coarse to the fine. Not until alwph Universe is thus laid naked before thee canst thou truly anatomize it.

Liber Aleph vel CXI main page

The Tendencies of thy Mind lie deeper far than any Thought, for they are the Conditions and the Laws of Thought; and it is these that thou must bring to Nought. As all diseases have two conjunct causes, one immediate, external and exciting, the other constitutional, internal, and predisposing, so it is with Dreams, which are Dis-Eases, or unbalanced States of Consciousness, Disturbers of Sleep as Thoughts are of Life.

Quite a difficult read. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Liber ALEPH vel CXI

For alleister Work libre to reduce all other conceptions to these of Number, because thus thou wilt lay bare the very Structure of thy Mind, whose rule is Necessity rather than Prejudice. Adley Nichols rated it it was amazing Dec 02, If then there be a Traitor in the Consciousness, how much the more is it necessary for thee to arise and extirpate him aleiter he wholly infect thee with the divided Purpose which is the first Breach in that Fortress of the Soul whose Fall should bring it to the shapeless Ruin whose Name is Choronzon!

But alway does he triumph and fulfil himself therein, for the Dream is a natural Compensation in the inner World for any Failure of Achievement in the outer. So therefore every Marriage dissolveth a more material, and createth a less material Complex; and this is our Way of Live, rising ever from Ecstasy to Ecstasy.


Liber Aleph – Wikipedia

So then all high Violence, that is to say, all Consciousness, is the spiritual Orgasm of a Passion between two lower and grosser Opposites.

For me, the best book by Crowley ever. This Way is most sure; most sacred; and the Enemies thereof most awful, most sublime. The deep, constitutional, or predisposing Cause of Dreams lieth within the Jurisdiction of the Will itself.

So too the Lover findeth no more Joy in Union with his Mistress, so soon as llber original Attraction between them is satisfied by repeated Conjunctions. Alrph now concerning Meditation let me disclose unto thee crowleey fully the Mystery of the Key of Dreams and Phantasies.

Dawn Michele rated it it was amazing Oct 07, Know firmly, o my son, that the true Will cannot err; for this is thine appointed course in Heaven, in whose order is Perfection. Neglect not simple Introspections, therefore; but give yet greater Heed unto those Dreams and Phantasies, those Gestures and Manners unconscious, and of undiscovered Cause, which betoken thee.

His language is very hard to understand if you are not very deep into Thelema practices, so I had some troubles reading most of his books.

Maxime Daher rated it really liked it Jun 16, But, in this one, there are some very clear references to some problems in life and advices how to overcome them. That which repels, that which disgusts, must thou assimilate in this Way of Wholeness.